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Friday, 28 June 2013

No Debutante - Glasto Envy?

I'm sat at home watching Glastonbury on the TV, although I am not really that bothered about going, I don't like to think that I am missing out, I do this to myself every year, to be honest, I think I am actually quite happy watching it on TV! It will also pain anyone who isn't from the UK and would actually like to go to Glastonbury, to know that my hometown Bristol is less than an hour away from Glastonbury festival, how lazy am I?? I also get a romantic idea about taking my three kids along for the Glastonbury experience, to watch bands and run about like Ferrell children but the chaotic reality of this really isn't worth thinking about! 

Not to be outdone by festival outfits, I dressed up rockabilly style with my Topshop Hawaii print peephole dress, denim waistcoat, creepers and flowers in my hair. I did wear tights today and it was boiling hot, bloody typical! 

I may not blog tomorrow due to having to take seven little boys to the cinema for Lucian's birthday. I did consider not dressing up too weird so I did't embarrass the kids on this birthday outing but where's the fun in that?? Find out what I wore very soon!

Thanks for reading.

ND xx

Thursday, 27 June 2013

No Debutante - Put on your pink shoes and dance the blues

I didn't think I would get a chance to blog today but I have found some time to show you today's outfit. I woke up not really knowing what to wear which is unusual for this outfit planner, I decided on the vintage denim pinafore and wore it with my denim & leopard print shirt (another Primark bargain!) Check out the pins! I am not a fan of showing off my bare legs but I thought I would give it go today worn with a pair of Converse low tops to keep things simple and brightened the outfit up with red accents.Typically on the day I have bare legs it got cold and rained!!! The outfit was pretty popular on Instagram so I decided I must look OK! Instagram is my favourite thing lately, I don't know why I didn't join it sooner!

My dress for the next wedding arrived today, I haven't had a chance to try it on yet, I also got Sylvie some Pink Converse high tops, sooooo cute, Sylvie liked them until I put them on her feet, unlike me, Sylvie hates a new pair of shoes!!!

That's it from me today, it is now the boys bedtime followed by wine o'clock and perhaps a film! Have a good evening / day wherever you are!!

Thanks for reading!!

ND xx

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

No Debutante - I really don't have time but I do it anyway...

I had a tiring day at work today so this will be a brief post. I will let you know I have ordered a new dress for the next wedding on my list, I have four to attend this year!! I am looking forward to receiving the new dress and hope it is a good as it looks! We have had a fashion faux pas with a khaki bomber jacket that Phil bought me for my birthday, it is sooooo padded that I look more like night club security than street cool and as I am already fairly broad in the shoulders and tall I do not want to look any bigger! We have sent the jacket back twice and they are all too big, this is the problem with Internet shopping, you cannot try before you buy and you spend a small fortune returning the item when it isn't what you want!! If anyone knows where I can get an original style bomber jacket without the sleeping bag padding then do let me know!!

Today I am showing you my outfits from yesterday and today - Yey! I have finally caught up with my personal style pics!  Yesterday I wore (first outfit) My lace/denim panel Primark shirt with denim cut offs and Dr Martens and girled it up with  big hair, half clipped up into random victory rolls and twists. I was asked on the school run how I had time to do my hair in the morning?? The answer is I really don't have time but I do it anyway and I really am quite quick at those victory rolls these days, if you are really serious about styling your hair in these sorts of styles everyday you need to not wash your hair too often so that the backcombing and the texture in your hair holds the style in easier. You must be prepared to backcomb your hair alot and use serums to keep your hair in good condition, I guarantee that you will then perfect the victory rolls and beehives you have been attempting!!

For the second outfit (today's) I have tied up a shirt Daisy Duke style and worn it with my pleated maxi, denim waistcoat and Converse. I have given myself a Betty Bangs style fringe and left the back down. I am willing my hair to get longer so I can twist and curl the back rockabilly style, it's still a bit short but I am getting there! I have noticed my look is missing a few tattoos, I really must get it together and get inked up!!

 What will I wear tomorrow? Will my new dress for the wedding arrive? Does the bomber jacket I want actually exist?? Is it possible for me to write a quick brief post? Find out the answers and much more, next time, with me, No Debutante.

Thank you so much for reading!!!

ND xx

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

No Debutante - Dress you up

Another day, another wedding to buy a new dress for, ain't life hard?? It would be simpler if I hadn't gotten myself into a competition with my dear friend and fellow blogger Selena from Dilly Foxtrot Investigates, to see who could wear the best outfit creation (without out-doing the bride for attention) using a only dress, many accessories and outrageous hair, this is war and I intend to win but, I am up against a very stylish lady so anything could happen! I think I have found the dress (I shall not be revealing where from just yet) and I have the shoes from Topshop worn at Dawn's wedding only a few weeks ago. Why can't I wear the same dress you ask? Don't be ridiculous, I cannot think of any better excuse than to buy a new dress and wear it to a wedding!! You can never have too many dresses and remember I always re-wear my dresses dressed down as day wear or up for the evening, so it is never a waste of money for this dress hoarder!! 

What have I been wearing the past couple of days then? Well it looks like it's all about short dresses and denim worn with boyish creepers and Docs and quiffed up rockabilly hair. I have been taking my own photographs again recently, ever since my lovely husband Phil bought me an iphone tripod for my birthday, I use it every day and now I don't have to pester Phil and my kids to take my photographs for me, which makes things less stressful and rushed!! The denim pinafore is proof of my hoarding (as some of you may know) I bought this pinafore at festival about 20 years ago!! It's vintage 1990s - and it was vintage then so I reckon it is probably from the 1970s , not bad eh?

 Catch more of what I have been wearing tomorrow, I am also continuously planning my holiday wardrobe, so perhaps a future post on that? Hmmm, what to wear??

Thank you for reading and hello to my new followers!

ND xx

Monday, 24 June 2013

No Debutante - It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it

Today's outfits are from my Friday at work and my Saturday Garden party/ anniversary BBQ. The first being the work outfit, influenced by Mind The Mustard style layering mixed with my vintage, rockabilly style and a love of the eighties. A work colleague said he loved my Bananarama outfit and I was not offended, since Bananrama style is big with me right now, all baggy shirts, retro crop jeans, crop tops, heavy boots  and big hair in a head scarf, I am all about the Bananarama style!! 

The second outfit is inspired by 1950s starlets on their day off, casual and classic. Not to be tied to any look completely I have mashed this vintage style together with my Rad crop top and some frilly socks and creepers and a Betty Bangs victory rolled fringe. I am so happy that my hair is getting longer, I still have no interest in cutting it off which is unusual for me, I am having too much fun with styling up long hair! My Mum even complimented this vintage mash up outfit so it can't of been as weird as it sounds in print!

All clothing from Topshop, Vivien of Holloway, Topshop, Accessorise, Dr Martins and Underground.

More personal style pics from me tomorrow, I'm off to have some lunch, have  a good day and thanks for reading!

ND xx

Sunday, 23 June 2013

No Debutante - Yeah! Crop Tops!

I have been real busy over the weekend planning and then holding a 40th wedding anniversary get together at my house, for my parents, who recently hit this massive milestone, which is a rarity these days. A massive congratulations to them for sticking together all of these years!! Lots of love and hugs!!! We had a great time at the (very windy - bloody weather) BBQ and then hid away inside the house listening to music, drinking lots of wine and champagne which was followed by Karaoke and playing the Michael Jackson dancing game on the Wii, which got quite competitive if I'm honest!

Since my last post was on another blogger I now have a back log of what I wore, personal style images. I am going to attempt to do a couple of looks a day until we catch up with my latest outfits. The outfits I am showing today are from my working days Wednesday and Thursday last week, the weather was good, loads of sun and the crop top was my favoured item of choice. I have had both of these crop tops for a few years and they are from New Look (striped top) and Primark (blue top). I wore my crop tops with denim bottoms and Converse, I honestly would go mad if I couldn't wear what I wanted to work everyday and I know I am very lucky that I can!!

I have been attempting to try out different hairstyles from my pinterest hair board each day - check it out here  http://pinterest.com/nodebutante/hair/  I generally use the images as a guide and interpret the hairstyle to suit my hair, I am not looking for perfection, I just like different looks. I took the victory roll close ups as I walked through the city on my way to work, not an easy thing to do but I managed it! The second hair style was a backcombed quiff at the front and tied up at the back, real easy to do but looks effective. I encourage you all to get styling your hair and to try out different looks, practise makes perfect!

I shall be back tomorrow with more of what I have been wearing and other fashion dilemmas. A big thank you to Mind The Mustard for getting in touch and liking my blog post! I will deffo be purchasing some Mind The Mustard gear in the near future. Watch this space!!

Thank you for reading!

ND xx

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Bloggers I Love - Mind The Mustard

Today's 'Blogger I Love' is known as Mind The Mustard and I was introduced to this blogger through another blogger that I follow, I know nothing else about her except that she is an extremely talented stylist/ model who can make any charity shop find / retro item look amazing. Using her unique gift for styling she photographs herself and then sells the garments from her blog/online shop. Mind The Mustard has an individual, edgy look and styles up her outfits creating endless looks, which I find really inspiring, she gives these found thrift items a new life and even shows you how to dress the same outfit in different ways, is there no end to this girls talents??

 Mind The Mustard is an online shop where you can purchase any of the items shown at pretty reasonable prices, from what I can work out, Mind The Mustard sources thrift and retro pieces, styles them up and sells them on, it's a fantastic idea and reminds me of my little customising website from the early 2000s-before I had kids, had more time...........

I am loving the grunge layering, the oversized shapes, crop tops and high waisted skirts and trousers, oversized jeans and shorts, grunge inspired florals and checked shirts, lots of denim and of course the Dr Martins!!  Who am I kidding? I love it all. Check out the white button up dress worn undone to reveal those massive culottes, I probably wouldn't wear it, well, not in white, but I love the styling and the imagery. Mind The Mustard, I love your style!!

I agree this look isn't for everyone but you need to look past Mind The Mustard's actual style and to get inspired by her ideas and start wearing maxi dresses layered over trousers and shorts, open up button down dresses and wear them as grunge inspired long shirts or mix tough denim and Dr Martins with girlie floral prints for a real grunge look. Let oversized shapes into your life and mix and match your outfits!! There is more going on in your own wardrobe than you have realised. Get inspired!!

I seriously could have gone on collecting images from the Mind The Mustard blog shop for hours but I decided to stop and just do another post on her in  the future. If you like what you see check out Mind The Mustard here  http://www.mindthemustard.com/ !! Thanks to Mind The Mustard for the images and inspiration and  to Aminta (the happiest blogger ever and a likely candidate for a 'Bloggers I love' future post) for the introduction to this new queen of grunge and for the last two Mind The Mustard images via Aminta's blog www.amintaonline.com
More of my personal style coming up very soon and I shall hopefully get inspired and show you how I wear it Mind The Mustard style!
Thanks for reading, following and just being there!
ND xx

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

No Debutante - Let's Go To The Hop!

Morning! I am feeling a little bit more alive than I was feeling yesterday and have decided to wear some bright colours and prints to make myself appear a little more awake! Inspired by a rockabilly image sourced on Pinterest, I put this 1950s Rockabilly style outfit together for the morning school run and was rather happy with the way it looked, I even got the wide headscarf look working on my small head which is a fashion result for me! 

I am still swinging between my grungy/punk style, dungaree obsessions and my rockabilly 1950s looks. I am wondering whether I should really just stick to one look, but where's the fun in that?? I'm intrigued to know what on earth I shall be wearing next year, whether I will have totally embraced one of my main styles or maybe I shall have a totally new look altogether. When I first started my blog I was just coming out of an edgy, 80s punk phase with my undercut hairstyles and an obsession for bodycon and then I had a baby which pretty much throws you off your current style as you are still trying to pull it off but with a massive belly and a swollen face, it's not the best look!! I love it that fashion is so fickle, it suits me, just fine!

Hopefully, the next blog post should be about another one of my favourite bloggers with great style. It can't always be about me!

Thanks for reading.


Monday, 17 June 2013

No Debutante - Sick Sick Sick

I have been feeling unwell again and have been zapped of energy.....but nothing stops this girl from blogging for too long!! This really is a short little post, but I just had to show you my fashion moments from the past few days, I couldn't resist it. I always feel guilty about just resting up, even if I'm ill, I still see it as time wasting! It is no wonder I am often ill, is it?? 

Today's photographs start with me taking photos of my forward rolling victory roll on my way to work on Friday, I have no evidence of my actual outfit, I seriously did not have the time and was not feeling too good either, I was, however, rather pleased with the forward victory roll so had to get some quick evidence of it, so yes, I am that person on the bus, taking pictures of herself......It's all for fashion daaaaarrrrllllliiiiinnng!
Next comes a quick snap of me at the zoo over the weekend, I went to write a review for work, perhaps if I have the time (and more energy) I can do a post on the family zoo visit as we got loads of cool photographs, alas, not today. Check out my zoo outfit, more festival, grunge than zoo with the kids, I did get a few stares, of course, I'd expect nothing less!
 Lastly comes today's personal style pics. I went for mix prints and Sylvie joined in with a bit of leopard print, again there were not many photographs to choose from since I look real tired and a bit ill in most of them! I hope you can appreciate that even when I am rushed off my feet or poorly I still manage to make the effort, in the name of fashion!!

I just thought I'd let you know that whilst I am writing this post and feeling poorly, I am also ordering my online weekly groceries shop, don't tell this mother and sista fashionista that she cannot multi-task! 

Thanks for reading fashion lovers, I shall hopefully be back and blogging very soon....Tomorrow, if I have my way!

ND xx
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