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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

No Debutante - Musical Youth

I have had a ridiculously busy day today and in this hot. hot heat, it is not any easy thing to achieve! I went to a Musical Event at my sons school this evening (after lots of picking up and dropping off) I watched my eldest son Lucian (9) play no less than three times, in a small group guitar performance, a cornet duet and a cornet solo where Lucian had personally asked if he could perform the Superman theme tune at the event. I have to say, Lucian rocked it! I am a very proud Mummy!! 

There are three outfits in this post so let's get talking about them.......

Outfit one  - Vintage Americana summer style, I wore this high summer number on a family walk/ bike ride to the city farm, the weather was great and I knew we would boil so it was time for the Vivien of Holloway gingham bustier to come out of hibernation, since it was so hot I turned it up at the hem to make a crop top, I wore it with my vintage denim cut offs, preppy Converse and a pink scarf double wrapped up in my newly coloured pink hair! Thanks Vikki Mac!! I was very excited when I noticed that Vivien of Holloway herself had liked my Instagram photograph (shown below) Thanks Viven!!! I love your vintage garments!!

Outfit two - The surf print vintage style Topshop dress? Again? Yep! I bloody love this dress, it is so flattering and the best summer dress ever!!! 

Outfit three - Maxi love! I managed to change up this outfit three times in one day, all in the name of fashion daaaaarling......I started off with the sleeveless denim shirt tucked in the dress, it looked good until I realised how creased the shirt was in the photographs, with no time to iron the problem out, I popped on a vest and wore the shirt open as a waistcoat. Perfect, I thought but then the day got so hot I had to knot up the vest and make it a crop top, to stop myself looking too white trash I popped the shirt over the cooler outfit for Lucian's Musical Event, I was still boiling but a lady stopped me in the street and told me she loved my summer look which was much appreciated!!
 It really is a kind thing to tell a stranger that you like their style, I think I should do it more, I often think it but worry a person would think I was weird!! Tell someone you don't really know that you like their style tomorrow, see what happens! Will I actually do this? I might do.....

Phew! There's a few No Debutante fashion moments to keep you going, hope you like what you see and thank you for following me!

ND xx

Monday, 15 July 2013

My Month on Instagram

It's been over a month since my last My Month on Instagram post and to be honest it is more of my kids month on Instagram, since I always show you my Instagram photos in my personal style posts. So here are Lucian, Mika and Sylvie in various places and spaces in the UK, you can see how random the weather has been this last month, we start off in coats and end up in flip flops! Guest appearances from Me, Daddy and Grandad.

I love my kids, they rock!!! 

Thanks for reading another personal style post to follow very soon!

ND xx

Saturday, 13 July 2013

No Debutante - Hot Hot Heat

I've been in a bit of  a tomboyish mood the past couple of days wearing t-shirts and jeans or denim cut offs.

So, yesterday to work I wore my Primark RAD crop top, Vivien of Holloway 1950s jeans and Converse with my H&M headscarf  and Tatty Devine necklace - OMG I found the most amazing Tatty Devine necklace on their website, I really want it but it is £295 which is bit out of my price range. Oh Tatty Devine why can't you sponsor my blog and send me your beautiful jewellery??? I will deffo blog the necklace soon, you will love it too, I'm sure, until then I shall obsess over it, like that silk Zara bomber jacket that I still don't own.......

Today I wore my Sonic Youth tee and denim cut offs, I was so hot I couldn't manage anything except flip flops on my feet!! We went on a family trip to see my hair stylist Vikki Mac, the boys and Phil all went for the retro short back and sides cut and you will get to see my hair in the next personal style post! So watch this space!

 Hope you like today's outfits and thanks for following!

ND xx

Thursday, 11 July 2013

No Debutante - Dazed and Confused

So, without a moments hesitation I popped on my denim cut offs and wore them to work bare legs and all! I really shouldn't have worried, there was a freelance journalist wearing sports shorts and vest with a bikini top underneath!! Which even I would consider to be beach wear! It is so hot here in Bristol and there is so much skin on show that nobody cares. This may not be so weird for you guys who live in a warmer climate but us Brits were still wearing coats a few weeks ago!! We are dazed and confused but happy to see the sun! 

Today I bared my midriff in a crop top, my legs were covered by my favourite maxi skirt and to make the outfit less black I broke it up with my sleeveless denim shirt and Topshop leopard print sandals. Both pieces of jewellery from Tatty Devine.
The sun is still out and it is now wine o'clock so less chat and more wine!! Here come the photos!

I forgot to mention the top image of The Specials tee and denim cut offs won an Editors Choice Award on WIWT.com which was pretty cool!! Thank you WIWT!!

Thank you for reading and hello to my new bloglovin' followers!! 

Enjoy the sun!

ND xx

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

No Debutante - Vintage and Victory Rolls

I am getting used to this no tights wearing, I am feeling liberated and went for another bare legged day today! I wore my Topshop vintage Americana style skater dress with its tie front peep hole detail, it's a great summer dress and is one of my favourite purchases of the year along with the pleated black maxi skirt. For my hair I went for a double victory roll worn with the leopard print headscarf, I was pretty happy with the results. In the photographs I am wearing my leopard sandals but I swapped them for my red Converse to make things a bit more casual. This was a popular outfit on Instagram too and gained me five new Followers!! Follow me on Instagram here http://instagram.com/nodebutante# I really do not like to boast about these things but I blogged away for nearly two years with hardly any feedback and I just want people to like my blog on it's own merits, I am not collecting followers like some bloggers seem to do, so I find this a very positive thing and I am really happy people like my outfits!

A quick fashion dilemma - Tomorrow I am going to wear some denim cut offs to work (I often do), my friend Cath wore hers with no tights on Friday and this seemed fine but I think my denim cut offs are even shorter than hers, I really do not want to wear tights!! Dare I reveal my legs in the office?? Find out what I wear very soon!

Thanks for reading and welcome to my new Google+ followers!!

ND xx

Monday, 8 July 2013

No Debutante - Purple Haze

Another scorcher of a day today with more paddling pool action for me and little Sylvie. I braved it on the school run and got my legs out, I wore my rather short H&M skater skirt with my new Primark Coca Cola crop tee and leopard print sandals from Topshop. Since it was hot I tied my hair up into a top knot and wrapped a scarf round my head. I thought I was bearing too much skin for the school run at first but it was so hot, I really didn't consider it when I was there. 

Yesterday for my Primark Sunday holiday shop I wore my black Primark maxi skirt, slowly becoming a summer favourite and, you guessed it, another crop top from New look this time and the summer essential, flip flops. I wore my hair down again too, which do you prefer hair up or down?? Again, I am happy either way!

Look at the amazing early morning haze on the second set of photographs, there were no effects put on these pics even the Instagram one, it really has been fantastic weather here in the UK and it is really getting me in the mood for Ibiza!! I cannot wait!!

Thanks so much for reading and hello to all my new Google+ followers!!

ND xx

Sunday, 7 July 2013

No Debutante - Echo Beach, far away in time.....

I am hot, very, very hot!! Are you? How am I gonna cope in Ibiza when I am barely functioning in this great British heat?? I went to Primark this morning for a quick last minute summer holiday shop, it wasn't that successful but I pretty much now have enough crop tops to last me the rest of my life........After my morning shop I decided, since it was so hot, to get the paddling pool out and surprise the kids, the big surprise was I was getting in, the water was freezing but that was sooo nice!!! A quick massivo congrats to Andy Murray for winning Wimbledon for the UK, we've only been waiting 77 Years........Ave it!!

Today's outfits show two different sides to my fashion persona, the first, worn to work and then the pub on Friday, is my 1950s vintage / rockabilly style, I am wearing my 1950s favourite Vivien of Holloway jeans, a striped tee from Topshop and Converse and have my hair up in one of my various victory roll with headscarf up-do's. The second outfit was worn on a very hot Saturday to my boys school summer fair, I spent most of my time face painting, which if I am honest, I quite enjoyed. I decided I was going to do alternative face painting, my boys and a few others went for the Kiss make up but for some reason no child wanted to be David Bowie/ Aladdin Sane lightening bolted up, which was a shame! My outfit is a little rockabilly I guess with the dungarees but it was definitely more of a grunge/ festival style look. I had fresh washed hair and had let it dry naturally and since there was still a bit of backcombing in there it gave it a bit of texture. It actually felt quite long too! It's the first time since I have grown it that I have worn it loose without any hair grips and I quite liked it! I like both looks. Which one is your favourite? 

Hope you liked today's looks and thanks for reading!! Enjoy the sun!

ND xx

Friday, 5 July 2013

No Debutante - Tomorrow Never Knows

I have found a new dress for the wedding! Yey! I cannot reveal the new dress yet but I will confirm that is is from Miss Selfridge. I was given the heads up to check out the dresses in Miss Selfridge by work mate Cath, after an unsuccessful search in River Island and Zara. I checked out the Miss S website and there seemed to be endless SJP type dresses and I went for a borderline SJP dress myself, expect a skater style skirt, again, honestly, it is may favourite shape at the moment and the dress even had pockets and regular readers will know I seem to have an obsession with a dress or skirt with hidden pockets!! I had no idea that Miss S had got so expensive these days, this dress cost more than the Zara dress, to be honest,  I don't think I have bought anything in Miss Selfridge since 2001! Well, it's back on the No Debutante fashion map!

I also fell in love with a silk bomber jacket in Zara, I think I even blogged about it in my Bomber Jacket post earlier this year, it was in the sale but alas it is still more than I am willing to pay. It is deffo one to keep an eye on the website for, it started at £135 and is now down to £75, more reductions please Zara!! The jacket will be mine!

Today's outfits are from Wednesday and Thursday supposedly my working days but we had a very poorly Sylvie Belle who has a virus and kept me up all of Tuesday night meaning I did not get to work on Weds, I couldn't leave the poor thing. I'm dressed in my Gang of Four Tee and denim cut offs and for a change wore my hidden wedge leopard print high tops. I spent most of the day with a hot baby on my lap! 
On Thurs I was in a monochrome mood with my H&M swallow dress and New Look aztec cardigan and brightened things up with a red belt and Converse and my leopard print headscarf, looking retro rockabilly cool. The Instagram photograph of this outfit got the most likes ever, so I was happy.

Every morning I take my photographs of my chosen outfit using my iphone and new camera tripod (always in a mad rush) and then on the more relaxed bus ride to work I post a chosen image from the mornings shoot onto Instagram. Sometimes the photographs I choose whilst I'm half asleep, with my poor eyesight are blurred but nobody seems to care as they are all (mostly) looking from their iphones too. I like to post a pic everyday to show the world what I have chosen to wear. Nobody judges you (well, not to your face) or seems to mind if the image is a bit blurred, they just like the photograph, if they want to and most of my likes are from complete strangers, it's a great community and I love it. There are actually some lovely people out there in this cynical world!
Best social networking tool ever!!
Follow the link on my blog to find me on Instagram!

 Thank you for reading, I am happy you are there!

ND xx

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

No Debutante - July, she will fly

We have now made it to July's outfits, this year is going very quick but my holiday to Ibiza is not coming quick enough! I cannot wait to get on that plane and step off into the heat of Ibiza, I am very excited!! Anyhoo, I must wait a little while longer until that day comes, so let's have a look at what I have been wearing in July so far.

My first outfit I wore all day on Monday, even when we went out to Atomic Burger for Lucian's family birthday treat. Lucian loves Atomic Burger and since they do make the best burgers in Bristol, we love it too! I was happy with my maxi skirt, crop top and leopard print sandals combo so I didn't need to change to go out and the weather was hot too, so the outfit was perfect.

On Tuesday, I felt like wearing a dress and the weather wasn't too great so tights and my studded ballet pumps completed my outfit, a dress and pumps is a simple outfit but always looks like you have made an effort. I wore my hair  down at the back with a Betty Bang style fringe, which is becoming a favourite look of mine. Hope you like what I wore!

Thanks for following, reading, looking at the photographs and generally checking out my blog!

ND xx
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