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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Whole Lotta Sylvie - 8-9 months

It's been a long while since you have seen her but it is now time to reveal more lovely photographs of my beautiful little Sylvie Belle and her fashion moments, of course.
Sylvie has just turned 10 months and I cannot believe it has gone so fast, you'd think I'd be used to it by now since Sylvie is baby number three, but the speed at which a child grows up is quite shocking!! You always seem to hurry things with the first baby always wanting them to progress and be into the next thing, it's exciting, but then you realise they are 8 years old and your second child is nearly six....you get the idea....
Sylvie now has four teeth, the two front bottom ones and a couple of fangs which is...interesting....She is trying to pull herself up to stand, has no interest in crawling and bottom shuffles to get to that thing on floor that she has spotted. Sylvie has settled into nursery, very well, which is both great and upsetting, it makes you think she ain't bothered either way! Ha! I'm sure she is...isn't she?

8 months old -Sylvie wearing her homemade Dead Kennedys t-shirt (what little girrrrl wouldn't want to wear a Holiday in Cambodia t-shirt??) spotty bloomers, tights and baby Converse boots. My little Riot Grrrrl.  

The above three photographs were taken on our family holiday to Ibiza. I love the top ones of Sylvie and Daddy. Here Sylvie is wearing her tasselled I love Ibiza t-shirt (as a dress) I searched everywhere for one of these in her size and on the last day I found it! It is so tacky that it's cool! All Sylvie needed was her hair tightly braided and then she'd look like all the other little girls on the island!! Hee Hee! Sylvie worked her Ibiza t-shirt.

That's enough photographs or Sylvie and Daddy, here's Sylvie and Mummy working the prints! My sock Mummy, my sock!

 Mix prints and layering.
My friend Rudi gave Sylvie this dress, I'm not sure where it's from, possibly Baby Gap but it's real pretty, I am still dressing Sylvie in the dolly print trousers and dress (more of a smock these days) that I bought from The Pippa and Ike Show shop when Sylvie was a week or so old. It was expensive....and I like to get my moneys worth!
I love the above photograph, Sylvie has the darkest and biggest brown eyes out of the whole family, a friend calls her Maltezer Eyes.
Sylvie is a little doll , I'm so proud of her! ND xx

Monday, 24 September 2012

It's too early for that dress - Post Pregnancy Fashion Dilemmas Part 14

So, what's been happening with me? Why haven't I managed any blog posts for over a week?? Well, the kids started back at school and I started back at work, so I have been juggling my job with my home life (and all those kids!!) My husband Phil's band The Relay Rips had an album launch and we have been sorting out lots of different DJ ventures for our club night Bang AND also have a family event which we are working on! I'm tired just thinking about it all, we are busy, but we like it that way! I personally get bored too easily, I am only sad that I haven't been able to blog more often, missing out on vital posts on London Fashion Week too...but hey, I am not your usual fashion blogger I guess!
I am now slightly saddened to announce that this is the last of the posts named
 It's too early for that dress - Post Pregnancy Fashion Dilemmas
as it has now been 9 months since I gave birth to my beautiful little girl Sylvie Belle and I am just about back to my old size, give or take a few pounds. It's time to stop relying on the old 'just had a baby' excuse and just bloody get on with it!!!! I haven't come up with a new name for my new Personal street style blog posts, so I need to crack on with that. Any help with this would be great.....it will have to be a song title or the name of a band (or film) of course, cos that's how I roll.
I only have a couple of images to show you from the end of August 2012, I think I had been driven mad by having the kids being constantly with me all Summer, taking photos of what I had been wearing didn't seem to be a priority!

Leopard print sandels, leopard print trousers and turquiose nail varnish! I was rather pleased with this ensemble.

This image rather sums up my summer in fashion, the colours and prints are all there but I look like I'm about keel over with tiredness. This photo was taken on a very sunny day at the Weston-super-Mare (my hometown) Steam Fair. We go there every year and meet up with my old school friend Rachel and her kids, the boys all love it and go on everything.....and we stand there holding the coats.......I remember saying I would never become that person.......Ha!

A brief look at how a womans body can change during pregnancy from a little pot belly to heffalump from 18 -40 weeks and then 9 months later below! It is quite amazing AND look what I managed to make, grow and nurture in that year , she's behind me in the floral Cath Kidston Maclaren buggy (now you're just showing off) the last image for my It's too early for that dress - Post Pregnancy Fashion Dilemmas post.
This image was the only survivng fashion image of me from my Ibiza holiday, I was too hot to care about photographing what I was wearing!

I love you Sylvie Belle!
Farewell Post Pregnancy body, I will not miss you! ND xx

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

My Style Icons - Chloe Sevigny

It has been ages since I posted about one of my Style Icons and since I have been on Pinterest I have collected a whole lot more, so we must crack on! The next on the list is the quirky, indie model, actress and fashion designer Chloe Sevigny.
I first spotted Chloe modelling for the Miu Miu campaign back in the 1990s, I loved it that she was not a conventional beauty (apart from Kate Moss who was pretty rock n roll) the Super model still reigned at this time and I did not aspire to be one of them at all. I loved it that Chloe Sevigny still looked like a kid, she dressed for her age. I despair when I see young models and girls dressed up like a 30 year old woman, now there is nothing wrong with a 30 something woman, I just don't get it when kids wanna dress to look mature, you can still wear heels and make-up but keep it, well, young, please!! I guess I can't talk, there is probably some (many) teenagers somewhere thinking that they hate 30 something women dressed in Topshop and DJing (really great music) in clubs.....but you get my point!!
So, yeah, I noticed Chloe Sevigny, she looked young, cool and indie, she had short hair and was a little gawky. I then watched the film Kids which I loved and hated at the same time, loved for the nostalgia of partying when you are real young but hated because there is some disturbing shit in it and I hate the slurping sound of teenagers eating each others faces! Gummo however, (another  Harmony Korinefilm starring Chloe Sevigny) white trash as you like, probably even more disturbing, I loved! I think I loved it because it was so low budget and indie and of course the stylist for the film was Chloe Sevigny, the costumes were basic, trashy and inspiring!
There shall now be a very long line of images of Chloe Sevigny, I couldn't edit it down, they were all too good to be missed out.

The Miu Miu Campaign 1996

Kids 1995

Gummo 1997

Grunge geek to rock n roll sex goddess in the change of an outfit...

I definitely had this haircut! I pretty much have the cardigan below too.

Vision Streetwear X by Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony
I had to add this image from the range, I love Vision Streetwear, we have some original pieces that were Phil's from the 1990s. I love the logo and I am loving those long coats, they remind me of every American cult teenage film from the late 1980s!! I think I want one.

Chloe Sevigny modelling for the Miu Miu Campaign for 2012, 16 years after she last modelled for them back in 1996. More David Bowie than little indie kid but hey, he's one of my Style Icons too!!
I love you Chloe Sevigny, please can I have some of your Vision Streetwear outfits, be in an indie film with you and generally be you? Chloe.......Chloe...??
ND xx

Monday, 10 September 2012

Meadham Kirchhoff AW 2012 - Wham Bam Thank-you Maam!

Hello. I hope you are sitting comfortably? It is now time for another of my current obsessions and favourites from the Autumn Winter 2012 shows, a little later than most fashion bloggers (even though I have had the images on file and on Pinterest for ages) but as you may or may not know, I prefer to post about most of the images from the shows during the season they were meant for, rather than half a year earlier when they are shown at Fashion week, but that's just me!
The next show is from the Meadham Kirchhoff 2012 Collection. Again, it is one of the more avant garde collections from this season, but that is what I am interested in and inspired by. I want outrageous hair and make-up, bright colourful printed clothes and general outrageous nous, safe and  high street ready is not what I am into. I want to be inspired!!
Meadham Kirchhoff AW 2012 has all this and more, it is theatrical, punk, androgynous, glam rock, alien, glittery heaven! I bloody love it!

This is my favourite outfit from the collection and probably the easiest to recreate. It's a mix up of David and Angie Bowie, it's androgynous, glam rock and very 1970s. I love the multi coloured fur jacket, the 1970s tank top worn over a brightly coloured top, with Bay City Rollers' Fans style long socks worn with platforms and customised denim shorts.
This outfit also reminds me of how I used to dress when I met my husband Phil back in 2001, I used to customise everything and often wore long stripey socks under high turned up skinny jeans or with customised denim skirts and now the long stripey socks and tights are calling me, I am sure Phil misses it too! Ha!

More glitter, tartan and stripes. It's a 1970s punk Vs  pop style mash up!

Big glittery or leopard print knickers over stripey tights and customised denim!

Ziggy Stardust inspired 1970s Alien or 1980s Boy George Culture Club era?

Ruffled dresses, stripey tights and furs Vs Tartan and stripes
I am not sure about the ruffle dresses but I can make this look work with my own dresses. I'm inspired to make myself one of those Tartan skirts, god knows, I would prefer the real thing!!

This illustration is from another of my current obsessions Kris Atomic (great name for starters) who has now become my new favourite Fashion Illustrator. I love her illustrations sooooo much and I am completely inspired to start doing fashion illustrations again......It has been a long time coming.....Kris Atomic has a fantastic blog find her here http://blog.krisatomic.com She also gets invited to lots of Fashion shows too and gets to take some great front row shots, see images below for a sneak preview of some Kris Atomic Photography.

I love you Meadham Kirchhoff and Kris Atomic!!!!!
Ok, I am off to find a brightly coloured,  ill fitting wig to place on top of my head, colour my face in blue and pick up the kids from the school run..........ND xx

Thursday, 6 September 2012

It's too early for that dress - Post Pregnancy Fashion Dilemmas Part 13

Hey Kiddos, It's time for my post pregnancy fashion dilemmas, I reckon this is the second to last post from the series, with the last post being my Ibiza holiday and end of the summer fashion pics and to be honest there ain't many of them! I've been too busy to pose for photographs, let alone blog about them! Why do I always romanticise about a summer holiday with the kids in my head?? I need a holiday myself when it's over, you seriously do not stop!!
The boys are back at school and I've spent the day with a very beautiful and well behaved Sylvie Belle on this my last week on maternity leave, I start back at work next Wednesday! To be honest I am happy to go back, I deffo need the break from the kids despite feeling bad about leaving Sylvie at nursery 3 days a week, but she seems to like it so I can't complain....

As you can see I had been round to Deco Hair to see Vikki Mac and get my hair sorted out. Vikki loves her premium bleach and always plasters it onto my head whenever possible, my hair is really white/ grey this time, there was a bit of pink toner on there too when these photos were taken, the Ibiza sun has since bleached it up even more! As you can see I can now get my hair into bunches which has pleased me, I still have my longer bit at the front which I can quiff up or hide behind (depending on my mood).
The tucked in rock tee and denim cut offs seemed to be my favourite thing to wear with or without tights (depending on the weather or how brave I was feeling that day!). Keeping in with the comfort theme, I layered up a slouchy denim shirt, trousers and a vest which you will deffo see more of from me over the next few months as slouchy layers and oversized is a big thing this autumn/ winter.
From top pic to bottom
Sonic Youth tee from Urban Outfitters, denim cut offs customised by me, swallows necklace from Tatty Devine, Red Converse low tops, Denim shirt, vest and Leopard print hareems all from Topshop, X-ray Spex tee from 8ball.com and Leopard print Converse low tops.
I am getting so excited about the new season and have so much to talk about, I can't wait to show you more of my favourite A/W 2012 collections and how I will be wearing them. I have been influenced a few times by them this week, today I am layering up a dress over jeans and at the weekend I put my hair up like Louise Gray in her promo shots for her latest Topshop Collection when I DJ'd at Hoochie Coochie, photos to follow soon. Thanks for reading and Follow Me on bloglovin' etc if you like what you see. ND XX

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Relay Rips - Clementine Valentine NEW ALBUM

I'm very excited to announce that The Relay Rips (my husband Phil's band) are about to release their new album 'Clementine Valentine' which follows their debut album 'Oh Touche' from 2010.
The title track is one of my favourites, a story of young love, which reminds me of a low-fi  Graham Coxon style record with it's sweet story telling vocals and melodic guitars. I love the tongue in cheek story of the upbeat 'Two women on my Mind', 'Chevrons' is fantastic with inspired lyrics making it no ordinary love song and is, frankly, just asking to be part of a film soundtrack! My favourite record from the album is 'I don't wanna be your boy' a classic bit of skiffle-punk, a little bit rockabilly a little bit Bow Wow Wow - I want candy! There's even a bit of a burlesque/ Gypsy Rose Lee inspired horns at the beginning adding some retro provocateur. I love it! There is, of course, a more grown up side to the album as all of The Rips are great musicians and know exactly what they want from their records but for me I love the way the songs on this album seem punk inspired, a little naive at times, as if a kid was singing them to you. It takes you back to being a teenager and young love without the skin problems, nagging parents, curfews and angst fuelled hormones.
Clementine Valentine shall be released on Club Bang Records on 14th September. Available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Fear Of Fiction and in store at Rise Records, Bristol.
Clementine Valentine mostly recorded and mixed at Toybox Studios, Bristol http://www.toyboxstudios.co.uk/
Clementine Valentine album cover art by Magda Osinska http://vimeo.com/magdaosinska
Poster for the launch party for Clementine Valentine. Designed by Igloo (AKA Peskimo) http://www.peskimo.com/
Photograph by Rebecca Faith Photography http://www.rebeccafaithphoto.com/

 Watch some album preview videos on www.TheRelayRips.com
 The Relay Rips perform upbeat & horn fuelled- folk rock,skiffle-punk, country-soul & rock n roll.
 The Relay Rips are having a launch party to celebrate the release of Clementine Valentine. Friday 14th September at The Grain Barge, Bristol, UK
Be There or Be Square Daddio. ND xx
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