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Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Lucy & Yak X Emotional Waterfall dungarees style up

Talk about slow fashion! It's been over a month since my last blog post. Well, it is the school holidays which means ramming in day trips, holidays and games of monopoly in between, my day jobs and my ridiculous amount of hobbies and projects!

I have had this particular blog post in the making for weeks, from the photoshoot, to creating and editing vlogs and here we are, finally! It's time to share the love for not one, but two amazing independent designers....Drumroll please......

The Lucy & Yak X Emotional Waterfall dungarees! 

This is such an exciting collaboration between the Brighton based ethical dungaree brand Lucy & Yak (you don't own some Lucy & Yak dungraees yet? Where have you been?) and Bristol's finest, fabulous, kawaii punk artist, Emotional Waterfall

I may be a little biased here, as I am clearly obsessed with both of these inspiring creatives (just watch the vlogs!) so, I thought I would include a little No Debutante magic into the mix and show y'all how I wear my Lucy & Yak X Emotional Waterfall dungarees (whilst adding a fun dress up session using accessories from the depths of the - practically vintage - No Debutante wardrobe!). 

Expect a mash up of street and festival style, some surprises and lots of extra independent and sustainable designers. Watch the vlogs below for the full experience.

Sassy Streetwear 

Wear them with a belt, without a belt, with the bib hung low or layered up in the classic t-shirt underneath style (Emotional Waterfall t-shirt alert) or with a t-shirt on top (in this case a Duvet Days bespoke crop top) . Here are just four ways to wear 'em showing off that amazing Emotional Waterfall print! 

Festival glam mash up!

Step up the festival style and nip in your waist with a Butchi & Gosmos bumbag, pop on a neon crop top, adorn your ears with fabulous Dakota Rae Dust tassel earrings and take it to the next level with a luxurious silk kimono and bright yellow stilettos! (the latter not recommended for festivals). Layer up your Lucy & Yak dungarees with the straps up or down. The possibilities are endless! 

Here come the vlogs....

Lucy & Yak X Emotional Waterfall Dungarees style up Part 1

Lucy & Yak X Emotional Waterfall Dungarees style up Part 2

Thanks for watching.
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