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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

No Debutante - Double Dutch

I seem to wear a lot of double denim, I don't do it consciously, I just own a lot of denim! I have a denim obsession. I love denim! Here are two prime examples of my double denim obsessions worn quite differently. Look out for my special guest who also loves a bit of double denim!

The first outfit features my new favourite tartan and denim mix cut offs from Primark, my old Topshop denim shirt layered over a black vest and accessorised with a headscarf, Dr Martens and a matching baby. Sylvie Belle's tartan and denim mix dress is from Next and is supercute!

The second outfit is more workwear inspired and features my Topshop dungarees and denim/leopard print Primark shirt worn with a long wavy fringe, a head scarf, frilly ankle socks and my Underground creepers. I do love this outfit but the camera was not loving me on this day so there is only one usable photograph to show you on this occasion. I am happy with my choice in outfit though so that's the main thing!

I hope you liked today's outfits and watch this space for the next post which will feature something very new and permanent about me. I am very excited about sharing it with you, if you can't wait until then check out my Instagram to find out spoilers!! Click on the Instagram link on my blog home page and follow if you like or just have a nose about, I really don't mind! Have a good day and thanks for reading xx


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

No Debutante - Black Sabbath

I am a lover of bright colours and clashing prints so it has surprised me that the next two personal style outfits do not feature any prints at all and a lot of the colour black!?! Which is very unusual for me. Is it the return of 1990s minimalism? Nah, I think it is just a coincidence on this occasion, I have still managed to add a coloured belt here, some printed Converse there and a pink flower in my rockabilly hair-do. So all is not lost for this clashing print and colour mash up girl.

The second outfit was worn to watch my sons play football, yes this girlie, rockabilly pin-up was a Soccer Mom! You won't see me wearing waterproof warm clothing on the side lines of the football pitch, Oh the glamour! I'm not sure how much longer my kids are going to tolerate my style. My oldest son Lucian (9) was disgusted by the idea of him possibly banging into me on the bus home from high school, he's not even going to high school for two years! I promised I wouldn't talk to him...

Thanks for reading xx

ND xx

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

No Debutante - Cool For Cats

I love leopard print, have done for years, I pretty much own every type of clothing and accessories possible to own in leopard print, except sunglasses, I need some leopard print sunglasses, then I'm there! Here are a couple of outfits from this Autumn which feature my favourite animal print.

The first outfit features my leopard print fur which is pretty much vintage H&M now, I wore it with my Miss Selfridge rose print skater dress and Converse with my hair swept up into a bun adding a bit of early sixties glamour to my Monday morning school run!

The second outfit features the denim and leopard print mix Primark shirt, denim cut offs and more leopard print on the Converse. I wore the outfit to work and this is as close as I get to smart /casual office wear. 
Can I just ask one thing? What is with Jeans Day in an office?? I don't want to be told when I can / should wear jeans. I don't miss my jeans so much that any chance to wear them, I do. Jeans Day just makes me not want to wear jeans if anything. How about you?

That was a short and sweet personal style post wasn't it? I am hoping to get another personal style post in before the weekend so watch this space for more of what I have been wearing this Autumn.

Love your leopard print and thanks for reading xx

ND xx

Monday, 18 November 2013

Fendi Furrrrr

After a very slow burner of an Autumn here in the UK (with winter profits at Topshop and other high street stores at an all time low due to the very mild autumn weather we have been having) we are now told that we need to wrap up, apparently, the snow is a-comin!? Snow? I only just got used to wearing a jacket, now I have to wrap myself up in big coats, furs and knitwear? 

Since there are hundreds of unsold fur coats currently available on the high street let's get inspired by the Fendi AW collection and adorn ourselves in (fake) furs and add a few bags and head pieces to match, it's head to toe (fake please) furs this winter! I am not going to go on about wearing real or fake furs, it is the individuals choice, but since the Fendi furs have neon accents and look more Muppet fur than animal, then wear fake. Why would you want to wear real animal fur that has been made to look (colour wise) like Muppet fur?

Views aside, the collection looks great, I love the styling with it's mix of punk and tribal influences and the playful furry bags with the fur ball accessories with eyes! That sounds a bit sick too since it probably is real fur but I would love a fake fur version and they really do look Muppet-like! You know how I do love a bit of fun/anti-fashion! This is right up my fashion street!
The hair is worn in a long fishtail plait with the fur head piece attached on top like a big furry mohican, the lips and nails are painted in dark purple hues and the fur is on everything from oversized futuristic sunglasses to your shoes!! There is no limit to your fur adornment this winter! I love my fur coats (yep, all fake) in my opinion you can never have enough of them. So get yours and wrap up this winter, fur mohican optional. 

Watch this space for more personal style posts and current fashion obsessions, I'm off to find all my Fendi inspired garments and accessories, in time for the Big Freeze! Brrrrrrrrrr!

Thanks for following and reading xx

ND xx

Monday, 11 November 2013

No Debutante - Mudhoney

Hello! Today's personal style post is the third and final part to the run of Saint Laurent inspired Winter Grunge outfits that I wore for a week during the latter end of September. Of course, you will definitely see more of this style from me over the coming months but I do get obsessed with certain looks and run with them until I have exhausted my wardrobe or the inspiration runs out and I have my eyes on another look to obsess over (all be it short lived) fashion is fickle and so am I! 

There are three outfits in today's post to bring this current obsession to a close for a bit. I wore the final two outfits to Brisfest which I was lucky enough to get free passes for through my job. Winter Grunge was the perfect style for an early Autumn festival and the weather was great, so I only had to layer up in the evenings. 

The first outfit was worn to work, I am wearing lots of Primark (dress and cardigan) and all of these outfits have been paired with my Dr Martens and I have worn my hair down for continuity with the grunge styling.

The second outfit was worn to Brisfest, I am wearing my beloved new Primark Tartan shirt and have layered it over the new mock leather pinafore dress also from Primark, this fabric is so soft and is a great mock leather, people can't believe it was only £12 from Primark! I have also worn my lace and denim detail shirt underneath the dress for more grunge layering. 

The last outfit features my peephole skater dress from Topshop, it's a very summery dress but I will find ways to wear it during the winter months!! You can't have grunge layering without a top tied around your waist giving that shirt, or in this case, cardigan worn as a skirt look which has been all over pinterest and in Vogue. 
Overall the looks are a subtle grunge style more influenced by Saint Laurent styling than grunge itself.

The final image has been very popular on Instagram so I thought I would show it to you so you can see my cheeky little Brisfest Boys (and friend) hanging out at the Festival. My youngest son Mika has that cynical Jonny Rotten face going on doesn't he?....The little punk!

I shall be back very soon with some more of my current obsessions and fashion moments. I don't understand when other bloggers say they hate it when they run out of content?? I could just go on and on and on....it's probably best I am not able to blog all the time......Thanks for following xx

ND xx

Sunday, 10 November 2013

No Debutante - Winter Grunge

Today's personal style photographs feature more looks inspired by the Saint Laurent AW collection 2013. Check out how I do Winter Grunge.

The first outfit features my lovely new Primark teeny tiny shorts with the tartan detail. I am loving these shorts and couldn't give a damn that they are teeny tiny and have been wearing them to work without a care. I have paired them with my sleeveless denim shirt, also from Primark but from last season, there are still hundreds of denim shirts in Primark to choose from and they make my eyes widen when I walk in the Bristol shop, how many denim shirts do I really need?? I think I  actually have a small obsession with shirts in general. Yep, I love shirts, it's official! 
The Saint Laurent Grunge look wouldn't be complete without my Dr Marten boots, my leopard faux fur coat with my hair worn down and dip dyed pink! 

The second look is a little more girlie and less punk than the first. I am clashing up prints with my leopard cardigan and ditsy floral playsuit (both from Topshop, both items at least 4 years old - always hoard your clothes) worn with the Dr Martens and dip dyed hair! Now that's what I call Winter Grunge!

Thanks so much for following my blog and hello to my new followers!!

I think there is one more post from my Saint Laurent inspired outfits and then we can move on to some more of my current fashion obsessions!! 
Oh, and one last thing, you may remember me mentioning the Christmas Coca-Cola ad being my official sign that Christmas is coming in my last blog post?? Well, I am very excited to announce that I got my first glimpse of the advert last night AND the Christmas Coca-Cola truck is coming to Bristol on the 12th December!! Whoop! I am there! Tis the season!! 

A very excited ND xx

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

No Debutante - Come As You Are

I really do not like Winter! I hate having to wrap up and layering generally does not seem to suit my style, I feel the cold and have to wrap up and find all these layers very restricting! I would happily go to bed at 9pm on a school night during the winter, perhaps I should just hibernate and reappear around April with maybe a quick week out of hibernation to celebrate Christmas! Winter sucks!

Today's personal style post shows the first outfits inspired by the Saint Laurent AW 2013 collection, it's grunge, it involves a lot of tartan, jackets and boots and is actually an Autumn Winter look that I can wear without hiding my style under my coat.

The first outfit shows the return of my Topshop duffel coat which I have had for years and it still looks like new! I have worn it with my Primark Peter pan collar dress and Dr Martens. I have to be honest it has been a very mild Autumn and I did get a bit hot in the duffel coat but I was happy that I had pulled off the Saint Laurent look using old items from my wardrobe!

The second outfit features my new tartan shirt from Primark, worn over my H&M shirt dress with the Dr Martens again (they feature alot in the next few personal style posts) I think the outfit as a whole looks cute and I am loving the hairs braids. I only had the braids in for a bit to wave up my hair but looking back at the photographs I wish I had worn my hair in the braids all day, I literally grabbed random sections of hair and braided them up and I like the untidy styling, it's very grunge! The last image shows my hair without the braids which is also cute but next time I shall just leave them in.

More personal style images to come followed by current obsessions and other random interests! 
Thanks for following and Happy Guy Fawkes Night to all my UK followers, enjoy the fireworks! Wrap up warm!!!

ND xx

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Just another Primark Sunday

 Hello November! How is it November already?? I barely noticed October and now we are on the run towards Christmas, it's only a matter of time before I get the first glimpse of the Christmas Coca-Cola advert (holidays a-coming, holidays a-coming) which for me is confirmation that it is nearly Christmas. So moving on with my next blog post, here is a quick look at what I managed to find on my last Primark Sunday shopping trip back in September. It was a good haul and I can tell you I have worn the tartan shirt to death already, I love it! I really love all of my purchases from the day which include the for mentioned (love it to death) tartan shirt, the denim cut offs with the tartan detail (cute and comfy and very, very tiny) the mock leather pinafore dress (not an obvious choice for me, but I truly love it, it's cute, it's tough, it's punk!) lots of frilly ankle socks (every rockabilly girls friend) and kawaii print tees for little Sylvie Belle,t which I am loving!

I usually go on my Primark shopping trip with an idea of what I am looking for, on this occasion I was thinking of grunge and punk, inspired by the Autumn Winter trends, especially the Saint Laurent AW13 collection  see my post on this amazing collection here and of course I am always rockin' the vintage rockabilly look, so anything 1950s inspired. I didn't find much vintage rockabilly style on this occasion (except perhaps the ankle socks) but the tartan shirt, mock leather pinafore drees and tartan detail denim cut offs were very grunge and punk inspired so I was very please with these finds! You will see from lots of my up-coming personal style posts that I have been wearing these grunge / punk items a fair bit so watch this space for more personal style posts very soon! Primark I Love you!

I have added a couple of images which follow on from my last post about Sylvie's Girl / Hello Kitty skateboard (not bought from Primark obviously-although it's probably only a matter of time until Primark rule the world!). We have hung the deck in her bedroom as wall art and it looks Rad!

I just had major problems trying to upload my images, I think Blogger are having problems today! Anyone else having difficulties?? I have to go now and make my family a big roast dinner! Thanks for following and I'll be back tomorrow with some more personal style pics and perhaps you will actually get to see how I wear my new Primark goodies! Did you like Sylvie's wall art? 

ND xx

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