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Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Kids Are Alright Summer 2012

Some days my boys get dressed for the day and I have to say, they look really cool. Obviously I have purchased most of their wardrobe but every now and again they put an outfit together and I actually think 'I never thought of that!' Or they have just added their own quirky style and quite frankly, it rocks! These are a few examples of this and other moments from the boys from this Summer taken at home, at festivals, on holiday and even at the Olympics. I'm sure I will have more images from our Ibiza holiday but I will add them at a later date.....

I love this look that Lucian worked on Goodrington Sands in Brixham, Devon, UK. He had been playing in the sand (see first image) and then when it was time to go he put his shoes and socks on but left his skinny jeans rolled up and randomly pulled the socks really long. I loved it! It's very Meadham Kirchhoff winter 2012 (a collection that is yet to be blogged about on No Debutante).
Ramones tee from Primark, Skinny Jeans from H&M, Pac Man boot socks from Tesco, trainers from Vans

Mega attitude, over sized skate hoodie, skinny jeans and skeleton wellies and face paint? Yes please!
Hooded jacket from Santa Cruz, Skinny jeans as before, Skeleton wellies from John Lewis.

Aaah! Lucian looks really young here!
Blue hooded jacket from Gap Kids, Skate t-shirt from Santa Cruz, red chinos from Primark and stripe socks from H&M

Mika at the Olympics!

Mika appeared one morning wearing this street inspired number, check out the way he chose to wear one strap undone! I used to do that during the very early 1990s when I was about 13. Phil didn't believe that I had not influenced him into doing it. I don't think Phil did dungarees during the early 1990s! Haha!
Babapapa vest top and dungarees both from H&M

I'm very proud to see my little fashion stylists are coming along nicely. Boys, you rock!
Ok, so I guess it makes sense that now you have seen the boys, it's must be time for another Whole Lotta Sylvie post. Watch this space ND xx

Monday, 27 August 2012

It's too early for that dress - Post Pregnancy Fashion Dilemmas Part 12

It's hard to follow my previous- visually stunning - post on Loiuse Gray's Topshop collection with photos (not quite as visually stunning) of me and what I have been wearing in what will be one of my last posts for the Post-Pregnancy Fashion Dilemmas series.
Sylvie is about to turn 9 months over the next week so I have decided any images of me taken from the 28 August will become my style & fashion moments rather than post pregnancy fashion images. I shall have to come up with a new name for the post too.
I have featured a couple of other people in this post and some early pregnancy images of myself, you'll see why in a moment. These photos are all from July this year - yes, I still have a back log of images to post about, but I have been away on my hot Ibiza hols and now need to get through these Summer 2012 images quick, the new Winter season is a-comin'....
This is the outfit I wore to my club night Bang in July. It was the hottest night ever, there was no way I was wearing anything too restrictive. I also had to make the most of wearing summer clothes, we don't see much sun here in the UK.
Neon Pink vesr (customised by me with a side knot) from H&M, the Leather Belt is vintage, denim cut offs customised by me. Name necklace from Tatty Devine.
This is my gorgeous husband Phil, he really did NOT want me to take his photo and blog about him, but I did it anyway, he looked so cute and cool. Here he is rocking the Vintage Americana trend in his Palm tree print short sleeve shirt and vintage fit jeans both from Topman. Cassette belt from Primark, Element sunglasses and Es skate shoes.

 I wish we hadn't cut the feet off of this photo, it would have looked really cute, Fruit Magazine style!! On the plus side, these photos were taken the morning after my club night Bang, just before we went to pick up the kids, we actually look quite good, considering.....
I am wearing black bodycon dress from H&M and Sonic Youth tee from Urban Outfitters.
Here's another person who I made pose for the blog, it's my cousin Claire and she was 18 weeks pregnant here and barely showing, she must be about 26 weeks now I reckon, I am loving the swallow print dress! We were at a family party here, I regret not taking more fashion photos that night, there were many style pic opportunities, unfortunately.......I was hammered....
 I'm always impressed with a pregnant woman in heels, generally your balance is all over the place, it's quite a challenge. I couldn't even dance when I was pregnant with my first son Lucian!!
I thought I would look back through my photo archives to when I was 18 weeks pregnant, I could have sworn I was bigger, I complained enough, I should have been......sorry Phil!
These images are from my first ever blog post!! When I didnt even bother putting make up on (that changed pretty sharpish) I don't remember ever being that skinny, my stomach looks like that now! Ha!

The final images from July 2012
I have taken to tucking in all my big baggy t-shirts into my denim cut offs, you will see more of this in my next post pregnancy blog post.

Gang of Four t-shirt from a present from Phil from 8ball, red sunglasses from H&M, belt and denim cut offs as before. ND xx

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Topshop Fades to Gray

My Favourite designer of the moment is Louise Gray she really has become my current obsession. I'd like to show you her new range for Topshop which I have been dying to post about since I saw the advert for the collection in my Vogue magazine whilst flying to Ibiza two weeks ago...This will also explain my lack of posts lately, I took a well earned, blog free holiday.....Did you also know that I have now been blogging for a year as No Debutante, I was so excited about my holiday I forgot to mention it, well Happy 1st Year Anniversary to me!!
The collection includes bright sequin childlike prints on everything from tshirts to dresses to leggings all to be worn layered up with other prints and textures. It's a punk, pop, mix print clashing mash up and I love it. The prices range from £6.50 (for a glittery nail varnish) up to £200 (for a sequin dress) I realise that it is a designer collection for Topshop and that the cost of a sequined covered dress would be quite high but unfortunately for me £200 for a dress is a little out of my price range. This will not, however, stop me from obsessing over the range and becoming inspired by it and creating a similar look on my more limited budget!! I love Louise Gray's styling and the look is one that I will find easy to covet. I really, really should do a 'How to wear.... on a budget' post. Get inspired!!!
All images courtesy of Topshop.com, catwalkqueen.tv, graziadaily.co.uk and also available on http://pinterest.com/nodebutante/fashion/

Look, it's me djing at the Louise Gray for Topshop launch party!!! Heh heh! Of course, it isn't really me, but even I did a double take at the photo, I had to add it to the blog post. I can only dream of DJing at Louise Gray's launch party, also, it's clearly not me.....I would have played vinyl!
I love it that Louise modelled her own collection for Topshop, who else could have done it any better?? Just look at her!!!  Obviously I love the styling, the blonde punked hair with the childlike little clips and ribbons in, the glittery make up and the randomly applied eyeshadow and nail varnishes, even the bright coloured blue beauty spot. I love you Louise Gray!!!!!! ND xx

Thursday, 9 August 2012

It's too early for that dress - Post Pregnancy Fashion Dilemmas Part 11

This is the second part to the 7 months post pregnancy fashion dilemmas posts, I took a lot of images this month, for once! I have however failed to post short n sweet posts every/every other day, like I said I was going to do, it seems three blog posts a week is my limit at the moment.

 I am pleased to announce that Sylvie now says 'Mumma'! Yey! However, the tone of the way she says Mumma is not like the chirpy, melodic, happy way she sings 'Dada'...Oh no....Sylvie has learnt to say Mumma for one reason only, to get my attention! It's more of a demand if anything, but I shouldn't complain, at least she is saying my name now!

You can tell the weather has finally changed in the UK from the next  set of photographs, I've got sandals on and everything!!

The weather was really humid but it still rained here so at this point I was still in half summer half spring outfits -arms showing legs covered up!
I have sleeked my hair into a short side parting in this pic the wispy sides have not grown properly since I (randomly) shaved them off with my Dad's disposable razor when I was 12, I have been into undercuts for a long time it seems! To conclude, I cannot get those side bits to stay behind my ears for the life of me....it's very annoying!

Dress from Rico at Topshop
I can't actually wear this dress as a dress without wearing leggings underneath, it's so short, my body is really long and the front fastenings open up and show off your pants!! (That's your underwear in the UK for any international followers).

Let's get Physical

I have managed to adapt  the crop top look without revealing any midriff, inspired by American Apparel and the 1980s penchant for aerobic wear. I wear my crop tops over my basic bodycon dresses and layer it up, it creates a new silhouette for me which I like! It is bodycon 80s but made softer with the layering and it conceals the baby belly that secretly still blubbers a bit beneath the clothing!

I have also created crops tops from old vests and tops that I already have, by tying them in a knot at the sides and and twisting up the shoulder straps, the trick is to show off all the layers and to make each layer different on the straps etc.The pink top below was a real cheap, thread bare neon vest that has now been giving a new life!

Black bodycon dress from H&M, Blue crop top from Primark, name necklace from Tatty Devine.

The above pics were taken on my 36th Birthday just before Phil took me and the kids (no babysitters!!) out to my favourite Italian Restaurant in Bristol. I thought I'd dress up for the occasion and wore the  bodycon layering with my wedge boots, that I have only worn twice before, once on Xmas day, they nearly killed me then, I'd just had a baby and didn't have the balance for heels! I also wore them to my cousins 40th in London a few weeks ago but there is no photo evidence as I started drinking really early! Enough said!
I had a great birthday with lots of amazing food, wine and champagne! Mika declared he wanted to go to the Italian restaurant every day for breakfast and that the garlic bread was the best he's ever had! So sweet!
The boots were fine by the way, I just had to concentrate real hard when walking!

Dress as before, Neon vest (customised into a crop top) from H&M, Earrings and Necklace both from Tatty Devine, Cardigan from Primark,  Boots from Office Sale were approx £90 I got them for £20. Whoop!

New leopard mock fur sandals!!
It had taken me until June this year to find the perfect sandals, well here they are, bought them with my birthday money. Right happy!

This top was actually bought as a dress but after the first wash it shrank, even though I followed the wash instructions!! Very annoying! I have been put off buying from this label ever since, which is a shame!
I was on my way to a 5 year olds birthday party (Rock n Roll), it was a very muggy day but I didn't feel like getting the legs out, so a bright backless top, jeans and leopard print sandals seemed like the best thing to keep me cool.

Top (bought as a dress) from Motel at Topshop, Jeans and sandals from Topshop.

Crop n bodycon again! Ignore me though this is all about Sylvie's outfit, it's the white trash, hillbilly, Dexys Midnight Runners (Come on Eileen era) bare chest and dungarees look. Sylvie rocks it!

We were off to watch Sylvie's Daddy play in his band The Relay Rips as part of the annual Bristol Harbour festival, it was the hottest day of the year!!!

Sylvie wears dungarees from H&M Kids

Bright Print Clash

Another hot day and off to the park.......It's the first week of the schools summer holidays, the park was rammed like a bad day in Benidorm! I dressed brightly for the occasion so the kids couldn't lose me.

Neon green vest from and bodycon dress both H&M, Floral leggings by Versace for H&M, Leopard sandals as before.

Hot Summer, Hot Hot summer.....At last...

I finally got a bit of colour.......on my face and...er....arms....a bit patchy some might say...I have fooled you with an almost toned looking (be it very white) torso it was so hot I had to strip off the jeans I had been wearing for these baggy denim cut offs that are also great for hiding my baby podge belly. I have to admit I do look alright and I have pretty much lost all of the baby weight visually, I have not actually weighed myself though, not brave enough I guess. I'm not sure I would venture out of the house dressed like this but for lazing about in my garden it fine.

Top (rolled up into a crop top) from Vivien of Holloway and customised denim cut offs.

I still have a back log of images????? What the?? I think I shall be posting about something different next time, a bit of A/W 2012 fashion perhaps or maybe a style icon? ND XX

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Bang July 2012

I thought it would be a cool idea to show you some of the photographs from my club night Bang -since I had mentioned my next job before blogging would be to put them up on Bang's facebook page. Here's the link again for anyone who'd like to become a Bang fan http://www.facebook.com/bangbristol  (known as Bangers, yeah we did it years before Lady Gaga and her Little Monsters!).

Here a few moments from July 2012 Bang.

Bang is an underground indie club based in Bristol, UK. I have been running Bang since 2003 with my husband Phil and my brother Mike and we strictly play vinyl (with a rare appearance from an ipod every now and again for records we don't own yet) We play 50s, new wave, northern soul, ska, alternative 80s, 60s garage, glam, underground indie and punk.... It’s time to Kick out the Jams………… ND xx

Friday, 3 August 2012

It's too early for that dress.......7 Months Post pregnancy fashion dilemmas

I am sorry for the lack of posts lately, I really am so busy all the time and now it's the summer hols for the kids, I am not getting a quick break to blog during the day - when the boys are usually at school and little Sylvie Belle is having a nap -it just takes me so long to select and crop images before I have even decided what I am going to say on the actual post. I really need to do some extra short 'n' sweet posts to keep the blog updated more often. Here are some more of my style moments for my post pregnancy posts, these images were taken 7 months after Sylvie was born in July this year. The weather was rainy forever here in the UK and then finally, the sun came out....

Quiff week

My hair has been driving me crazy since I have been, very slowly, growing out the much loved undercut, I am now attempting to achieve a cute 1990s britpop bob. Although I can put in the britpop style hair grips I am a long way off from a bob haircut! Boo hoo! In an attempt to style the inbetween hairstyle, the quiff is always a winner.

Check out my cool little dudes above, this was a very difficult photo to achieve as Lucian and Mika seem to have a big problem with standing still!

My Peter Pan collar dress from Primark, Lucian -stripe tee from H&M & red trousers from Primark, Mika - Rock tee from H&M & red hoodie from Primark.

Bright colour & leopard print

Dress from Topshop, cardigan from H&M, red Converse low tops.

1950s Inspired

Dress - Topshop, sunglasses from Asos, necklace from Tatty Devine

Preppy 1950s

Gypsy top & 1950s cut jeans both from Vivien of Holloway

At Home she feels like a Tourist

My lovely husband Phil got me this Gang of Four tee for my birthday from 8ball.com who have a great range of band and rock tshirts. Gang of Four are one of my favourite New Wave bands, I bloody love 'em! I have had several compliments about this tee and I am always hoping that people are not thinking the old cliche 'I bet she has no idea who Gang of Four are.....'

My new dress!

 It's always time for a new dress in my opinion, I picked up this sleeveless shirt style dress with cute swallow print from H&M and paired it with my trusty red belt and headscarf (I got bored of the quiff after a few days....)

I have a second batch of these images so will start putting them up over the next few days, before this I have to choose images from my club night Bang for the facebook page - check it out here www.facebook.com/bangbristol - which was last Friday and was lots of fun and very very hot! Rock'n'Roll! ND xx

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