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Saturday, 24 May 2014

I Would Go Out Tonight But I Haven't Got a Stitch To Wear.....

Hiya! I've got a few spare moments to share another personal style post with you. What have I been up to lately? Well, my hair stylist Vikki Mac turned me into a mermaid with blue and green hair and today we went for a family trip to a surf shop to kit ourselves out for our next body boarding adventure next week, I have romanticised this as you can only imagine how stressful it was trying on wetsuits on a muggy day with three hungry kids and my husband. After many changes of wetsuits we managed to get everything we needed and I am happy to say there will be no more dodgy wetsuit hiring for this family! Photos of my mermaid hair and the wetsuit family to come soon!

Today's post is inspired by dresses and how I love them, the dresses are both skater style and short and here are the ways I wore 'em! 

I have a habit of tomboying up any look and today I have mixed both the girlie dresses, hair and ankle socks with the boyish creepers and pumps. I do love a pair of coloured tights and loved the way these blue tights looked with my black H&M dress and Topshop pumps, making a change from my usual black tights rut that I seem to get myself into! I also love those polka dot frilly socks from Toppers! Which is your favourite look?

All clothing from Topshop, Miss selfridge, H&M and Underground. 

Thanks for joining me today!! Fashion Fun Forever!


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

My Mom Jeans!

I love my Topshop Mom jeans! They are a slim boyfriend style jean with a higher waist rather than a slouchy boyfriend waist and pretty much tick all my requirements in a pair of jeans. High waist? Tick. Not skinnies? Tick. Can be turned up at hem? Tick. Comfortable fit? Tick. 
If there is one thing I cannot bear it is trousers falling off my arse or anything that creates muffin top, a look due to be a thing of the past, when people who have no business wearing low waisted skinnies stop wearing them and hopefully see the more flattering light of the likes of the Topshop Mom jeans! I guess it would help if people wouldn't insist on wearing a size smaller than they actually are, I really couldn't care what size my clothes are, I keep trying all the sizes on until I get the fit I am looking for. I know  people who refuse to buy a size over a certain size, they have a size limit, which I think is ridiculous. Who is actually looking at the size of your clothes and judging you? I choose to buy the 32" waist Mom jeans which makes these jeans a Size 14 in the UK, my measurements make me a Size 12  but I like to have a slightly looser fit in jeans and these fit me so well!

The Mom jeans are really flattering and are not too snug on the waist so look great with tucked in tops and even crop tops. I love the retro late 1980s / early 1990s look about them, it's refreshing after years of  skinnies and for me a different look from my vintage 1940s/50s jeans, which I still love, of course! I am pleased to see a lot of people (male and female) embracing the Mom style jeans, after the ocean of skinnies, it's been a long time coming!

 All clothing from Topshop, H&M, Primark, Undergound at Office and Tatty Devine.

 Thanks for reading. Join me again soon with more fashionista fabulousness!

ND xx

Monday, 19 May 2014

When I Wake Up In My Make-Up......

Finally summer has arrived and I can leave the house in a pair of shorts and no tights! Whoop! Today's personal style post features outfits from a few weeks back so there shall be no legs on show today! To be honest, those shorts look kinda short, in fact you can't even see them beneath the oversized vest top, perhaps it's best I had the tights on!

I was going for a grunge inspired look with the first outfit, after seeing a nostalgic nineties photograph of Courtney Love and Drew Barrymore. I am wearing my sequined front Jimi Hendrix vest from Primark (as are the barely there shorts) with Dr Martens, Topshop bomber Jacket, a Tatty Devine necklace and pinned back braids in my rainbow hair.

The second outfit is more Rockabilly, with a striped top and floral skater skirt, print clashing it up and worn with frilly socks and Topshop plimsolls. I have also styled my hair into a one sided plait, Rockabilly style, I was so excited when I actually achieved this style as my hair just hasn't been long enough until now, I finished the look off with a quiff and a flower accessory for the full vintage Rockabilly experience.

What's your favourite outfit of the day? Grunge Chic or Rockabilly Print Clash?

Thanks for joining me today, I shall be back tomorrow for more No Debutante fashion moments!

ND xx

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Spring Denim

Denim is massive this summer and I am a denim lover! It really doesn't matter to me whether it's in or out, denim is always in for me. Of course, everybody owns a pair jeans regardless of what the fashion police dictate and most people change their styles of jeans following each trend rather than stopping wearing denim all together. I love anything in denim, jeans are a mere tick on my list of denim obsessions. Denim dresses, jackets, bags, shorts, shirts, I draw the line at denim underwear but I did own a denim bikini once!

Now we have established that pretty much everyone likes denim and I perhaps have a denim problem, let's look at a couple of ways I have been wearing denim this Spring and dream about the summer when denim shorts worn with no tights and denim dungarees worn with a vest top and flip flops are part of my daily wardrobe! Oh Summer, please hurry!

The first look features my Freddies Of Pinewood denim dungarees and is very modern vintage inspired. I had also given myself a small bouffant (at the time I thought it looked massive) and tied my denim blue hair up into a sixties updo.

The second look is more contemporary, if not a little bit 90s Grunge and features my latest denim purchase, a denim slip dress from Topshop, worn layered over a t-shirt with American Apparel tube socks, inspired by 1970s skaters. A definite mix of eras for both looks!

Thanks for reading today or just looking at the images (if that is what you are doing I guess you won't be reading this anyway) well, thanks......I'm happy you could join me.

I shall be back very soon spreading the fashion love.

ND xx

Monday, 12 May 2014

How I Wear......Circle Midi Skirts

Hey Hey! Bloggers and Fashionistas. Hope you had a great weekend? Mine, of course, was rammed with events including a 40th Birthday Party, a wedding party in another city, lots of catching up with old friends and a fun filled time at my club night Bang!! Yes, I am tired but there is always time for a bit of blogging!! 

Today I am sharing my love for Circle Midi Skirts. I have always loved them and for Christmas my lovely husband Phil bought me one from my favourite vintage shop Vivien Of Holloway, which you may have seen me wear on my blog before. Since then I have found a second skirt, this time in tartan and from the Topshop concessions label,Loving Youth. I got it for about £11 in the Topshop Spring sale, MEGA BARGAIN! 

My only dilemma was how I would wear my Circle skirts? I have circle skirt dresses which are very glamorous and 1950s retro but I want to wear my circle skirts during the day too, dressed down. So, in my aim to make all items of clothing work for any occasion, I have Modern Vintaged the Circle Midi Skirt up in a dressed down style. On these occasions my chosen footwear is a trusty ol' pair of Converse with a sleeveless shirt tied at the waist or a crop top, I found this is the best way to emphasis the waist with these Midi Skirt beauties. Do not forget to emphasis the waist! A circle skirt will emphasis the hips and bottom so you need to nip in the waist to make the look more flattering, a tucked in top would work for the less brave! Now go out there and get yourself a Circle Midi skirt, they are all over the high street, so no excuses!

All clothing from Vivien of Holloway, Topshop, H&M, Converse and Primark.

Thanks so much for following and reading my blog and I hope to be back tomorrow with more fashion fun!

ND xx

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Modern Vintage Denim

The Bank Holiday weekend has put me all off kilter with my blogging. My husband Phil is out at band practise and usually a Wednesday night is reserved for a bit of me time after a busy day back at work (Wednesday is my Monday and also my most manic day at work) but then I realised I had only blogged once this week and with a very big weekend ahead - Djing at my club night Bang AND a wedding party to attend in another city the following day (whilst juggling children might I add) - there is not a chance I will get to blog again until next Monday! Phew! 

Here it is then, the final blog post of the week from No Debutante. As I was filtering through the next set of personal style photographs I realised that my little Sylvie Belle featured in the shots from this particular day and was wearing a lovely bit of modern vintage denim just like her Mummy. So yes, it really is a mother / daughter photo shoot Sylvie is going for the 1970s look whilst I'm rocking a bit of 1940s style. Check out how Sylvie and Me wear Modern Vintage Denim! 

Awww! Sylvie belle you really are a cutie!! 

All clothing from Freddies of Pinewood, Primark, Topshop, Underground, Zara, Next and Little Bird by Jools at Mothercare.
Thanks so much for reading. I shall be back asap with more fashion fun and current obsessions!

ND xx

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

How to wear a shirt No Debutante style!

After a lovely long and busy Bank Holiday I am back with another personal style post. This week I have two sick children  and an obsession with listing items to sell on eBay,  it's free listings weekend and I believe it's healthy to declutter your life and try and make some money out of it! I may have also become obsessed with bidding on vintage toys and, so far, spent more than I make but hopefully all that will change with my mass of items currently available on eBay!! Won't it? 

Today's personal style post feature three ways I wear a shirt.

The first being rockabilly and modern vintage influenced tied at the waist and worn with 1950s jeans and a victory roll.

The second a more minimal look with the sleeveless denim shirt buttoned all the way up and practically worn as a (very short) dress with creepers.

The third look is more grunge influenced with a nod to the western cowboy look, unfortunately the full body shots were too dark to use, but I think you get the picture. 

All looks finished off with my freshly coloured pink and blue hair that My Little Pony would be jealous of!

All clothing from H&M, Topshop, Vivien of Holloway, Primark, Underground and Tatty Devine

Thanks so much for reading and a big welcome to my new followers xx

No Debutante shall be back tomorrow with more personal style fashion fun!

ND xx
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