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Monday, 27 January 2014

No Debutante - Technicolour Dreamcoats

Today's personal style post shows another of my many fashion persona's, it's not rockabilly, it's not grunge, it's print clash fashion mash up! Yey! Both outfits revolve around my Kuccia bomber jacket from Topshop. I love this jacket and only regret that it has been too cold for me to wear it lately. This jacket has a late 1980s/early 1990s hip-hop into rave look about it. Think Salt'n'Pepa, The Fresh Prince of Bell-Air, Nenah Cherry and an early 1990s all-nighter great British rave and you will find this jacket! My husband Phil wasn't convinced on the jackets greatness and said it looked like a shell suit jacket. To be honest it does a bit, but that doesn't stop me from loving it!
 Kuccia is a fantastic British fashion label and I really should do a post on them soon (I'll get pinning their images straight after I finish this blog post, then it will be logged onto my Pinterest boards and there will be no stopping me!) If you can't wait until then check out the brilliantly colourful and print emblazoned fashion mash up website. http://www.kuccia.com 
 I want everything!!! I love Kuccia!!! 
I cannot wait to get some of their swim wear for my Ibiza holiday and to wear my jacket more as the weather gets warmer. Technicolour and retro sportswear are big this summer so I can definitely add my Kuccia jacket to my new summer 2014 wardrobe. Watch this space for more variations on how I wear technicolour sportswear!

So, check out today's personal style pics, which of course feature my mini me Sylvie Belle, who is randomly dressed a lot like Mummy (in the first photographs) with our black band tees and printed leggings, I'd like to say I did that on purpose, I didn't, but we definitely rock!! 
The second look is more girlie than groupie, there is still a lot of colour and print clashing going on with printed tees and floral skater skirts. I have managed to sneak a bit of rockabilly in with a victory roll and creeper shoes. Nice!

All clothing from Kuccia, Topshop, H&M, Converse, Office,  Underground, Urban Outfitters, Little Bird and Mothercare.

Thanks for following and reading and I shall be back very soon xx

ND xx

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

No Debutante - Personality Crisis

Here are two very different day to day looks from me. The only thing they have in common is my H&M leopard fur. The first look has a playful rockabilly feel to it, with my victory rolled hair, crop tee, Vivien of Holloway vintage cut jeans, ankle socks and Converse. I wore this outfit on a trip to Bath, where I met up with friends and booked my tattoo appointment. It was a good day!
The second outfit is grunge and Saint Laurent AW13 inspired with my cute Peter Pan collar Primark dress, fur and Dr Martens. Rockabilly and grunge are two popular styles for me at the moment, I was about to list a few more of my current fashion personalities but there were too many, plus I have just rediscovered the 1970s again which only adds to my fashion madness, I am definitely a fashionista with a personality crisis and it would be no fun if I wasn't!
Not to be upstaged, my little fashionista Sylvie Belle makes an appearance to show you how she works colour, print clashes, long socks and Hello Kitty Vans. Dressing little girls is much more fun than dressing little boys!

I'm off to get everything ready for work tomorrow, my weekend ends on a Tuesday! Have a good week and thanks for reading xx
ND xx

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Cherry Bomb! Meadham Kirchhoff X Topshop

I seem to have a current obsession for Meadham Kirchhoff's latest collection for Topshop. I have pinned nearly every image from pinterest and have since been lucky enough to receive a few pieces from the collection for myself for Christmas from my gorgeous husband Phil. It seemed only right to do a post on this current obsession and as many of you know I do love a bit of an avant garde, anti-fashion, trashy mash up and Meadham Kitrchhoff  are just brilliant at it!
I would like to point out that this collection has now sold out, just in case you try to get yourself some. I am not generally in the habit of trying to be the first blogger to mention the latest big thing, I just share stuff that I like whether it’s current or from the past and if you do follow me, you already understand this! Basically, like my style, anything could happen in this blog! Remember, you can get inspired by a designer collection and just recreate it using your own wardrobe and a few new accessories, stripey lurex tights, frilly socks, 1970s shirts, crochet and furs and then in true Meadham Kirchhoff inspired style, wear it all at once to massive excess!! Job done!
I love the fun and OTT inspiration behind the latest Topshop and Meadham Kirchhoff collection which was created around the idea of the fictional girl band 'The Cherrys', a group of individual girls with individual styles, invented by the princes of kitsch who ask  'Which Cherry are you? '
After carefully examining The four Cherrys I have come to the conclusion that I am definitely Cherry Pikka who loves colour clashes and fabric mash-ups, she is the most mischievous Cherry who’s off kilter looks break all the rules! In fact I think this is describing me, I am Cherry Pikka! 

The other Cherry’s include Cherry Satanika who is ridiculously rebellious, the leader of the pack and has a naughty but nice style, Cherry Cherie who is rather demure and has a penchant for prints and eye-catching 1970s styles and Cherry Blossom who loves pastels and her novelty cuddly monster scarf (I Want!!) and oozes bitter sweetness, she is the most marshmallow sweet Cherry.
 Which Cherry are you???

The collection itself is a fantastic mix of 1970s granny chic, bohemian styling, Sex Shop punk, pretty pastel fluffiness, baby doll glamour, novelty accessories and glam rock. My favourite pieces include the glittery lurex socks and tights, cherry prints, frilly bloomers, furry bags, all of the novelty platform shoes and  Cherry blossoms amazing Monster scarf!  I regret not trying to get the Monster scarf now but I am lucky enough to own two pairs of the Glam rock stripey lurex tights and the frilly cherry ankle socks, so i cannot complain! Here are few of my favourite images from the collection, plus images of how other including Susie Bubble wear theirs and you might even see a couple of personal style shots of me in mine! Enjoy!

All images courtesy of topshop.com, us.topshop.com and http://instagram.com/nodebutante. 
Phew! That post was a long time coming. I have been living in the house of ill for over a week and we are still all suffering one way or another, I am glad to be slowly emerging back into the land of the living and what a better way to break me back into blogging than with a full on, all blazing, Meadham Kirchhoff post! 
I love Meadham Kirchhoff!! Thanks for the inspiration!
Thank you for reading, I shall be back real soon with my latest personal style post. Have a great week and never tame the fashionista in you!
ND xx

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

No Debutante - The Clash

I like to clash up and mix prints and styles. It's something I have always done, I never buy an item of clothing to go with something else from my wardrobe, I could never be so restricted, to me it seems a bit twee. Even with 1950s styling, which I love and own a lot of fifties pieces, I will still mash up the prints and colour ways even though it seems to go against the 1950s styling rules. I like to wear all of my clothes my way and although I will become inspired by lots of people and looks around me, I always wear things in my organised chaotic way. Which I know confuses some people and delights others which is cool, we are all different.

Today's personal style outfits both include a bit of print clashing and also feature two of my kids, they are a big part of my life after all and are often with me when I take my blog photographs and to feature them every once in a while perhaps makes my blog a little different from the usual fashion blog! What do you think?

The first outfit is a bit grunge and features double denim and tartan with my leopard print fur coat and Dr Martens.
The second outfit is more preppy, with the skater skirt, Breton tee and Converse low tops accessorised with a victory roll.

My eldest son Lucian who features in today's post alongside his little sister Sylvie Belle, is now 9 years old and likes to skate, just like his Daddy. He Rocks!

All clothing from H&M, Primark, Dr Martens, Converse, Vans,  Mothercare & Santa Cruz.

Thanks for joining me and have a great day!

ND xx

Saturday, 4 January 2014

No Debutante - Since Yesterday

So, here's to the first personal style post of  the year, although I am inevitably still playing catch up with all my personal style photographs from the latter end of 2013. You will see me hiding from the rain and photographing myself in the bombsite of what was my kitchen getting it's makeover (a blog post on this to come in 2014) on a quick moment whilst there were no workmen in my house to witness me taking the obligatory personal style shots of myself whilst they stand on in total confusion, wondering why I would do this. Despite me sharing my personal style photographs with the whole world, I do not wish to have the whole world watching me take them! 

The outfits I have chosen to wear for this particular personal style post are quite girlie with a cute little dress and pinafore but there is a slight punk, grunge even a Lolita Gothic element to today's looks with black being the main colour worn in mock leather with Dr Marten boots and my hair worn centre parted and down. I also have my little personal style assistant, soon to be fashionista Sylvie Belle joining me in one of the photoshoots (the rainy day kitchen bombsite one) who, as regular visitors to the No Debutante blog will know,  joins me in my shoots alot, whether I like it or not. As any parents among you will know kids follow you everywhere and want to do what you are doing. Out of my three children, however, Sylvie is the only one who seems interested. She is the cutest little thing, how could I refuse!

All clothing from Primark, Dr Martens, H&M and New Look.

I forgot to say that I am very excited as we have already booked our summer holiday to Ibiza! Whoop! I am already planning my holiday outfits in my head and can I start packing now please? It's only seven months to go....

Thanks for reading and I shall be back soon with more fashionista fun!

ND xx

Thursday, 2 January 2014

G-Star Women's Night

I was invited along to the G-Star Women's night back in the Autumn by the lovely Carmen who is the G-Star ladieswear specialist from the Bristol, UK Flagship store. The event was to promote the ladieswear range and the new slim fit edition jeans and also to encourage more ladies into the Bristol shop which has so far been more popular with the Male Bristol shopper. I have no idea why this is, I guess different areas have different looks and tastes, it may also have something to do with ladies ranges being at the back of the shop, whatever the reasons Carmen and the rest of G-Star Bristol team are determined to change this and make G-Star Women work for Bristol.

The ranges are very military and utilitarian inspired but if you look closer at the ladieswear ranges you will find lots of feminine pieces for the not-so-tomboy types including fitted jackets and skinny jeans. I know that I am currently not a fan of skinny jeans (due to my over wearing of them for the past 13 years) but I love G-star's jackets and shirts and those amazing A-Crotch tapered jeans!!! I picked out a denim skinny jacket to wear at the event but there were loads to choose from, I decided on a jacket that went with the outfit I was wearing which included 1950s jeans, a crop top and Dr Martens, a washed denim skinny jacket seemed the best choice as the colour contrasted with my jeans and had a skinhead inspired style to go with the Docs. Carmen wore top to toe G-star, I loved her shirt with the western inspired ribbon tie and her super skinnies that looked great with killer red heels and Carmen's stunning, androgynous look.

On arrival we were treated to Mohito cocktails and given lipstick make overs from Bare Minerals    and movie style curls and waves courtesy of hair stylists from Sean Hanna Bristol all to the backdrop sound of Bristol's own Dutty Girl/ Dutty Bass super cool lady DJ Dissmiss.
Lot's of ladies were very enthusiastic about getting their make up and hair done and there was a lot of trying on of the G-Star ladieswear ranges going on so hopefully the night was a success for the Bristol G-Star store.

Here's a few photographs I took on the night (and my friend and guest for the night, Sarah helped to get some personal style pics for the blog for me, of course!).

Thanks for the invite Carmen!! Check out the G-Star website here https://www.g-star.com and for more onfo on G-Star check out my last G-Star post here http://no-debutante.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/no-debutante-g-star-bristol.html

Are you looking for bloggers to promote your event and brand?? Drop me a message if you are interested in getting featured and promoted on the No Debutante blog!!

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!!!

ND xx
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