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Monday, 30 June 2014

Rock'n' Roll High School

I have just spent a fantastic weekend in London with some of my bestest friends and after managing to take six hours to get back to Bristol late yesterday afternoon and falling asleep by 8pm last night, I have now landed back to Earth with a bump on the kid fuelled school run this morning followed by shopping for my son Lucian's 10th birthday party for next weekend and baking him a cake for his actual birthday tomorrow! Phew! I need to go back to sleep and I haven't even had my run, wrapped his presents or ordered the shopping delivery! (You didnt think I actually took my three kids to the supermarket did you?) That's the only thing about great weekends the reality of the week is harder to deal with!

Let's look at today's personal style photographs, I always find time for a bit of blogging! It's all about the circle cut midi skirt again today. I am really comfortable wearing my circle skirts these days, so here are three ways I have worn mine over the past few weeks. There is definately a theme with midis and tucked in tshirts for me but I also like to wear crop vests or sleeveless shirts tied at the waist . Ankle socks obligitory! Which do you prefer out of these three looks (in order) Rock' n ' Roller, High School Hop or Geek Chic?

All clothing from Topshop, Vivien of Holloway, Primark and Converse. 

Thanks for following and I shall hopefully be back with you tomorrow for more No Debutante, Fashionista fun!

ND xx

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Denim Daze

I wear a lot of denim in every guise, here are few recent personal style pics of some of my denim favourites.......Of course my dungarees are in this post! Dungarees are super cool in the summer worn with a vest top and sandals or layered up with jackets and tees. I have had this denim waistcoat for years and I love wearing it layered over dresses. I do own other dresses, this one just seems to be a favourite at the moment! In fact, I wore a lovely new dress today which will make it's debut on Instagram and my facebook page over the next few days! Please could I take this moment to direct you over to my No Debutante Facebook page and to follow me on Instagram for daily fashion updates! Please follow me if you like what you see!

 All clothing from Topshop, Primark, Maui & H&M

Thanks for checking in, back very soon fashionistas!

ND xx

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Going Underground

I am really looking forward to the weekend, nope, I'm not lucky enough to be going to Glastonbury Festival but I am really looking forward to seeing some of my bestest friends in London. It's a ladies only, kids free, day and night of fun and to be honest, things will get messy. I cannot wait!! 

Today's post is inspired by my fun filled weekend which is rapidly approaching. Here are a couple of outfits I have worn out lately, yes, actually going out for drinks and that, with grown ups.

I wore the first outfit to a double whammy night out where I firstly attended my friends 40th Birthday Bash which unfortunately clashed with my club night Bang, needless to say I was rather worse for wear when I turned up to Bang and had to DJ straight away so I didn't manage to get any decent photographs of my preppy, modern vintage 1950s inspired outfit. We will make do with the photographs taken (very quickly) at home while I rushed to get ready for party no.1! 

The second outfit was worn to a wedding reception and again has a rockabilly modern vintage look about it. I really like this dress from Zara but there is a fault in the zip which means I need help zipping it up which puts me off it a bit. The deep cut back does show off my tattoo though and the dress has pockets which always pleases me!  I am not happy with the way the hotel carpets are clashing with my outfit. 

Which outfit is your favourite Modern Vintage Preppy or Rockabilly Wedding?

All clothing from Vivien of Holloway,Zara, Primark and New Look.

Thank you for reading. I shall be back very soon with more personal style, fashion obsessions and fashionista fun.

ND xx

Monday, 23 June 2014

You've Torn Your Dress....You're Face Is A Mess..

Hey Hey Fashionistas! Summer has finally come to stay here in the UK, it's real hot and I am loving it!! I am loving the freedom of being able to wear shorts and dresses without tights, this is a massive thing here in the UK as we are never sure if the sunshine is actually going to come during our summer months, luckily for the past couple of years it decided it would show up and hang around for a bit.

Today's personal style pics are from a month ago when it was still, very much, tights wearing weather, what a difference a month can make! I am wearing my lovely warm 80 denier tights with, a dress that just keeps on giving, my swallow print shirt dress from H&M. It's a practical little dress that still (after 4 years) looks cool dressed up or down.

The first outfit features the plaid shirt again! I really love this shirt don't I? Layered up over the H&M dress with red Converse and a lovely flower in my quiffed updo hair an easy but effective look to pull off I think. 

The second look mixes colour blocking and a 1920s inspired hairdo. I love bright colours and bright coloured tights, I wore them to death a few years back and grew tired of them but now I am well involved with the bright tights looks from the 1960s and 70s. The 1920s influenced finger waved hair, is a first for me, it's not perfect finger waving but I thought I'd have a go. Like I said in my last post, there's no harm in trying stuff out. I was pretty impressed with my first attempt. What do you think? It's Modern Vintage daaarling....

Which is your favourite look?

All clothing from H&M, Primark, Topshop and Converse.

Thanks so much for reading, I shall be back tomorrow with more Fashion Fun!

ND xx

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Hey Babe, Your Hair's Alright.....

I can confidently say that I never run out of things to do with my hair. I have a massive collection of hairstyles on my Pinterest Hair Inspirations board so if I ever run out of ideas I check out my latest pins and have a go at the style! The best advice I could give anybody about trying out new hairstyles and updos is......just do it! Nobody knows (or cares for that matter) whether you have done it correctly or neatly, the fact is you've had a go. I can honestly say you will get more compliments for your new look than any cruel remarks, just act confidently and people will just be very complementary, I promise! I think the same thing about fashion styling but that's a whole different story, it's all about the hair today!

Two months ago, I had no idea how to do a french braid / plait, so I am really happy to be able to show you the braids I have managed to create on my own!! I am just loving braids and plaits at the moment for two reasons, one my sista fashionista Selena from Foxtrot Hair fame (check out the Dilly Debutante photo shoot collaboration here for those who missed it) is fantastic at braids and I was lucky enough to have her create some amazing braided styles in my hair which I loved, I am not able to braid around the back of my head yet, plus, I just like other people doing my hair for me! The other inspiration comes from Game of Thrones' Khaleesi's amazing platinum braided styles plus braids and plaits have been all over the catwalks too. I Love Braids!!

The Braids really have pushed aside my rockabilly victory rolls from the past year or so but that doesn't mean I will stop victory rolling my hair up, it just adds to the variety of styles in my hairdo collection, which I love! I have also become more inspired by the 1960s bouffant lately, I have been backcombing my hair for years but having longer hair I am now able to create longer looks with curls and bunches, the possibilities are endless!!

So check out the selection of hair styles and updos from May this year, I have so many different photographs that it looks like a hair post could become a monthly thing. I must apologise that the quality of a couple of the images isn't that great but alot of these pics were taken on the go, at least I had time to do my hair!! Expect flowers, finger waves, Victory rolls, pink hair, blue hair, curls, braids, backcombed bunches, buns, mermaids, quiffs and twists! Phew! All hairstyles by No Debutante. Hair colour by Vikki Mac. Which is your favourite?

See what I can do in a month? Get inspired and start styling up your hair today, practise makes perfect.....but not too perfect please, we are not looking for perfection!

Good Luck and thanks for following fashionistas. Join me very soon for more fashion fun!

ND xx

Monday, 16 June 2014

Be There Or Be Square Daddio.....

This past week has seen me turn a year older, I was showered with lovely gifts including an amazeballs Ashish X Topshop bikini which you probably will never see me wear on my blog as I am not one to strip down and take photographs of myself. Hey, I have had three children and I am approaching 40, I need to keep some things private! I promise to take a few still pics (of the possibly only Ashish item I will ever own) to share with you very soon! I really love Ashish so I am really happy that my lovely husband Phil spoilt me rotten! To help me get my swimsuit body back on track I have started running again. It has been a few years since I have ran but I am using an NHS running App that helps ease you back into it. I think the last time I ran I was extremely hard on myself and it just put me off! Its great to run in the warm weather, it makes you more inspired to do it. Watch this space for a possibly more toned No Debutante! 

Let's check out today's personal style outfits, both feature my Primark plaid shirt, I really have worn it to death and think it is time to purchase a couple more plaid shirts. I love them! 

Here's two different ways I wear my plaid shirt. The first is modern vintage inspired with a long sleeve crop top, Freddies of Pinewood 1940s turned up wide leg jeans, white high tops and cute rockabilly plaits in my hair. The second look is much more grunge inspired with tiny denim cut offs, long slouchy vest tops and those white high tops again! Both different looks, which is your favourite Rockabilly Cute or Grunge Girl?

All clothing from Primark, Freddies of Pinewood and Tatty Devine.

Thanks so much for reading and hello to my new followers. No Debutante shall be back tomorrow with more fashionista fun. Have a great day xx

ND xx

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Primark Sunday Spring / Summer 2014

It's that time of year again when I get a Sunday all to myself to do a big Primark shop for the current season. Today's Primark Sunday is all about shopping for Spring Summer 2014 and it was certainly inspired by a hot, hot summer holiday in Ibiza and surf style.

My obsession of the day was definitely the Maui collaboration with Primark, my husband Phil started off my interest in Maui by asking how Primark were allowed to get away with ripping off Maui, or so he thought, as we drove past the Bristol Primark window display. I had to go and investigate this, so called, Maui ripping off but was pleasantly surprised to find it was indeed a Maui and Primark collaboration! The range is so late 1980s early 1990s beach style, think surf shorts, logos, neon vests and Hawaiian prints mixed with Vision and Stussy retro skate style, I just loved it! I loaded up my Primark bag with everything Maui and tried it all on, managing to cut down the amount of Maui purchases to the ones you will see below. It didn't stop there......I got into the kids dept and there was the coolest range of Maui t-shirts, vest tops and shorts for boys, I had to restrain myself from buying the whole collection so I just got my two sons a Maui top each, we don't want to go around looking like the Maui family. However, I also checked out the mens dept and there were even more Maui items, I have told Phil who is also interested in having a browse, I feel another Maui/ Primark shop coming on.....I have to mention that being a reputable brand you would think that the Maui items would be a bit pricey but I am happy to say it is the opposite. The prices are the same as the usual Primark bargain prices, it really is a brilliant range, go check it out!

I didn't just return home with a bag full of Maui items, I also bought little Sylvie some more of the, cheap as chips, Kawaii print t-shirts, aztec trousers and some flip flops. For myself, as well as the Maui haul, I bought more frilly ankle socks, an aztec bag and two pairs of white shoes. White shoes are everywhere this summer and I thought I'd try out some cheaper versions from Primark. I really love the creeper style high tops, they are so comfy but I am afraid to say the (rather flimsy) white sandals have already become a casualty of the summer and have broken, which was a little disappointing. I really loved the style of the sandals though so it has inspired me to perhaps splash out a little more and get a better quality pair elsewhere! The final garment for myself was a sleeveless monochrome checked shirt. I am loving this shirt and have worn it loads of times already, watch this space for how I wear it! 

In conclusion, I managed to buy all of this for under £100, apart from the broken shoes, it's brilliant value for money! I love Primark!

All clothing from Primark. (above photograph clothing from Primark, H&M and Underground)

Thanks so much for reading and following! 

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ND xx

Monday, 9 June 2014

Maxi, Midi, Mini

I am not restricted to the length of my skirts, Maxi, Midi, Mini, I'll wear them all.

Today's personal style photographs show me wearing a pleated Jersey maxi skirt, a modern vintage circle midi skirt and a short slip dress all great for the spring months here in the UK and very different looks. Which is your favourite?

All clothing from Primark, Vivien of Holloway, Topshop and Converse.

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Thanks you so much for following.

ND xx
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