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Thursday, 29 August 2013

No Debutante - I love my Kuccia Bomber Jacket

I have a lot going on this weekend so I know there will not be much blogging going on! I thought I would attempt a quick post using my smart phone so here goes!! I apologise for any ramdomness on the post I have no idea how to preview it! A quick edit later on can sort any problems, I'm sure!"
I wore todays outfit to my club night Bang a few weeks ago. It is another mash up style outfit mixing 1950s with the late 1980s.
I am wearing my favourite Vivien of Holloway jeans, with my coca cola crop top and my amazing Fresh Prince of Bel- air style aztec oversized bomber jacket by Kuccia at Topshop. Remember the one I tried on in the Topshop changing rooms?? Can I just say, I just browsed their website and I am loving it!! So bright with loads of clashing prints, it's right up my street!! Www.kuccia.com check it out!! My jackets currently on the home page!
It is funny that I didn't seem to get too many compliments or Instagram likes for the jacket which only encourages me to wear it more! I think it is one of those garments that confuses people, is it really cool or is it a fashion error?? I am confident that it is really cool, it rocks!! My husband Phil however, still needs convincing.....in a polite way Phil described the jacket as being 'a bit bright, mad and shiny' which to me sounds like he is describing a shell suit jacket!! He then went on to say 'it's very You though' with a confused look on his face. Ha!
I like the mixing of styles in this outfit, the whole thing is very late eighies, since 1950s style was also a big thing next to the aztec influenced prints. I am also wearing lipstick in the last pic which is virtually unknown, thought I'd try it out. What do you think of the outfit as a whole? Do you like the aztec bomber jacket? Answers on a postcard to No Debutante. I love my bomber jacket.com xxx

Sunday, 25 August 2013

No Debutante - Identity

I have had a lazy Sunday again today,I went for a walk to the park and hung out with my family. Yesterday was a busier day which included family haircuts, a trip to Dean Lane Skate Park here in Bristol to watch bands and skaters, followed by a visit to meet my lovely friends Craig and Zoe's new and very tiny baby Gwen. She was the cutest and I want one!! I then came back to earth as I chatted with Zoe about how you lose your identity and style during pregnancy. Post pregnancy is just as hard as being pregnant, I found out the hard way that it is not possible to wear a dress (unless it unbuttons down the front, which none of my dresses do) when breast feeding. I ended up in a state of half undress in a toilet, that's all I'm goin to say! It was a killer having all of my lovely dresses that I could finally fit into again but couldn't wear for practical reasons, no-one prepares you for these disappointments!! I like to look good whilst showing off my new baby! Identity is a very big thing with me and I really found it hard to adapt to not being able to wear what I wanted, when I wanted. I need to go back to my old pregnancy and post pregnancy posts from last year and see how I coped! Check out my earliest personal style blog posts from 2011 until late 2012 and see how I dressed during pregnancy and post pregnancy.

Back to the here and now, I am glad to say, I am back to my usual size 12 and can pretty much wear what I like. In today's personal style pics I have favoured denim and Converse. The first outfit was worn to work and to a product meeting with two lovely ladies who kindly gave me a goodie bag full of new products including more Dr Hauschka treats to try out and promote on my blog, which is all very exciting, the first of these posts should follow over the next week. I have always been one to dress comfortably and casually to any meetings or interviews, people then get to see the real you. I cannot imagine having to wear suits and office attire to work and find it unlikely that I would even choose a job where this would be necessary. Perhaps I have just been lucky in the jobs I have had that I have not had to wear office attire and I'd have to bloody love that job, if I ever did wear it! On this occasion I wore double denim in Topshop dungarees and my vintage denim jacket and was complimented. I was even complimented on my healthy looking skin, which has never happened, could it be the Ibiza tan or perhaps the use of Dr Hauschka products?? 

My second outfit was also a success, the vintage Americana printed sheer Primark top (Primark's brilliant Prada copy from last summer) is a favourite with me and many of my work friends who always say they love the top. Worn with my Vivien of Holloway 1950s jeans and Converse and hair worn in a twisted quiff with the mandatory head scarf which finished the vintage look off perfectly.

Thanks for following and I hope you liked today's outfits, feel free to leave comments, feedback is always welcome!

ND xx

Friday, 23 August 2013

No Debutante - I Love Summer Dresses

I have been up to all sorts lately including attending late night leaving parties, meeting new contacts for exciting blog features and collaborations, planning and designing my new bespoke kitchen and booking more holidays!! I'm always really busy and that's the way I seem to like things, doing one hundred projects at once whilst looking after my kids, working and blogging. 

I was in a bit of a girlie mood in today's personal style pics. I wanted to wear the Miss Selfridge dress again that I wore to my friends Rob and Ruth's rock'n'roll wedding, it is such a pretty and summery dress that it needs to be worn in the sunshine! I dressed it down with a denim jacket and converse and wore my hair down in both outfits, I hadn't realised how blond my hair is now ever since it was bleached by the sun in Ibiza. Ha! I had to mention it again didn't I?? I love the detail on front panel of this dress and the way the back of the dress is the full floral print and different from the front, extra details always please me!

I seemed to like the whole denim jacket, Converse and skater dress theme and did it again with my favourite Topshop Hawaiian print peephole dress.  It's a very summery look and I really do not want to let Autumn in, although I have started to pine for wearing jackets again. I am grateful for this hot weather as most of the year in the UK it is cold and rainy so I will have plenty of time for those jackets and Dr Marten boots!! The end for sandals and flip flops is nigh! Yikes!

So, what's next? Well, there are plenty of personal style posts to share and I have some new beauty products to try out and show you, a label collaboration is also on the cards (tbc) and I still need to show you my favourite looks from the next season and how I shall be wearing them. Let's say bomber jackets are my new favourite obsession!!

Hello to my new followers and thanks to you all for reading.

ND xx

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

No Debutante - A Great British Wedding

Today's post features what I wore and what others wore to my friend Abbie's wedding. Abbie and Dan actually got married at the same venue that my husband and I married in four years ago, there is an on-going joke with me and Abbie about the venue's wedding book that they use to promote their venue, Paintworks, to possible couples who are considering tying the knot at this somewhat unconventional event space. I say unconventional as it is a large open plan space which used to be Bristol Paintworks factory dating back to the late 1800's, which is now used as an art gallery and events space and is seen as a blank canvas that you it is can turn into anything you wish. We decorated with coloured lanterns, flowers, cushions and fairy lights with Spanish tapas, Abbie and Dan went for a great British wedding with bunting, tea- cups and a fish and chip supper. Anyway, back to the on-going joke, apparntly, Paintworks use my wedding as an example wedding and have loads of photographs of my wedding in a big wedding book! I had no idea about this but do remember saying they could use some images, anyway, Abbie always teases me about it being my wedding book. It is a bit wierd though isn't it?? 
Like me, Abbie really loves 1950s style and Dan is really into hot rods so I dressed accordingly in a 1950s cut Vivien of Holloway halterneck pencil dress and wedges. A Vivien of Holloway dress is very beautiful and nipped in in all the right places but I really don't go to enough events to wear the two I currently own (the other being my wedding dress), so any excuse to wear them, I do!

I attended the wedding with my other work buddy Rudi, who looked stunning in her vintage Topshop dress and yellow stilettos ( I also own these yellow Topshop stilettos, I'm glad to see Rudi is also a hoarder, we both got these shoes as a birthday gifts before either of us had kids!! They really are amazing shoes!!) Rudi looked great in her outfit and I love her dip dyed hair colour.

As soon, as I saw Abbie's dress I loved it, I loved the 1950s cut and the red ribbon, white and red is so beautiful, it was perfect for her. Abbie wore her dress with Vivienne Westwood red glitter heels, which I was totally jealous of but later on went a bit more casual in red baseball style pumps, her bridesmaids (who also wore 1950s style dresses with pin up hair) did the same. I loved it and almost wished I had bought my Converse along, it would have been a damn site easier to dance in Converse, that's for sure!! I unfortunately do not have photographs of the bridesmaids, since I don't really know them, although I'm sure they wouldn't  mind and if I'm honest Rudi and I got a little bit drunk and danced for hours!! Good times!!

A massive congratulations and thanks so much for inviting us Abbie and Dan!!!!

More of what I've been wearing lately coming up next and hopefully  some more of my current obsessions and how I will be wearing next seasons looks! 

Thanks for reading.

ND xx

Monday, 19 August 2013

No Debutante - Girls who are boys who like boys to be girls...

Today's outfits are showing two different sides of my style the first is a casual tomboy style in Topshop dungarees, New Look crop top and leopard print Converse with hair kept simple. In the second outfit I am wearing my cute Peter Pan collar dress from Primark with preppy Converse and frilly ankle socks with my hair worn in a small beehive 1960s style with a head scarf (of course) Head scarves are actually a great thing to put in to hid the sections of hair in between the backcombing and the loose front layers (or victory rolls) it can hid a multitude of hair errors!! I am not perfect!

The next post shall feature what I wore (and others wore) to my work mate Abbie's wedding a couple of  weeks ago. Expect more 1950s wedding style!!

Thanks so much for following and see you very soon for more fashion fun!

ND xx

Sunday, 18 August 2013

No Debutante - Work Work Work

We are still playing catch up with my personal style posts, so check out what I wore when I eventually went back to work after that holiday which I can't stop mentioning, did I tell you I went to Ibiza? So the weather was still hot so I could show off my tan in denim cut offs and sleeveless tops.

I love my leopard print Topshop sandals, I have had them for two summers now and they are still going strong. I'm not sure whether they were best sellers at Topshop as they bought them out again this year but I reckon it probably has something to do with the awful weather here in the UK last summer, that nobody was buying summer clothes, I barely got to wear them last summer. 
The first outfit is definitely more Ibiza inspired but the second outfit is a bit smarter and got lots of compliments at the office. The shirt is one of my best bargains of the season and was from Primark. I cannot wait to go on my Primark Sunday trip for the new Autumn Winter ranges (for those of you who didn't know I blitz Primark each season for capsule seasonal pieces and I have never been disappointed) I think I will wait until September before I do this, even though the high street already has it's AW collections in.  I already have two Topshop bomber jackets waiting to be worn and I don't actually want to let Autumn in just yet! Don't leave me summer!!!

Thanks for reading and hope you had a lazy Sunday.

ND xx

Saturday, 17 August 2013

No Debutante - Levitate Me

I am very excited to be DJing tonight at my club night Bang, here in Bristol, it's been a while!! As some of you will know Bang was ten years old this year and we celebrated with a big Bang party back in February, check out the big Bang party here http://no-debutante.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/bang-is-10-10-years-of-your-new.html  I run Bang with my husband Phil and brother Mike, we play alternative indie and 80s, new wave, ska, 50s rock'n'roll, 60s garage, glam, punk and Northern Soul and we rock! These days we put on a Bang event four times a year, I have too many kids and too little time to run a club night every month like we did for the first 8 years of Bang! I promise to write a post on how the night went, what we wore, who was there and what we got up to very soon. Bang on!

I have been away for a few days from my personal style posts so here's me looking rather tanned on the first days back in  Bristol after my amazing Ibiza holiday. 
So, what did I wear? 

The first outfit, is my new favourite Coca-Cola crop top and the H&M skater skirt worn with American Apparel tube socks and red Converse, I have loved 1970s skate style for years and I love wearing tube socks Tony Alva style! I am, of course, doing an ollie in the photograph below and my Penny board is just out of shot (ahem).
The second outfit shows the return of the vintage denim pinafore dress, worn with a crop top and the Converse again.  Look closely at the first photograph of this outfit, I saw a fellow blogger, the lovely Aiko from Hapy Friends Shoppe blog do this levitation style pose on her blog http://hapyshoppe.blogspot.co.uk, so I thought I'd give it a go. it is not an easy thing to jump and keep your face in a posed position so the fact that I managed to pull this shot off pleased me. The photograph freaked my kids out, who believed I was actually levitating! 
Which outfit do you prefer?

I shall be back with more personal style and lifestyle posts plus I have a few new product review posts in the pipeline, so lots going on!

Thank you so much for following and reading.

ND xx

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

No Debutante - Summertime Blues

I feel sad to announce that this is the last post on my Ibiza holiday, these photographs were taken on the last two days and as you may have guessed, I really didn't want to go home just yet!! On the last nights stay I wore my beautiful Vivien of Holloway gingham bustier with my denim cut offs and more flip flops, I victory rolled up my hair and put on a head scarf to finish the look. I actually wore this exact outfit on my Ibiza trip last year, it really is a holiday favourite and I seriously need more of those bustier tops, I love them!! Sylvie is in the first set of photos with me wearing her H&M leopard print maxi dress and rockin it!
I wore the second outfit  - crop tops and maxi skirt - the evening we left, we had not wasted the last day and managed to squeeze in one last trip to the water park and pools, we took a last stroll on the beach after dinner then we left.........but then I had to run back down the hill to our hotel, not an easy thing to do in flip flops and a maxi skirt, as we had forgotten Sylvie's pushchair!! Doh!!  Not the Cath Kidston Maclaren!! How could we?? Everything else ran smoothly but it was an evening flight and I had three sleeping kids on me all the way home, someone had to help us off the plane with all our kids and bags! This is why you should take grandparents on holiday!!

So, I finally got a few photographs of Mika up and check out Lucian rocking the 1990s in a baseball vest and cycle shorts worn with his Santa Cruz cap and flip flops, I had to get a photo of him! 
Thanks for the memories Ibiza, I'll see you again soon!! 

ND xx
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