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Sunday, 28 April 2019

Dressing for a Great British Summer

It seems we get less and less time to adapt and think about what to wear in the UK. With heatwaves in February to snow in April, our wardrobes have to be on red alert! 

A transitional wardrobe would usually see us adding layers or wearing less as the seasons change, but in the UK, we don't know where the hell we are, or what to wear, on a daily basis!

I was so excited to be showing off some flesh, albeit short lived, when the sun came back last week; wearing vest tops and shorts again seemed kinda liberating after months of being cuddled up in warm layers.

Now, a week later, I am back wearing a fleece top, trousers and warm socks, with a blanket over me! What the actual.....???

What a different a week makes....
Freezing fashion in Wales wearing rainbow puffer, trackpants, Vans & That Thing beanie (left)
summer vibes in Bristol wearing kimono from Zara & shorts by Tail End.(right) 

In the brief heatwave,  I thought to myself, whilst rummaging through my generous wardrobe, 'I haven't actually got many summer clothes' but in truth, I think, I have just forgetten how to style up my existing wardrobe to work for summer, a problem I seem to face at every seasonal change! 

In the colder months, I wear warm layers of mostly bright coloured streetwear pieces, from jumpsuits to hoodies to printed trousers- fun, winter outfits- but when the sunshine comes, things really start to get excitiing, as you are not hiding your amazing outfits under a coat!

As I've said before, I'm not one to pack away my winter/summer wardrobe as the sessons change, I dont have the time or a place to put it all, if I'm honest! As things are with the UK weather lately, we need to keep all of our wardrobe at easy access, all year round! I was right all along!

A trusty oversized hoodie will warm you up after the surf!

As soon as the sun is out, so are my vest tops (usually cropped) and my shorts (often patterned and/or made by an indepepndent designer). I've not been much of a summer dress wearer over the past few seasons but an unexpected new obsession can pop up at any point for me, so I never rule out the return of a fashion item, that may already be in my wardrobe.

The No Debutante summer staples

Vest tops
Crop t-shirts
Cotton trousers (tapered or rolled up)
Slip on Vans (the easiest summer trainer that took me years to discover!).

The No Debutante Essential transitional weather extras

Hoodies and sweatshirts
Long socks
Wellies (camping & festival essential)
Wrap scarf
Beanie hat

ND wearing Carny Valley cape and Duvet Days trousers in Bedminster, Bristol

One thing that we must not get into is buying a whole new wardrobe at the change of every season, this is supporting fast fashion, which has a negative impact on the planet and in your pocket! Updating your wardrobe is fine but do it at a slower pace. Everyone likes buying new stuff, just consider these three rules when shopping.

Do you really need it?
Do you really love it?
Does it look good on you? 

I have been following these rules for the past few years, I admit, I still get it wrong occassionally, but if you consider these rules as a guide, you are on the right track!

Finally, as always, the No Debutante blog is keen to promote and support independent designers, many of whom are also supporting sustainable, slow fashion.

Enjoy the summer when it finally arrives and rethink your wardrobe!

Did you see my rainbow hair??  Perfect for summer, eh?  (Hair by Girl on Curl)

Top image - No Debutante in full on summer flow vest top and shorts whilst Djing on her radio show
 This is Radio Bang with 1020 Radio.
Listen here

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