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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

One Maui X Primark Tee Worn Two Ways

If you have been following No Debutante on social media you may have noticed that I have a current obsession with Maui X Primark. Well, it's kind of current, more of an ongoing obsession ever since Maui first collaborated with Primark last year. I finally got to take my Spring Big shop at Primark and believe me I did not come home empty handed (more on this in a blog post very soon). Coincidentally, I had previously taken some personal style pics of me wearing one of the Maui X Primark purchases from last year at the beginning of the month, so as an ease you in gently, to my current Maui obsession, here are two ways I have worn one of my Maui t-shirts lately. 

Cute nineties tee and pinafore layering or clashed  up prints? Which is your favourite? xx

All clothing from Maui X Primark, Topshop, Converse, American Apparel, Underground Shoes & H&M.

All styling and Photography by No Debutante

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ND xx

Friday, 24 April 2015

Culottes Love

No Debutante Loves Culottes!!
 Culottes are brilliant! Is it a skirt? Is it trousers? Its both! Long or cropped lengths I love them all. I love Culottes!

It's safe to say culottes and wide leg trousers are my current obsession. I am always on the look out for new styles in different fabrics and lengths, a pair of long parallel wide legged jeans is something I need to own at the moment but, as yet, I have not found any available to buy. I don't want bell bottoms (unless they are the most flattering cut ever) it has to be a pair of long culotte style jeans, not ill fitting flares....so the search continues! 

My lovely culottes in today's personal style pics were purchased from The White Pepper and I have paired them up with oversized t-shirts which add to the volume of these wide legged beauties with lots of gathering around the nipped in waist. I have my eye on another pair of culottes from The White Pepper this time in a blue graphic print, so watch this space for more Culottes Love posts!

Today's looks are quite minimal and I went with simple styling since the Culottes alone make a bold statement. I'm sure in future posts you will see print clashes, modern vintage and fashion mash ups No Debutante style featuring my new favourite culottes.
 Culottes are so versatile and they are in every shop on the high street, so give them a try this summer!

All styling and Photography by No Debutante

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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Back To My Roots

You may or may not be aware from looking at my blog posts that I have stopped bleaching my hair. The decision to stop bleaching came after years of (unsuccessfully) trying to grow my bleached barnet and an obsession to backcomb and victory roll my hair constantly resulted in very slow hair growth and hair breaking off rather than growing. Following a few years of bright coloured hair experimentation and a new obsession with grunge styling it seemed like a natural progression to grow out the roots and leave the already bleached ends for the colours. Now, most of the crazy colours are semi permanent but the colour blue stains your bleached blond hair and can either be chemically removed (a no-no for me) or you can let it fade out until you are able to add new colours on top of it. I have chosen to do the latter. I am well known for my fickle image changes and it has not gone un noticed that I have had blue hair for well over eight months. A year ago I had a few blue highlights but my hair was mostly pink and before that it went through monthly changes in colour so eight months is actually a long time for me to keep the same colourway! 

The next dilemma and topic of conversation with friends and colleagues is the decision to grow out the roots. I explain I want long dark outgrown roots which is accepted by most people since the dip dye / ombre trend has been in full flow for a couple of years. Despite this people try to advise me to just have my hair coloured brown to make the roots appear longer, rather than the slow process of letting them grow naturally.  Being the contrary and stubborn bugger that I am I have decided to go the other way and just let it happen naturally. 

I have been collecting images on Pinterest over the past few months of the new grown out roots and bright coloured hair trend that has been emerging and I just love it! This look couldn't have come at a better time for me. 
Another surprise was seeing what colour my natural hair actually was, to be honest I haven't seen it for years and didn't have a clue. Last time I had natural hair it was a dark blond but as I approach the one and a half inch stage of my regrowth I am surprised to see a dark brown contrasting against the blues. I'm pushing forty so for all I knew I had grey hair! I am pleased to announce that I don't! Perhaps if I did have grey hair I would take them up

Here are a few examples of the Pinterest images of the new grown out roots look that I am now coveting. It's grunge and it rocks!

This last image is more the ombre / dip dye current hair trend but it's just lovely, so I had to add it in too! As I dream about my hair ever becoming this long! 

All images sourced on my Pinterest Hair gallery and Thank you to the following links blog.pixiemarket.com

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ND xx

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Devon and Dungarees

Hey Fashionistas! I hope you have had a fun filled Easter break? I have just returned from a weekend away in North Devon, I love Devon, I could really move there and live by the sea and go body boarding every week! There is something invigorating about being in the sea on a grey windy day, it certainly makes you feel alive despite the sea being absolutely bloody freezing!  It's a such a great way to spend time and bond with your family, we cannot recommend it enough! Even though, I love the way the surf manages to give my very straight hair beautiful beach waves and I was really loving the beach and sea air, I soon realised on walking around the quant village we were staying in, with my blue hair, oversized tee and platform sandals that I am totally a city girl! You can take the girl out of the city.......I think I'll just leave living by the sea as a pipe dream for now!

As you all know.....No Debutante Loves.......Dungarees! Here's how I've been wearing mine lately plus a couple of oversized variations sourced on Pinterest from Fashion East and The White Pepper. My obsession with oversized items, has got more and more extreme, my dungarees seem skinny in comparison. Expect more oversized items on the blog over the next few weeks! 

I had to show you this last image of my three year old daughter Sylvie, who managed to Photo Bomb my personal style photograph one morning! Sylvie saw what I was doing, ran in the room, knocked the camera tripod and managed to get a photograph of herself  just as the self timer took the photo! Hilarious!

All clothing on images 1-4 from Topshop, Converse, Underground, Shimokitasawa Market in Tokyo and Primark. Image 5 from Fashion East and The White Pepper.

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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Nineties Teen Magazine Queen

As a teenager of the nineties I grew up with an obsession for fashion magazines. Before discovering Vogue, The Face, ID and Dazed and Confused, I was rather partial to a teen fashion magazine. My teen mag of choice was a UK publication named Looks, I know the name is pretty lame but the fashion stories were brilliant. Being a fashion student I pretty much ripped all my Looks mags to pieces, either adding images to the mass collage on my bedroom wall or using them for my ideas and inspirational fashion books, so sadly I have only remnants of my favourite teen magazine left! One thing Looks mag did start was my obsession with fashion, inspiring me to create my own versions of what I saw on the pages and later to design and make my own clothes and go to Fashion college. I had moved on to the higher fashion mags like Vogue by the time I was at fashion college but still found a lot of the fashion stories a bit limited, too grown up perhaps and needed more inspiration, I discovered the alternative street style fash clash mags like The Face and ID and began to mix their alternative anti fashion ideas with Vogue's trend dictated fashion stories to finally arrive at my fashion clash mash up style that I still follow today. Since my late nineties fashion bible, The Face Magazine (and Looks) fell to the demise of the magazine, followed by the arrival of the Internet and social networking in general, I am no longer inspired by magazines at all, I do not buy magazines, I can get everything I need from the Internet for free. It is such a shame that magazine culture seems to have fallen by the way side but it was inevitable, who wants to pay for something they can get for free? Despite this, I still buy the catwalk/ trend issues of Vogue,it's like a tradition to me now, so that's two, yes two, magazines bought a year! I also love to check out the latest catwalk shows on the the Vogue website but I don't really read the rest of the content on the site. Like I magpie, I know what I want from the site and don't have time to look at anything else, especially when I have all my social networking to keep on top of! 
The Internet didn't exist when I was a teenager and the only way I could get fashion inspiration was from Music videos, film, the TV and magazines, the magazines told you about the latest trends, how to wear them and most importantly, where to buy them. It sounds like fashion was dictated to you but you either took it as the way you must wear it or let it inspire you to create your own style using the fashion stories as inspiration. I was the latter.
 The loss of magazine culture as a whole is close to my heart and in a world where everything is so accessible, everyone is a DJ and everyone is famous through social media, I am not sure how the magazine will ever return as a media contender in the future.....
Back to the original topic of those nineties teen magazines, I remember 1970's fashion, old school 80's and grunge being major players for theses magazines followed by cute dolly style, Brit pop with skate girls and club culture by the end of the nineties. Think maxi skirts, plaid everything, flared hipster jeans, tight 70's tees, vintage Adidas jackets and tees, old school trainers, layering, Converse, jelly shoes, Dr Martens, pastel mini skirts and dresses, tees under dresses, flared cords and anything from the 70's! Don't forget centre partings, braids, topknots and short hair, I never wore nail varnish or plucked my eyebrows. I wore lots of mascara and was channelling Kate Moss, Bjork, Sarah Cracknell from St Etienne and Chloe Sevigny as my style icons.
 I have added a few examples of nineties fashion stories below sourced on Pinterest with images from Just Seventeen Magazine 1994 and Corinne Day for Vogue UK 1993. Perfect examples of the nineties style I remember and love.

Today's outfit was inspired by those nineties fashion magazines and features topknot buns, a layered tee under a short dress, the essential plaid shirt & Dr Martens. A contemporary but nostalgic look back in the nineties. My Nineties.

All clothing from H&M, Primark & Dr Martens

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ND xx

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