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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Whole Lotta Sylvie - Part 4 Retro Baby

My lovely Sylvie Belle is about to turn 6 months old! I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone...

Sylvie is still a little one for her age and has just crept up to 15lbs now that she is being weaned. I am quite surprised at the amount of food she eats compared to her (rather greedy, it would seem) brothers. Sylvie eats like a bird and takes a long time to do this, the boys would polish off a pot of carrot puree in seconds demanding pudding after that, Sylvie is much more ladylike and takes her time, she then ruins this ladylike behaviour by refusing (just like her brothers) to be cleaned up afterwards.
 'Don't come near me with that wet kitchen roll Woman!!'

Progress-wise Sylvie is rolling over a treat and attempts to sit up from the laying on her back position, she seems confident that this might actually work. Despite the constant rolling she has no interest in actually sitting up alone and if at all possible would like to be carried around 24 hours a day. I have had to re-learn how to do many things one handed.

This Whole Lotta Sylvie post is a Retro special as it features photos of Sylvie wearing some of my own baby dresses from way back in the 1970s. I love the way the dresses are cut into short smock lengths, giving me a perfect chance to team these vintage dresses with Sylvie's bloomers and tights. Love it! Check out the pastel sweet colours too, Sylvie's totally on-trend coveting Meadham Kirchhoff's SS2012 collection, without the big hair and platforms of course...

All images taken by No Debutante.

Little Sylvie doll wearing pink vintage 1970s baby dress (check out the smocking detail!!!) worn with bloomers and spotty tights.

Lemon yellow vintage 1970s dress with lace details.
Sylvie insisted I put a hair clip in her hair.

This has nothing to do with vintage baby clothes, it's just a really sweet picture of Sylvie and her brother Mika playing together one morning.
Despite the tiredness, Life is sweet....

ND xx

Monday, 21 May 2012

Little Rockers - Termites music video for Dumb Rock

I recently put this music video up on my Facebook page and knew I had to share it on my blog. It was made by my good friend and occassional Bang (my club night) roadie Steve who is also in the band The Relay Rips with my husband Phil. Steve is in another Bristol band (busy man) called The Termites and the music video is to promote their new record Dumb Rock, which is from their latest album that was released on Sink and Stove records 14th May 2012.

The reason I am very excited about the music video is not only because The Termites are great and the record Dumb Rock, well, rocks, there are two little rockers who appear in the video whom I am very proud of. My sons Lucian and Mika were lucky enough to be asked to dance and generally go mad to 'Dumb Rock' wearing a costume of their choice - they chose mixed-up superhero costumes, of course. I can't think of a better way to spend a few hours on a Bank Holiday weekend. I hope you enjoy it like the boys did, they certainly didn't hold back and they are very excited to be in a music video on Youtube, they now think they are famous!

Friday, 18 May 2012

Aye Aye Sailor

I want a tattoo. When I was younger, I can honestly say that I never had the urge to get inked up, I had a few piercings but, I guess, I was probably scared of the pain ( I have a shockingly low pain threshold - god knows how I managed to give birth to 3 kids!) I wisely realised that due to my fickle tastes in...everything....I knew I would soon regret my teenage tattoo when I was still a teenager, let alone when I was older!

I have finally come to a decision that I could, maybe, handle the pain of a small tattoo and have been pondering it over for so long that I am now confident on the style of tattoos that I like, they are retro but classic and mainly inspired by the Godfather of the tattooists himself, Sailor Jerry.

I have been collecting a few images on Pinterest (never lets me down) over the past few months and I would like to share my favourites with you. All tattoo images and more can be viewed on my Tattoo Board on Pinterest here http://pinterest.com/nodebutante/tattoo/ 

I love the vintage style tattoos of roses and hearts and this simple line drawing tattoo of two roses is fantastic. It's pretty basic but I think it gives the rose tattoo a more modern look whilst remaining true to the original, authentic tattoo style. The image was originally pinned by the girl in the photograph and it is her first tattoo, there is a sweet story behind this tattoo, there are two roses for both her parents who recently passed away and the text is in her mothers handwriting, it's pulling on my heart strings and it sure is a great tattoo. http://www.flickr.com/photos/savannahh/5938034277/

These swallow tattoos are amazing! I love the design and the colours are great. I'm also loving the dress, but it's not about that today! I think the problem here would be getting the symmetry right or it could all go very wrong! I'm also thinking pain-wise these tattoos would not be the best for me just yet, not with all the colouring in. Do they call it colouring in? Ha! I'm sure they don't...As I said, I am a tattoo novice!

I do like the idea of having an anchor on my foot, this one looks pretty cool (although I am not loving the girl tattoo on the other foot, it's gone a bit wrong)....I also think a foot tattoo would be painful, wouldn't it? Tattoo from  staygold-dieyoung.tumblr.com

Look at this lovely rockabilly ladys leopard print tattoo, a tattoo sleeve, if you will. I have also been considering a leopard print tattoo since I dressed up as a leopard (as you do) for one of the Hoochie Coochie Kabaret shows that I DJ at. I had used face paint to draw leopard prints sporadically on my face, arms, back and shoulders and I had so may compliments and people saying I should get them done as tattoos, that I am now considering it.  I was quite surprised by the tattooed up bloke who enthusiastically suggested that I get the face leopard prints done....He said I could definitely work it, which he saw as a compliment, I'm not sure my kids would see it that way on the school run!

Here are a few of the original Sailor Jerry tattoos that I love! Swallows and hearts!!!  I could have all of these pretty small somewhere on my body, couldn't I?  I guess I'm thinking on my shoulders or back. I'd love to have one on my wrist but I don't think I'm ready for this quite yet! A friend of mine has a swallow tattoo on her wrist and I think it looks beautiful!

This is my favourite of them all.  Despite their size these swallow tattoos look really delicate and pretty. The image originally came from here http://www.stylecollective.com.au/articles/bridal/tattoo/index.html the site has an article on tattooed brides which is quite interesting. This bride has the best tattoo by a mile!

So, am I going to get a tattoo? I think....I...am! Yey! Now to find out where to get it done locally. Luckily I know an editor of a tattoo magazine so I shall get his advice first! I have added an image below of the leopard print body paint I was talking about earlier, I shall NOT be getting a tattoo anywhere near my face, that is for sure!

Hello children.......I've come to pick you up from school......ND xx

Monday, 14 May 2012

I want..... House of Holland at Asos

Before I even start on all the Autumn Winter 2012 shows that I have been hoarding images for over the past few months, I thought I would continue with more of the Spring Summer 2012 looks that I still haven't given a mention. The next on my list is the House of Holland Spring Summer range that is currently available at Asos. Although I will only be able to afford the tights and socks from the range, I still like to dream and swoon over some of the items! These images have all come from my Pinterest Fashion board via Asos.com.

I love this Tribal style oversized jumpsuit with it's extreme hareem pant cut. It looks so comfortable, I only wish I could afford it, it's currently available in the Asos sale at £300, it was £600! I guess I should stop wishing that all designer stuff at Asos is gonna be loads cheaper than the original designer label price. I have been spoilt by my £25 Versace leggings from H&M, haven't I?

I love this super sized leopard print over water colour greens and purples. It almost looks like a cow hide print on the jumpsuit, it's £550 ( maybe not for me then!) The drop waist maxi dresss is updated for this summer, it's out of stock and was £440 (get over it Emma, it's Henry Holland!) and I do love an oversized T-shirt style dress! £75 and currently out of stock too. (I'm not surprised, I'd love to be wearing it this summer).

I'm not sure the models are is the right choice for these garments, but I guess Asos need to have more commercial models who appeal to a mass market. I'd like to see ID style models wearing these outfits, oh, and me, of course, on the school run!

Now for something I can afford! Check out these lovely hosiery pieces, House of Holland stripey long socks in blue, they are also available in orange, green and pale pink. I love socks and tights, I do like to buy and hoard and sometimes wear them! They're now only £3.50 in the sale. I'm getting them, of course. These Union Jack (flag) tights are cool, worn here with a bit of double denim, they are a bit patriotic though........I'll be more punk inspired when I wear them....I think I could stretch to paying £15 for these beauties!

Hopefully you will see some blog pics of me over the next month with my latest Henry Holland items! ND xx


Thursday, 10 May 2012

It's too early for that dress -Post Pregnancy Fashion Dilemmas - Part 6

It's raining, it's been raining for weeks here in Bristol and it's cold too, so there shall be no bare skin on show or summer sandal wearing for me, this post mostly consists of cardigans and jackets and tights (to keep me warm!). It seems I have been wearing a lot of Tribal looks since my last post, lots of animal prints, safari styles and khaki colours.

My favourite leopard print dress from Topshop (about 3 years ago) and vintage brown leather belt thrifted.

Khaki coat and shorts worn with Sonic Youth tee, grey socks and Red Converse.

Leopard Print Mix Up

I am looking real tired in these photos so it's a good thing they are small. Having a 5 month old baby is taking it's toll on me, she still gets me up in the night and sleep deprivation is not helpful when you're trying to choose what to wear for the day or when you need to use your brain, a little, to write a blog!
Leopard print cardigan from Primark, leopard print top Topshop and Leopard print Converse low tops.

More cardigans and cut off denim shorts. This cardigan is also from Primark.

 Camouflage and lace
I love my camouflage jacket, I've had it for years, it's a wardrobe staple, I'm wearing it here with my lace bodycon dress which is actually the maternity bodycon dress bought for the weddings last summer.
Camouflage jacket - Army surplus store, lace dress - Asos.

Cute little Primark dress and H&M cardigan.

More khaki worn with stripes and the much needed waterproof DM boots!

Khaki poncho jacket - Primark, stripe top  - Topshop worn with basic leggings, long socks and Dr Marten boots.

Phil and I got to go out on our first date night since Sylvie was born, despite the rain and the fact I was accidentally given a meat pie ( I am a vegetarian and ate two mouthfuls before I got to the meat!!!) during our pub meal (who says romance is dead?) We then managed to get (the correct) meal and drinks for free before heading down to another bar on a bus that luckily just turned up when we needed it and then managed to get in free to a local bar to watch some bands as we knew the bloke on the door! I love it when things work out like that! Unfortunately when we got home Phil was rather sick, we blamed the vodka and coke that I made him drink following all those pints of beer but I have since found out there is a sickness bug doing the rounds.....I'm sure Phil still blames the Vodka and coke! Oops!

The outfit I'm wearing is from Vivien of Holloway (if you could only see it beneath the warm layers-damn this weather) The top is a gingham bustier top, I think I blogged it for the Vintage Americana post a few weeks back. The jeans are a new item for VOH they are cut from original 1950s patterns, I had trouble finding the right size for me (my figure is anything but a 1950s shape) but these jeans are so comfortable and make a change from all the skinnies that you still see everywhere! I thought I would accessorise by curling my hair and adding a headscarf (not seen in this pic) and cute ankle socks and Converse low tops. I shall attempt to get a better photo of the jeans for my next post as this pic isn't quite doing them justice.

Did you notice that I have become accustomed to a bit of photo shopping? Oooh check me out....it is a bit embarrassing but I am a total photoshop novice, before this cropping and resizing was my limit! That's how old I am, we didn't have computer lessons in school and if we did it was the whole class sat around one computer......CAD was a new thing when I was at Uni and I have to say it was not really my thing....I'm a fashion designer daaarrrrling, I work with fabrics.....and that...ND xx

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Pinterest Obsession - Shorts & Festival style.

I was amazed to see the latest blog post from my friend and fellow blogger Dilly Foxtrot today, Dilly has posted about Pinterest and how she is obsessed with it - I know that she is as I'm always following her around pinterest re-pinning her pins!! Great minds always think alike they say, well I was, at that moment choosing images from my Pinterest to use for my next blog post about how I am obsessed with pinterest!  I spend more time pinning than blogging these days, so that I have enough images for my blog but never actually use them!?! Check out Dilly's post here, she is saying the same thing except a whole day before me and with different pins and subjects!! There is good reason that we are very good friends!! http://dillyfoxtrot.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/pinterest.html

The pins that I have chosen linked perfectly with my last post about the Dsquared2 ss12 festival inspired collection. It seems I have been collecting a vast number of fashion images of shorts worn with either tights or tube socks and boots. I love shorts and own so many pairs and tights and tube socks likewise. Check out these pins from my Fashion board which currently has no less than 86 followers, I'm very proud to say! Follow this link for more from my Pinterest Fashion board http://pinterest.com/nodebutante/fashion/

Georgia May Jagger in slouchy jumper and American Apparel tube socks looking like she has just stepped off the Dsquared2 catwalk. Can't actually see any shorts but the image just suits! Image
from becauseimaddicted.net. The other reason I love Pinterest for blogging is that it links your pins back to the original blog or site so I don't have to go searching for links for copyright reasons! Makes life easier!

Peter pan collar, high waisted shorts, & red lips. So cute! Image from chictopia.com

Love the low cut dungaree shorts and the skeleton tee. Image from hottopic.com                                      

Lace tights and Docs! Image From weheartit.com

Sweatshirt, shorts and aztec tights! From weheartit.com

Pastel cute. Image from f-a-s-s-h-o-n.tumblr.com     

  Birmingham UK street style - Lovin these street style pins!! Great opaques, ankle socks and brothel creepers on this one! It's a great blog too. Images from thestylekaleidoscope.com
                    High waister denim cut offs and long knitted socks.

Phew! I feel like I have now made good use of all these Pinterest images that I have been randomly collecting for months. I must do this again very soon. I'm off to put some shorts on and pretend it hasn't been constantly raining in the UK since the beginning of April. ND xx

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Hot summer hot, hot summer........

I keep seeing loads of images from Coachella Festival all over fashion blogs and sites and as the British summer festival season approaches, it has reminded me that I had collected images from Ftape.com last November (but never got round to using, as it seems I was otherwise busy having a baby and that) from the DSquared2 SS2012 collection.
The collection is festival inspired for sure and caught my eye with it's layered mix of shorts, jackets, boots and sporty tube socks, all the things I seem to have a liking for. Here are my favourite pieces from the collection which I am hoping to be wearing here in England....if the sun ever comes out. I am longing for bare legs!

Leather jackets, boots and sports socks! Get your sports socks at American Apparel. I have loads of pairs, I love them!

Animal print, denim shorts, tassle bag and yellow tube socks!

A tailored jacket layered over t-shirts and denim with layered tube socks and boots. Don't forget to tie tops around your waist for extra layering (and protection against the cold nights....of course!).

More tassles, tube socks and beer!

It's unlikely I will be going to a festival this year so I shall be wearing this look on camping weekends, my holiday to Ibiza and.....the school run.....oh the glamour! Yo VIP!

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