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Monday, 27 February 2012

My Style Icons - Patricia Arquette in True Romance

It's been a few months since I have mentioned one of my Style Icons so let me introduce the next one, this gorgeous lady isn't actually my Style Icon, it is her on screen character Alabama Whitman from the fantastic 1993 film True Romance.

Where do I begin with True Romance? The name Alabama is cool as for starters, the film is brilliant, Christian Slater is hot as Clarence Worley, the rest of the cast including Christopher Walken and Gary Oldman are legend and to top it off the film is written by Quentin Tarantino!

Patricia Arquette is the cutest, hottest, cool, gorgeous Alabama who has a fantastic southern drawl accent and can I say the best wardobe ever! Which is some achievement since she mainly lives out of a suitcase, which is pretty much missing through most of the film! Oh, and apparently 'she tastes like a peach'.

 The colour palette of Alabama's wardrobe pretty much consists of red, turquoise and pink mixed with animal and polka-dot prints....all my favourites! The styling is half 1950s retro and half 1980s for me, despite the film coming out in the 1990s. I like the way she mixes dressing up and down together with hoodies, leopard print and the sluttiest dresses she can find, topped off with vintage style sunglasses and red lipstick and nails.

I think Alabama had been beaten up here, hence the black eyes......This is just a great shot of one of  the vintage style gypsy tops she wears. I'm not sure I will be wearing sheer tops to reveal my lovely new turquoise bra (which I have already bought in my head) but they do some great versions at my favourite retro boutique Vivien of Holloway - vivienofholloway.com. I love the way Alabama still manages to seem quite sweet and innocent despite being a bit of a whore and actually quite tough!

Aah! Pink leopard print leggings with the turquiose! Love!

A good example of mixing glam leopard print with sportwear here. I love the coat, turn up jeans and baseball boot combo. Very cute. In the film Christian Slater's character Clarence was a massive Elvis fan so he always went for the 1950s styling, bowling shirts seemed to be popular with him, very Americana 1950s style which is massive this season.

Here's Alabama looking her hottest, it must have been very hot that day too since she has chosen to just wear the bra on this occasion. It's a great example of underwear as outwear, I guess. The chemistry between Patricia Arquette and Christian Slater in this film was amazing and totally believable. I fell in love with them too!

This is soooo cute! Clarence has just married Alabama and I am loving her wedding outfit. The leopard print coat worn over the curvacious super sexy red dress (which you obviously can't see here) sheer tights and cute little turq ankle boots! Even her box bag is cute!  Love it!

Watch True Romance tonight and fall in love with Alabama and Clarence all over again! Like I did.


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Fade to Gray

I have started collecting together images from the A/W 2012 collections but still have so much to say about the collections for this S/S, after all this is the season we are approaching. To be honest most of the collections that I have gone for from the A/W collections could all be worn in the Summer too (especially in the cold depths of the UK!) I am loving Jeremy Scott's A/W collection and shall be blogging about him in due course but I really think I have found 'My New Favourite Designer' in Louise Gray. Bright colours, clashing prints, crazy styling and great accessories and  hairstyles every time! So before I show you my favourites from her A/W 2012 collection, I would like to share my favourites from Louise Gray's S/S 2012 Collection..........whilst the baby is sleeping.

Let's start with the hair, pink, curled, braids, Love it! This outfit does have the naive look of a fashion student creation, with it's crazy embellishment on sheer fabrics but that's what gives this piece it's charm. It's playful and a bit punk and reminds me of the garments I used to make for my fashion label Phlem back in the day BC (before children) I will deffo get these early 2000's creations up here soon.!!

The hair is verging on platinum dreads here an area I could get dangerously close to without looking like a white rasta. Loving the bright colours and batik-like clashing prints. The construction of these pieces kind of take a back step with this Louise Gray collection, it's more about the styling and how you wear it. You could get this look by mixing prints on t-shirts and skirts and accessorising with more clashing scarves, well that's what I'll probably do anyway. 

I am really into wearing t-shirts under dresses at the moment. you can do it with any sleeveless dress pretty much, it's very 1990s which is what we're aiming for here. Well for me it's an 80s / 90s mash-up. This mix print dress looks really cute with the little white top underneath and finished off with cute frilly ankle socks and wedge sandels. Love it!

I was going to choose one or two of these images but loved them all so here they are! Lots of mix prints and layering here with tassles, scarves and net fascinators. I am loving the way the hair has been made to look more textured and bigger using bits of ribbon and fabric. I could make my short hair look longer doing this....Well in my head I can, I shall blog it if this plan ever works out!

Here are more versions of the fabric hair extensions, I just love it! It's a little bit grunge (stay away from the 90s Crusty look please - I have been saying this to most Bristol bohemians for the past 10 years, but they ain't listening!...uh-oh maybe they are turning ME into one of them! I need to leave Bristol!) It reminds me of Haysi Fantayzee - a much hated (it seems to my horror) band from the 80s featuring 90s clubber DJ Jeremy Healy - the styling is very similar to this collection anyway. See below.

 We also cannot forget Strawberry Switchblade who were the Queens of big be-ribboned crimped hair...I love them....

Louise Gray I think you are fantastic! I shall attempt to covet you this year . Get layering and clashing kids!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Les fleurs -Will somebody wear me to the fair?

It's all about Flower prints this Spring / Summer, digital florals if you can but any flowers will do, as long as they are bright and you wear them clashed up with other floral prints. Nice! I had a look what's about on the High Street and have chosen my favourites below. Remember you can and should mix up your florals!!! It makes things a bit more interesting so it's not the same old look, like every other Spring Summer season when they say flowers are big. Mix new floral items with your old florals for even more individuality.
 All images courtesy of Topshop.com, newlook.com, vivienofholloway.com and google images.

 Topshop seemed to be the best for florals at the moment, but it is only the start of the new season on the High Street, so there will be more to come as the season progresses.

I love this 1950s bustier style top from Topshop, the bright colours and print are great and it's a slightly more covered up version of the cropped bustier tops that are currently appearing on the High Street, for those who don't want to attempt showing off their torsos.
There is a trick to wearing the new cropped tops though, pair them with highwaisted shorts, jeans and skirts so you are only showing off a tiny bit of your torso rather than your whole midriff. Also that 1990s showing off your midriff thing is still too raw for me to consider even if I did have a flat stomach, which I don't!
 Good old Vivienne of Holloway, my favourite vintage style boutique, never fail to have a dress or skirt available for each season. I love this floral 1950s halter top pencil dress. These dresses are so flattering!!

I know jumpsuits have been doing the rounds for a few years now but I really liked the print on this one from Topshop and they are so practical and can be dressed up or down. This one would look really cute with some Converse for the day and with bright wedges at night. It's really cute. 
Here's a great example of clashing your florals from Topshop's online Look Book, mixing a floral vest and trousers with a leopard print bag. The trousers are very Versace for H&M, I have a close up of them below.
 A great example of digital printing here from Mary Katrantzou from designers at Topshop, this was all over the catwalks in London Fashion week for S/S 2012. I love it!

I found these cute mix print slip ons from New Look. Great for those who don't feel confident enough to mix match their whole outfit. Florals, spots, Leopard print, you can't go wrong! 
Love these limited edition Nike High tops available at Office. These would look great with floral jeans, leggings or a bodycon style dress. 
 Here are the Versace style jeans from Topshop, Great print.

 More skinny floral jeans from Topshop.
 And to finish how about this retro style swimsuit from Topshop ( I told you they have all the florals at the moment! It's so cute! Worn with a headscarf (floral clash of course) and 1950s sunglasses, it's a winner.

Don't wait until the summer is here, start clashing up your florals this weekend, get shopping or mixing up your current florals NOW! Good luck ND xx

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

It's too early for that dress......Post Pregnancy Fashion Dilemmas

It is now two and a half months since I had my lovely little lady Sylvie Belle and I have had many a fashion dilemma since shedding the gigantica belly and waiting for my normal body to come back....will you ever come back? I guess I should count myself lucky that I don't look like Jabba after three pregnancies and I am getting back to my old self even if it is a bit of a slow process. Dieting will never be an option for me, I like food and drink too much and I also can't be arsed!

So, here are some photos of what I have been wearing with any fashion dilemmas explained.

7 weeks post baby body......Think I was going for a bit of a teddy boy look here. I got the aztec style cardigan for Xmas, it's from New Look, the denim shirt I've had for a few years from Topshop, the jeans are my new high waisters from Topshop, I had to get some new jeans,at this point as I was about an inch away from fitting into my old jeans. I'm wearing my Brothel Creepers that I got from Office in the Autumn, I had stopped wearing them when I was pregnant as they didn't flatter my chunky legs! I've paired them with red socks for a cool contrast.

8 weeks post baby - I have to wear separates as I am still breast feeding Sylvie, you don't want to have to reveal your underwear whilst discreetly trying feed in public! I love dresses so I am finding this hard, it wipes out half of my wardrobe! I am actually missing the H&M bodycon dress that drove me mad as my staple garment during pregnancy. Stripey jumper from Topshop and bodycon skirt H&M.

Yey! I got to go out! Sadly not with my husband Phil, but with my pregnancy partner in crime Rudi! I got to wear a dress and everything cos I didn't have to feed. Exciting! I got to curl my hair and paint my nails (which I rarely have time for these days) I finished the hair off with a cute red headscarf. I wore my new Tiger print Topshop dress, aztec cardigan (as before) and long socks over spotty tights with my cute lace up wedges from New Look purchased last year. I didn't get much of a chance to wear these last year as I cannot wear heels when pregnant! I am pretty tall as it is and totally loose balance. I look like Joey Ramone, not in a good way!

  The New Look wedges and spotty tights!

9 weeks PB - Aaaah! The old favourite red batwing hoodie from American Apparel, I feel all cosy just looking at it! Worn with my digital floral print (very on trend darrrrling) tapered jersey trousers from Topshop summer 2011 ( a present for my birthday from Phil, when I was 'up the duff' and needing elastic waisted trousers!) long socks (it's so cold here!) and red Converse low tops.

On the school run here wearing the aztec cardi again over my 'new favourite' American Apparel low cut front dress and leopard print tee from Topshop, legwarmers over tights.I cannot wear socks with these adorable Topshop wedge boots as the heavy wedge pulls them off! It is rather annoying and I can now only wear them with tights!

The reason this American Apparel dress is my 'new favourite' is that firstly it only cost me about £11 in the sale last year and secondly It's a dress I can wear whilst breast feeding as the front is so low! Brilliant!! It's really comfy too which is a bonus!

Going down the androgynous route again, hair quiffed up, that aztec cardi, Super Lovers tee, new topshop jeans and Converse. I could have tidied up before I took the photo but, I've got more important fashiony thing to do!
I'm all about the print here aztec cardi (I shall try not to wear this so much for the next photos....OMG, I'm wearing it now! I'm so predictable!) black vest (to hide stomach and for easy feeding) and my lovely leopard print Topshop trousers that I can finally do up properly! Finished off with quiff, Deirdre Barlow glasses and extra long scarf.

Forgot to mention I got my hair coloured and cut by the lovely Vikki Mac at Angela Gaudi in Bristol, here's a close up of the quiff. I am trying to grow my hair but Vikki Mac always has other ideas. Look what she did to me below, I made her blend the wedge in a bit, I don't want to look like a total freak on the school run! The colour is a new product we are trying out. I usually have my hair toned pink and have been doing it for a few years, It's my Pink Rinse. However the toner sadly doesn't last so long so Vikki tried something new which I must get the name of. The product is actually for black hair to make it shine but it seems to work on blonde as a colour, it's still in my hair now three weeks on! Love it!

 My new leopard print Converse, another present from Phil for Xmas!

That's all I have for now, the next blog post will either be Spring Summer fashion or Syle Icons, I've been busy with Pinterest which also inspires me for more blogging! So much to do, so little time to waste! I'd better go now, it's half term and I've got Mummy things to do. Back soon ND xx

Friday, 10 February 2012

My Current Obsession - Pinterest

I have become totally addicted to Pinterest, it's my new favourite thing! I am obsessed with it and really shouldn't be given anymore encouragement to save down hundreds of images (or Pins as I shall now refer to them) from the web. The great thing about Pinterest is, it credits the source of the image for you, so no more forgetting where I found the image problems for me!

My good friend and fellow blogger Dilly Foxtrot introduced me to Pinterest, I don't know whether to thank her for encouraging this habit or not......I think I will thank her on this occassion as I can now save any images of inspiration onto Pinterest so everyone can see my thought process - which is quicker than my blogging process -  I can then blog about them when I have time!!
Wee Hoo!!
 I love Pinterest!!!

You can follow me on Pinterest by my clicking on the' Follow me on Pinterest' button on the right hand side of my blog, below the 'bloglovin' button. Yes, it's that easy! Even I can do it!

Enjoy and Get Pin'in!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Fred Perry Amy Winehouse Collection- My favourite pieces

Following my Amy Winehouse Style Icon post from back in August 2011 I am now going to post about some of my favourite pieces from the Amy Winehouse collection for Fred Perry. The pieces I have chosen I have had saved down for a while but I actually prefer these ones to the SS12 Collection and I think these pieces really capture her unique style. So, to steal Amy's unique style check out the pieces below and become inspired!! Find the new collection for SS12 here.  www.fredperry.com

I am not sure if this is a cardigan or jumper (since I found the images a while ago) I love the vintage floral embriodery on the red background.

Love the 1950s check shirt, tied at the waist, yellow looks great with the black. very Amy!
 Cute Fred Perry polo shirt (adapted into a halter dress) great colours again and a great mix of sexy / Tomboy. Really like this dress!!!
 Again this sexy halter polo shirt dress is fanatastic, I love red, the print is a little rockabily, a little hawaii and paired with those cute little slip ons, it takes the outfit from sexy to tomboy.
 Another gingham printed piece, great for the summer and paired with this cute head scarf, Amy loved a headscarf didn't she? As do I!
 These little shorts with the floral embroidery are soooo cute, red and highwaisted, all my favourites!!!!
This collection is no longer available on the Fred Perry website but I hope it inspires all you sexy, rockabilly tomboys for this Summer!! I'm all over it!!

This cute image is from the Fred Perry website showcasing the final Amy Winehouse SS12 Collection, please check it out! I realise that Fred Perry items are a little on the expensive side but Fred Perry will be making a donation to The Amy Winehouse Foundation.

We miss you Amy xx

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Meadham Kirchhoff - My favourite collection from SS2012

Now that we are finally approaching Spring, it's time to show you my most favourite Collection for the season. I am late blogging about Spring Summer 2012 comapared to most Fashion bloggers but hey, I am not most fashion bloggers! It's not about being the first for me, I only blog about the things I like (or hate on some occassions) I won't be mentioning every show, every season, just the ones that catch my eye or like the Meadham Kirchhoff SS12 Collection, really excite and inspire me!
 How can I start to big up this collection???  The colours, the styling, the prints........I just love it all. It's completely unwearable for most people but I am loving it and will show how I shall be (attempting to) wearing it this year!
It's 70s retro, 60s dolly bird, Harajuku girl, kitsch, cute and a little bit mad! You can see why I love it!

Teddy bear pockets on a turquoise blue mini skirt anyone? Look at the candy floss hair and fluffy wedges? Love it!
 Not only is this tee super cute but I have a history with this print. The lamb transfer was on my dolls cot when I was little. My Grandad made it for me. I then discovered another dolls cot at Phil's parents house (it was Phil's sister Dawn's dolls cot - not Phil's, incase you were wondering) which was also made by Phil's Grandad, with the same transfer! So much for individuality!!! I guess every cot had the lamb on it in the UK during the 1970s! I love it, just the same!
Oh, and despite me rather disliking slogan tshirts ' Riot Not Diet' is one of my mottos!

 Loving the cardigan with the eyes, I do love a bright cardi and this one is fabulous! Teamed with layers of shorts and bloomers (all my favourites and a new thing to try) big white sunglasses, clashing prints, ridiculous bright doll like make-up and candy coloured hair. I think this collection was just made for me!

Cute shorts and skirts are in this Summer!! Yey!! Get yours in bright colours, clashing prints and textures and team with bright tights or socks. This would be especially useful in the UK where the chances to wear no tights and shorts are very limited due to it always being so bloody cold!

Look at these nails?? Are you looking? LOOK!! Retro prints, Japanese style kitsch prints and cartoon vaginas! (that is what that is, isn't it? )

The images remind me of my childhood (the 1970's half) and are also very 'Antoni and Alison' who were my favourite designers during the 1990s. I had loads of stuff from their shop with these type of retro prints on. I must blog them on here some day. Anyway to see what they have been up to in 2000's look here www.antoniandalison.co.uk I dont think they have updated their site for a while though, which is a shame!

 The little Japanese-esque hearts remind me of Peskimo illustrations and prints. Peskimo are local artists from here in Bristol, I have a few of their prints (which I must blog soon) I am also very lucky to be good friends with Peskimo and my baby girl Sylvie was lucky enough to receive a Knitted Bunny from them as a gift! Thanks Peskimo! find them here www.peskimo.com
 I am very excited about this....These nail wraps are soon to be available by Nail Rock at Topshop for a limited period from Mid February! I am so on it! If i don't get them I will die! Yes, slightly dramatic there but I really want 'em!! They had me on the packaging if I'm honest!

Pinafores with Teddy bear and heart bibs, A-line mini dresses over shirts. Poly Styrene from X-ray Spex (and one of my style icons) would rock this collection, especially this blue dress and check shirt above.

I love the cute kitsch bright knits, tutus, shorts, bloomers.

Pastel fur coats!!!!! I have one of these in candy pink, I made it myself for one of the Hoochie Coochie shows I was DJing at. Again, I need to blog this! The Compare for the night told me I looked like a Glam Muppet....Which I took as a compliment, of course!

As a final image here are the sugar almond Courtney Love dolls! You have to love them! They add a 90's element to a mostly 1960's and 70's styled collection, just to add to the toylike mash up that is the Meadham Kirchhoff Spring Summer 2012 Collection.

Now you see why I love it??
All images are sourced from Google images, I do not make a claim to taking any photographs, I'm sure it is obvious that I didn't. I will credit everyone that I can.

Next blog?? Hmm! Good question, well I have soooo much I want to blog I need to prioritise what I want to put up next, I'm also joining Pinterest which will be more for me to think about, Oooohh! So much to say, so little time! I really should do a catch up with all the things I mention and then say I should blog about. I can't decide now....Watch this space xx

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