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Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Two worlds collide

For those who haven't been following the No Debutante antics over the past few weeks on social media, this is a quick catch up covering the side of Love Saves the Day that doesn't feature in my articles as fashion editor for Bristol 24/7

Here's some moments of friends and fun that happened at Loves Saves The Day festival here in Bristol, alongside a gig with my band Mono Dots for the M32 Skate Jam after party at The Chelsea Inn, that I managed to squeeze in between the two day event! Phew! It's been a busy one, but that's how we like it! Find out what happens when my two worlds collide!

 Love Saves The Day 2019

Hanging out with our festival faves The Fashpack including the lovely Joh Rindom from That Thing and the hilarious Zoe Zedhead, plus the No Debutante partner in crime, sister fashionista, " I only exist in this realm" Rachael. 

The No Debutante chosen outfit for the Saturday was this amazing pair of Lucy and Yak X Emotional Waterfall dungarees which are just the comfiest thing ever, worn with a crop top on this gloriously sunny day at LSTD. 

Getting my glitter did by Zoe Zedhead and hanging with independent designers Pluma and Balulu! I acquired the sun visor after a few large rum cocktails but it seems to match nicely with my Zedhead pom-pom earrings!

The No Debutante LSTD Sunday outfit (above left) features my fave catsuit by Mannerswear, a bumbag purchased at the festival by Butchi and Gosmos, the antique kimono given to me by an elderly neighbour - who thought I might wear it - (Thank you Mary!) and my lovely new XL tassel earrings by the brilliant Bristol designer, Dakota Rae Dust that arrived just in time for the weekend!

Love these girls!

A couple of amusing shots from the Sunday including Zoe Headhead and NOT Idris Elba and Rachael with the tallest, most fabulous drag queen at LSTD coming in at 7' 2"  (well, she was wearing ridiculously high platforms). 

The M32 Skate Jam After party gig at The Chelsea Inn (Saturday Night)

Rocking those festival vibes in a punk mash-up with my band Mono Dots at The Cheslea Inn at the M32 Skate Jam after party, where local skaters had come together to raise money for the skate park underneath the M32, here in Bristol. 

The Los Savages  - an awesome surf-skate band of goofballs that features Mr Debutante on trumpet.

My new favourite band Tropical Nightmare!!! A- MAZING! 


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