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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Pale Grunge

Now that Winter is really starting kick in here in the UK, I am loving my cuddly oversized jumper worn layered over dresses. I find I am wearing the cuddly jumper so much that I would actually like another one, this comes from a girl who has been a devotee of the oversized cardigan for many years and not even considered the versatility of the oversized jumper, until now.....Layered over anything the oversized jumper just keeps on giving, it gives a new life to a dress which is now pretty much turned into a new skirt with the oversized jumper for company, midis, maxis, jeans, the possibilities are endless. BTW when I say oversized, I don't mean one size up, I mean many sizes up, can you wear it as a dress? Is it swamping you? That's what you are after, no fitted jumpers please!!! 
I am not saying that I will no longer wear an oversized cardigan, the upside of the oversized cardigan was that you could still see the outfit worn beneath the cardigan, which is good but it still let the cold in didn't it?? Not the oversized jumper! Big, warm and cuddly. I love my oversized jumper!! Stand aside oversized cardigans. It's the reign over the jumper! Get yours now!

Oversized Jumper from Primark (they have a massive selection, get yours in the biggest size possible) , Denim Slip Dress (worn underneath) from Topshop, Shoes from Converse.

Thanks for joining me today fashionistas, see you again very soon for more fashion fun. To get your daily No Debutante fix follow me on all social media including Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook & Tumblr.

ND xx

Monday, 24 November 2014

Smock And Roll

We all know that No Debutante has an obsession for Smock dresses at the moment, especially those wonderfully oversized smocks from my new favourite shop The White Pepper. Well, guess what I've been wearing lately?? Here's a couple of ways I have worn my smock dresses from The White Pepper in the past week, think 1990s indie girl Vs 1960s Dolly.

The first polka-dot smock dress is worn with the vintage denim jacket, contrasting red ankle socks and creepers. I wore this look to work and it was a surprising big hit on Instagram too, thanks to all my likers! 

The second plaid smock dress was worn last Friday night at my club night Bang, I wore it with my lovely black kimono, creepers and polka dot frilly ankle socks. I like to boy things up a bit mixing cute girlie items with creeper shoes, it sounds like a tough look but this look is more cute than tough with the frilly ankle socks just adding to the cuteness! Kawaii!!! 
Which is your favourite look?

All clothing from The White Pepper, Urban Outfitters, Topshop and Underground.

Thanks for checking in fashionistas, see you again tomorrow for more fashion fun!

ND xx 

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Girls Gone Wild.......Nineties Inspired T-shirts and Denims

A look that was popular with No Debutante last week was t-shirts and denims, mainly skate or surf labelled t-shirts worn with a bit of nineties denim. 

The first outfit inspired by nineties layering and the BMX sports wear inspired Marc By Marc Jacobs collection (see last image below) by the street style queens Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley. Worn with a skinny long sleeve tee underneath my Vision Streetwear tee and the very nineties inspired short a-line denim skirt, platform ankle boots and braided hair to finish the look. A very No Debutante take on the look I'm sure you'll agree! 
Don't follow.....Get inspired people!

The second outfit also screams the nineties with an oversize Maui tee worn untucked over my tapered Mom jeans with spotty ankle socks, creeper shoes and a grungey oversized cardigan layered over the top. This is more of an androgynous look that anyone can rock despite the oversized and unfitted nature of the outfit.

Platform ankle boots and creeper heeled shoes were massive in the early nineties and it looks like they are here to stay for the next couple of seasons......an investment well worth making for this Winter!!! Plus for any of you who are still rocking skinny jeans and god forbid jeggings please put them aside and reach for the tapered jeans, boyfriend jeans and 1950s style jeans, wear them on or above the waist and turned up at the hem. Don't be afraid, they are more flattering than you think!

All clothing from Vision Streetwear, Topshop, Underground at Office and Primark.

All images by No Debutante except the last image from the Marc By Marc Jacobs AW 2014 collection, sourced from Dazeddigital.com on Pinterest.  

Thanks for checking in with No Debutante today, see you all again soon for some more fashionista fun xx


Monday, 17 November 2014

Modern Vintage Meets Autumn Layering

Check out how I have moved Modern Vintage into the colder months with Autumnal layers and a mash up of a plaid circle midi skirt, a khaki bomber jacket, plimsoll creeper boots and a bright yellow new wave band tee worn with cute braids in my blue hair. A true No Debutante mash up of Modern vintage style for the autumn! Wrap up but don't lose your style beneath coats and layers this winter. Good luck, it is a challenge to achieve this xx

All clothing from Topshop, 8ball.com and Primark.

Hope you are all enjoying the new fashion season, I love the transition between fashion seasons, it always means a new look and inspires new ways to wear your old wardrobe in a new way! Get inspired! Thanks for reading fashionistas.

ND xx

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Celebrity Skin

Today's personal style post seemed to be lacking usable images so I thought I'd try something new here at the No Debutante blog and mix my personal style images with similar style fashion images (all collected on my Pinterest boards) from recent fashion shoots and style icons. 
My look today is Grunge inspired, a plaid shirt and some denim cut offs with my blue hair in braids, a classic grunge look you may say but the grunge images I have chosen to complement today's personal style outfit are all very different. Some are true grunge images from the 1990s featuring the Queen of Grunge Courtney Love and Liv Tyler and some are contemporary grunge inspired fashion images from my Pinterest fashion board including fashion shoots from my new favourite shop The White Pepper (of course) and the contemporary thrift grunge champion Mind the Mustard (whom featured on the No Debutante blog last year as an inspiring grunge muse). The Grunge look for girls isn't just plaid shirts, long hair and Dr Martens, it is a style, not an item of clothing. For me, as a nineties teenager grunge was a mix of subcultures including Riot Grrrl, Rock chick, boho, Indie kid and punk, where anything goes except perfection and polished looks. If you are a perfection and polished grunge girl something has gone very wrong and you have probably missed the point entirely. Grunge does not have a uniform, the only thing that should remain is the nineties influence as this is where it all began. Check out the following images from some of my most recent Pinterest hoardings to see what I mean. 

All images from thewhitepepper.com, starfetti.tumblr.com, fashiongonerogue.com, little-touble-grrrl.tumblt.com, lookbook.nu/mindthemustard, fashiongrunge.com.

Thanks for joining me today fashionistas see you soon for more No Debutante fun!

 ND xx

Monday, 10 November 2014

Back To Life....

Hey hey Fashionistas! Today's outfit is a transitional summer into Autumn look, I think I have finally let summer go but it did take me a long while this year, which I am happy about since I despise the winter months! Despite my hatred of all things cold and wintry, I am rather partial to jackets and coats. I would say I have a problem with them, faux furs, bombers, duffel coats, military jackets, kimonos, denim jackets, I actually miss my faux fur jackets during the summer months....yep, I definitely have a problem! 
Today's jacket of choice is the bomber jacket, warm enough to wear with thin layers underneath during the transitional weather but big enough to layer up with comfy knits for the winter. You would be right in saying that I am indeed wearing a crop top on an autumnal day, let's face it those days are limited now as winter creeps in so I shall just keep wearing them until it is too cold!
 I have paired my bomber and crop tops with my Topshop Mom jeans and my new favourite platform boots to make the look a bit less tomboy. It's a very early 90s look with a 60s inspired bouffant in my hair to mix things up a bit....a usual No Debutante fashion mash up you might say but sixties hairstyles were quite influential in the early 1990s, which then progressed into more of a 1970s influence by the mid 1990s. 
Its funny how all things in fashion seem to follow the same loop, now the 90s has made it's first come back whilst there was already a big 1950s happening, I'd say I was back to square one again with the early 1990s looks mixed with sixties inspirations, it must mean only one thing....The 1970s Vs Britpop tomboy is on the return. Confused? You will be....

All clothing from Topshop and Primark.

Thanks for checking in fashionistas, see you again tomorrow for more fashion fun and frolics. For daily updates and antiques follow No Debutante on Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter.

ND xx

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Rock Lobster

Here's the first glimpse of my latest mermaid hair colour with it's blue and green sections that have since merged together to create a full on mermaid inspired colour explosion!

What better to wear with my mermaid locks than a blue crop top, denim cut offs and a tasselled Kimono worn with rockabilly ankle socks and creepers. 
I had chosen to wear my hair down on this occasion to show off the full colour effect. Thanks to the marvellous Vikki Mac for her creative skills as my hair stylist, you rock! 

I am loving my Urban Outfitters kimono and want to wear it every day, it will be ruined by next summer at this rate since delicate silky garments, kids and a busy lifestyle don't really mix! Never save things for best I say, or you'll never wear them! How can you have a favourite dress that you never wear?? Don't wait for an occasion to wear it, make everyday the occasion to wear it!

Hair by Vikki Mac
All clothing from  Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Underground and vintage finds. 

Catch you all very soon fashionistas for more fashion fun, thanks for reading and following!

ND xx

Monday, 3 November 2014

All The Leaves Are Brown.....

As we slowly creep into Autumn, despite the mildest October here in the UK ever, it is time to adorn your jackets and coats and to start layering up for the colder months ahead. I have slowly been allowing my winter wardrobe to creep back in with oversized layering being at the top of my list! Since the 1990s are back in full swing, it's time to start layering dresses over jeans and, well, everything!

Today I am wearing my Topshop smock dress over my Mom jeans (also Topshop) with my lovely platform ankle boots showing just an inch of skin between my boots and the turn ups on my Mom jeans. It's quite a casual look for me not too fash clash or avant garde street style...Don't worry, I imagine I shall be up to my usual fash clash fashionista tricks in the next post, you will get to see my freshly coloured mermaid hair too. Get layering people, the big freeze is a-comin'.

Thanks for checking in fashionistas I shall be back very soon with some more fashion fun! Check out No Debutante on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and tumblr to see what I am up to on a daily bases. 

ND xx
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