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Friday, 25 November 2011

Versace for H&M - My Top 5

My baby is now officially 4 days late and to keep my mind off the whole 'waiting game' I thought I would post about My Top 5 Versace pieces for H&M, which might I add is selling out fast online! I have made one purchase from the collection, it is a justified choice that is not too expensive and should hopefully fit within a few weeks!
 I have not received my purchase yet but it was a difficult decision, not, might I add, for which piece to choose, I was more concerned on the sizing of the garment as H&M are not very generous on sizing, a 12 is not a 12 at H&M, its more like an 8 or a 10.....So you see my problem.
I have decided that the quality of Versace at H&M should be a bit better and the standard of the cutting will be higher! I hope. I have more faith in me getting into my skinny jeans soon after pregnancy than a Size 12 H&M garment fitting me the way it should! Well, time will tell, I will blog about the said garment as soon as I receive / can fit into it!

I personally have very mixed reviews on the collection, I am really into the bright prints and mixed prints, but not too keen on the single colour dresses and the mainly black pieces. Some of it's a bit Essex Girl for my liking. I need pieces I can rock up!! I don't really rate the mens collection, or want to see my husband in it, it's colours and print clashes for me all the way!



This is the 'justified' item that I have purchased from the collection which I can currently only by online. I bloody love these leggings, they combine the colour & print clash that I love and will be great for the next Spring / Summer 2012 Season as clashing florals will be everywhere! So I can dress them down with plain colours or mix 'em up with print tops and dresses! I CANNOT WAIT until I can be back in normal / non maternity clothes again!!

 Here's the leggings from the Versace at H&M campaign, mixed with the dress in same print. I wouldn't wear this dress as the short pleat skirt wouldn't suit me,it's more for a skinnier legged girl, but I love the top half.

 I bloody love this dress, its a perfect bodycon tank shape, with graffiti print hearts and long tassles, it is still available on line but it's £99.99 which is a bit much for me (I know it's Versace but I just won't do it!!) I will deffo consider getting it when it's in the sale, it's the sort of item I could rock for years! Oh, god, I'm nearly talking myself into getting it!


This scarf is lovely, really Versace and is only £25, I wanted it but so did everyone else, it's sold out online! Boo!


I love the cut and mix prints on this dress but alas she has sold out online too. It was £79.99 a bit cheaper that the tassle dress, that's why it sold out, that and because it is fabulous.

These earrings are great and have a vintage look to them, I could have worn these to my wedding to match my 1950s Vivienne of Holloway halter dress. They have just disapeared online so are now sold out! Boo hoo! This range is selling out as we speak! Get yours now!!
                                                          This is another image from the Versace for H&M campaign which I commented on loving on fellow bloggers Brimbles World's blog last week. I love the whole look together but I'm not sure I would wear this jacket very much, it actually looks a bit chavvy on it's own online. No worries though, it's sold out now! Loving the campaign images!

This image is fantastic, I love the styling, the clothes, the colour and print clash, the wallpaper  (I want it in my bedroom!!) Love it!
All images courtesy of  www.hm.com

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

My Latest Magazine Obsession - Pigeons and Peacocks

Oh! What's Occurring?? Nothing, if we are talking about when I am gonna have this baby, whom is now, officially, a day late. I have hidden myself away from Facebook and the school runs to avoid the constant questioning about when my baby is actually coming and have I tried a hot curry to get the baby out????.........Instead I have decided to tell you about my latest fashion magazine obsession, yes, I get fashion magazine obsessions, so what? (Might I just add my patience and toleration of anything has run out so I may be a bit unhinged during this post!!)

I found Pigeons and Peacocks in my local WH Smiths in Bristol, I was just browsing the alternative fashion mags Dazed and Confused, ID etc but my eyes were drawn away from my usual favourites by the cover of the current Issue (Issue 4) of the fantastic Pigeons and Peacocks, it was the day-glo cover shoot, a mad clash of african batik fabrics on black models, Jean-Michel Bisquiat style 80s imagery, 80s hip hop and late 80s/early 90s rave. Whatever, I love it! I bought it on the cover alone.

Pigeons and Peacocks is (I'm sad to say) only printed once a year and was created as a fashion and culture magazine in collaboration with London College of Fashion mixing the talents of industry and graduates including designers, photographers, writers, illustrators, Graphic Designers, stylists and real people models (rather than all professional models) to create this unique, supercool mag free from any advertising. The content is alotta fashion (which will always get my attention) the photoshoots are so cool, alternative and inspirational (for me anyway), the writing is fantastic, I haven't laughed out loud whilst reading a magazine, like, ever (yes actually reading it, not just looking at the pretty pictures). The graphics and layout are fantastic, put it this way, the young designer (self confessed Chav -you have to admire her for that) from Venue Magazine - where I work when I'm not growing babies - she basically wet herself at the sight of Pigeons and Peacocks magazines' graphics, and had taken a photo with her phone and facebooked it before I had finished showing her my new magazine obsession. That was back in September, I have been a bit slower on the old social networking of it all. Check out these images anyhow. I think you may like.....

Pigeons and Peacocks - Issue 4 2011

The cover that caught my attention!

This photoshoot is basically inspired by the fabrics and jewellery of the West african country of Benin aka Babes in Benin.  I just loved the styling and imagery. The stylist John William and photographer Saga Sig (really thats her name) gave a Swedish fashion design student Sara Arnesen, loads of metres of loudly printed batik fabrics and asked her to create designs inspired by the fabrics (not by african garments) which was sexy and fun. I would have killed to have been given this sort of brief when I was designing for my own label Phlem back in the early 2000s. Actually, I wanna it to do it now!! Maybe one day....... in the near future.

Images featuring the mini skirts and super crop tops! I may have to draw the line on the super crop tops but for the purpose of this photoshoot, they look great. I love the mini skirt. The two boys in the shoot (one of which is a market trader and not a model) look like they've stepped off the set off the early 90s, low budget, UK TV show for the young 'Dance Energy'. You will have to google/ youtube it if you are below 32 years old or not British. It's a must see!

 This is my second favourite photoshoot from this issue GANGURO BARBIE a mix of the Ganguro Japanese styling mixed with UK white Chav style. Styling John William. Photography Alena Jascanka.

Ganguro Girls were a big thing in Tokyo during the late 1990s-2000 Ganguro basically means 'black face' and Japanese girls would either mega tan up their faces or more commonly orange-up their faces with make-up, the more extreme girls would also give themselves white panda style eye make-up too.

The Great British Chav speaks for itself, in sportwear, gold jewellery and side ponytails and a taste for the Council Estate.(I personnally am no innocent in this, I know my council estate roots, and have dabbled with the Chav style as a teenager, I have just chosen to deny this for the past 20 years, I think they call this inverted snob gone wrong).

I really like the printed sportswear and colour clashes here. The trousers are actually vintage Moshino, bloody love 'em!

I have a secret obsession for these day-glo hair pieces, although they massively nod to the Bristolian fashion nightmare the Trustafairian / white rasta,  they're really 80s, I am picturing my style Icon Annabella Lwin with them or Ari Up from The Slits. My hair is not long enough for them at the moment though, so we'll have to forget this. Issey Miyake trousers looking good!

Loving the Chav side pony tail here mixed with an outfit a labelmania Chav can only dream of, or perhaps just nick, Vintage Versace with the bizarre but fantastic storm trooper platforms from Ruth Jones.

This image has come from the fashion story PAINT  I liked this particular image for the naive safari print dress. The print reminds me of Tom Tom Club record covers, I also like the loose fit of this dress,which is an archive Jean-Charles De Castelbajac @ House of Liza, it reminds me of the tunic style dresses worn by Boy George in Culture Club, so pretty 80s all round then. The bangles are from Tatty Devine who I love. Styling Billy Bradshaw. Photography Saga Sig.

All images courtesy of Pigeons and Peacocks Magazine, photgraphs by Saga Sig and Alena Jascanka images sorced from  www.pucemoment.com/index.php?/pigeons--peacocks/

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Whole Lotta Rosie - Part 6

So.......I am back with my latest (but not last....boo hoo!) Pregnancy Post for Whole Lotta Rosie - Part 6!!! Looks like you are gonna get to see me dressed as Jabba in Loungewear as this baby has decided not to come early and seems quite content to not come on time either! Help!!

This post covers the end of Week 36 - Week 39, I currently have 5 days to go until the baby is due and my patience are wearing thin, I still can't really complain though as I am not yet overdue and I am very excited about the baby coming - yes, I am in the denial stage, ignoring the idea that there is pain on the horizon!!

Despite my trying to remain laid back about the whole thing, I had one of the Mum's of a kid in Mika's class tell me  today that her babies have all been late, including one child that was....18 DAYS LATE!!!! Thanks I really DO NOT want to hear that. Thankfully her child ended up being ridiculously late because she was stubborn and wanted it all to happen 'naturally'....well that ain't me missus, any assistance I can get, as early as possible, I will take!!

There are a fair few images on this post too, I was camera happy again and treating everyday like it was my last day of pregnancy..........unfortunately, it wasn't!!

The end of Week 36 -  I thought I would go into labour on this day as it was Mika's 5th Birthday Party, which instead of being riotous (like all Lucian's Birthday parties) it was actually a sedated affair where all the little Reception kids were very well behaved, you could tell they had only just started at school, it couldn't have gone better! Thanks kids!!

I am wearing my favourite Xray Spex t-shirt (featuring one of my style icons, the late, great Poly Styrene!!) I got this t-shirt a couple of years ago from www.8ball.co.uk You can find good band t-shirts on this site, the quality is good and it's great for buying 80's style oversized t-shirts, that I love and are very useful when pregnant!! I like to wear it with the sleeves rolled up and oversized almost like a dress. I prefer to buy from this type of site rather than getting an obvious rock style t-shirt mass produced at Topshop, Urban outfitters and H&M (and every other high street shop for that matter). At least you get to choose your print, size and colour and can style it up yourself. I hate people wearing rock tshirts but not knowing the band or even worse than this is a fake band tshirt and by that I mean the printers have come up with a band that doesn't actually exist trying to avoid copyright issues!!!! Awful!! Rant Over!

37 Weeks -The Asos lace bodycon dress is still going strong, the maternity tights however are barely covering the bump. The Topshop maternity jeans no longer fit, I am now down to bodycon dresses and leggings for outfits, this annoys me!

2 November - Mika's actual 5th Brithday - I really didn't want the baby to come on this day, as you can see, it didn't...I'm wearing the Asos bodycon dress again, I am sensing a pattern forming....

Week 38 - Desperately finding different tops to go over the bodycon dresses and leggings, these wide H&M tops do the trick, but I am getting bored of it, I'm yearning to wear my leopard print trousers, denim shorts and playsuits, won't be long now.....so everyone keeps telling me....

Another day another wide H&M top over the bodycon!

Saw the midwife on this day, she told me the baby is growing fine, so no late scans for me boo hoo!! They are not gonna see me now until I am a week late, great thanks for your support!! The other bit of news was that the baby has now come out of the pelvis and has decided not to come out. I am finding it hard to keep up the british stiff upper lip charade...I am now just pissed off!

Popped my Dierdre Barlow glasses on to cheer myself up, I was going for an 80's secretary look here it seems. In my Topshop cropped blazer and oversized cobweb knit jumper, trying to disguise the bodycon that lurks beneath!

My boy hips have finally given in and I get woken up every hour at night to the pain of dead hips, they are killing me, it seems the exercise that I was hoping to encourage at the end of pregnancy( to get the baby out) has to be put on the back burner. I actually find it hard to sit around relaxing for too long, I get bored, I still haven't mastered it!

To match my lack of exercise I have popped on a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt from H&M, bring on the Chav, daytime TV & Lesiurewear, here I come!

On this day an old school friend had her baby, she lives in America and was induced (like all American ladies apparently) on her due date and had her little girl that day!! Congrats Mandy!!

However I am now totally jealous of American women, I want to be induced on the day I'm due! They don't bloody induce you in the UK until your are about 10 days late!! Its crap! Mika was 10 days late and was frankly overcooked, squashed and looked like a troll! He is, of course, beautiful now and straightened out after a few days..........basically my patience have totally ran out, I want my baby...NOW!!

It's the end of Week 38 and I couldn't handle it any longer, I went clothes shopping. I found this mohair stripe jumper in Topshop for only £25 in the sale, I'll wear it for years as it nods to punk and will get better with time!! I would have preffered it to be in a bigger size but, I get what I can at this stage. Why are all the sleeves so short on jumpers?? My friend Miri raised this issue oin facebook, there were alot of comments and the conclusion was that nobody wants these 3/4 length sleeves, they are useless in the winter!! Sort it out retailers!!

Let us also notice Mika hovering in the background of this photo, he said' he hoped he didn't ruin the photo this time' he was apparently 'trying' to get out of the way. He is so funny!

Oh look! New boots too? These little lovelies are also from Topshop and were £55, they have  a little wedge heel but are still flat enough for me to walk in, I love them....

Week 39 - One week to go!! Whoop Whoop!! I have squeezed myself into my Super Lovers t-shirt which I bought in the Super Lovers shop in Galleries Lafayette, Harajuku, Tokyo on my Honeymoon to Japan 2 years ago. I wanna go back!! I love Japan!!

Here's a couple of images where I bare all, well just the bump, it's not quite as iconic as Demi Moore's pregnancy shoot but I really have to be proud of my lack of stretchmarks after 3 babies!!

Still have the belly piercing in too, I have NEVER taken it out.

These Mothercare overbump seamless leggings (which I have totally rated until now) have let me down...literally, they have lost their elasticity a bit and have started to fall off when I walk!!

Back in the Mickey sweatshirt, worn with the bodycon and the new sheepskin, fleece lined wedge Topshop boots. Here's a close up of them below, they are so comfy and warm and look great!!

That bring's me to the end of my 6th but not final Whole Lotta Rosie Pregnancy posts, the good news is the next post will definately be the last, the bad news is you will get to see me looking like Jabba in very limited outfits, I shall probably just be in pyjamas the whole time, it make's things easier!!

I am very excited and cannot wait to meet my new little one xxx

Monday, 7 November 2011

The Kids are Alright

I am still pregnant with 2 weeks to go. I am also aware that I haven't actually ever posted on the blog about the kids that I already have! I imagine I shall be showing off the new little one loads when she (ahem) is born, especially as the Whole Lotta Rosie blog post shall need to be concluded with the finished product! Here are some alternative pics of my boys Lucian now 7 and Mika now 5, taken this year in various locations, by various people. I have tried to leave the more wholesome, family pleaser images for Facebook, here's the Boys.......

Introducing Lucian Hendrix Ellicott TM
Lucian likes Maths and would like to be a Scientist, a professional skater and a rockstar when he is older. There's nothing like a good mix of Cool Geek, just like his Daddy.

Here's Lucian at the beginning of the year, he'd got his hair done by my hairstylist Vikki Mac at Angela Gaudi in Bristol and was rather pleased with it. Hence follows the photoshoot that HE made his Dad take of him. What a poser! I can't imagine where he got this from......He does look really cute and handsome though I have to say, check out the attitude, in the words of Tyra Banks....he's fierce.

Lucian's t-shirt is from Gap Kids, hair by Vikki Mac. Sorry I can't resist doing the fashion run down!!

Introducing Mika Floyd Ellicott TM

Mika is a little ball of energy and as can see, he loves his trampoline, learnt to ride a bike, swim and lost teeth real early, his favourite record is'Beat It' by Michael Jackson (you should see him dance to it.) I would compare him to a whirlwind!

Mika's vest and trousers from H&M

Here's the boys in Bristol next to a load of scooters. Phil couldn't resist taking a photo, Mika was less interested.

Both boys shirts from H&M, (yes it's my favourite shop for kids) Mika's top from Thrasher. (Phil skates so we also have alot of skate wear).

I love these two photos of Lucian, they were taken by Mika, without my knowing, I found them on the camera, they were taken on one of the hottest days in England this year going by Lucian's lack of clothing!  The photos look really white trash I reckon, like something out of the Harmony Korine film Gumo, look at Lucian clambering around in all the rubbish in the garden, I wonder what they were up to?? I love it that the photos are taken low down at kids height, Mika has not attempted to avoid the rubbish and mess like an adult would in a photo of their kids. You'd never get this on my Whole Lotta Rosie posts! I should get Mika to take the photos!

Lucian is wearing Mika's H&M green cotton trousers (2 sizes too small) and make-up and hair by Mummy, distressed by Lucian.

Here's the other photo taken by Mika, again, look at the clutter everywhere (to be honest, that is my kitchen, it always looks like that, it's remained as Granny's kitchen since we moved in-OMG 10 years ago....it's next on the DIY list honest!!). Love the perspective on this photo and Lucian's facial expression, what were they up to?? Can I also point out that they had just come back from a birthday party and were in fancy dress, Lucian was less punk, white trash and more 'Frog Prince' (it was a fairy tale party, our costumes were limited.....Mika went as the classic fairytale Dark Knight, Darth Vader....enough said....) and yes, he really does have ice-cream around his face!

Here is quite a wholesome phorograph of Mika, he looks a little sarcastic, like he is faking the sweetness for the photo, this is when he actually had front teeth.

This is more like it minus one tooth, he was only 4 when this was taken and has now lost the other tooth, so we have a double gap at the moment.

AC/DC t-shirt from Amplified

Lucian pulling his punk / Beastie Boys face which he has been perfecting for years.

Mika starts school.

Mika and Daddy

The Ellicotts 2011

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