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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Cut Your Hair

Every now and again we manage to get together as a family and meet up with Vikki Mac for a good ol' family haircut. Lucian and I were just in it for a tidy up but Phil and Mika went for a new look. I thought I would show you the results.

Check out Mika's short hair, he said he wanted it straight, I miss his curls but he looks so grown up and handsome and what about Phil's quiff! He looks so grown up and handsome. Hee hee.... Lucian went for the second world war school boy look with a short back and sides and I'm still trying grow out the undercut, the sides are nearly there, I am aiming for a bob, we'll see if  I manage it. I popped Sylvie on the end as she still has the baby mohawk but it's so long it's started to curl over...we didn't cut her hair. ND xx

Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Kids Are Alright - A Day Out At Toybox Studios

I have realised that I haven't mentioned my son's Lucian and Mika for a while and since we have recently been out on a family trip to Toybox Studios in Bristol, I thought it would be interesting to show you how they've grown and what they have been up to. We were lucky enough to go along and hang out at the recording studios for the afternoon, whilst the Toybox guys were off at ATP (All Tomorrows Parties) - a mini festival for musos and indie kids held at Butlins holiday camp in Minehead, UK. I was, of course, highly jealous that I wasn't at ATP this year too, but if I will go and have another baby......The Toybox guys were actually working but that's not the point, they were there!! 
How did we get to go to Toybox Studios then? Well, Steve, who is the drummer in The Relay Rips, a great band (the best in the world I have heard) my husband Phil plays trumpet, my brother Mike is lead vocals/ guitar and Jake, not related to me in anyway, on saxamaphone(sorry I cannot call it anything else since The Simpsons). Steve has a guitar repair unit at Toybox and also does many other things at Toybox....I imagine...he let us explore the cavernous studios and the boys (Lucian and Mika) got to play along, as percussionists, with The Relay Rips, as they rehearsed. Lucian played Phil's trumpet for a whole song too, which was amazing (his dad has given him cornet lessons since he was big enough to pick the cornet up) both boys had a go on the drums, they were really, very good for beginners, it was pretty impressive! I'd like to thank me for this as I took them both to my club Bang in my belly and used to practise the drums too. Ahem... I think they probably got their musical talent from their Daddy but I like to be more than just the baby growing machine! 
Here are a few photos of the day, taken by the lovely Stevie, thanks for letting us visit!!

Lucian and Mika at Toybox Studios, Bristol, March 2012  -Rock'n'Roll! If it's good enough for PJ Harvey and The Kills, it's good enough for the Ellicott Boys.

The Relay Rips Juniors - This is a more serious band pose, look at the attitude on Lucian! He looks older than 7 years old here and check out Mika's sunglasses on his t-shirt.....Can I just mention, I am not allowed to dress them anymore....what's that all about?? At least I get to buy their clothes....You still need me....

The Relay Rips (with Lucian and Naomi  - Mike's lovely girlfriend,). I had to hang out in another room as the music was too loud for little Sylvie's ears, damn it, I knew I should have got her some of those cute baby headphones you see at festivals.

The Relay Rips are about to release their second album recorded at Toybox Studios, you can also get their first album Oh Touche on  iTunes or Spotify, they are currently making music videos too, I will deffo post about these when I get them. ND xx

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Jeremy Scott V's Bart Simpson

I became very excited when I saw the first few images of Jeremy Scott's Autumn Winter 2012 show from New York Fashion week at the beginning of the year and have tried my hardest to hold back on talking about it, since I still have a million things to say about Spring Summer 2012. Anyhoo, it looks like I may explode if I don't post about another one of those freak and unique shows that has caught my eye and deserves to be spread across my blog!

Jeremy Scott, is a style icon himself, outrageous, cool and the king of street style, magazines  such as ID and Dazed and Confused love to photograph him as much as his collections. It goes without saying his brand should be just as individual as he is and the Autumn Winter 2012 show does not disappoint!
It's bright colours, big graphics and sporty cuts make a lot of the collection more wearable than you may first think. The range, for me, is really late 80's / early 90's inspired with the rave culture being a big influence, this is mixed up with Deee-lite and De La Soul style psychedelic prints and topped off with a bit of Studio 54 V's alien punk glamour (check out the hair). So yes, its a bit of a mish mash which is probably why I love it!

BANG! Straight in there with the Bart Simpson print outfit. A cowl neck cropped jumper (these are appearing a lot  - Rhianna wore one from BOY on Jonathan Ross a few weeks back) with matching hotpants and legwarmers! Love it!

The maxi tube dress making an appearance for yet another season, these are so comfy and easy to wear, really cool for the Summer or layered up with cardigans and jumpers in the winter months.

This is an example of what I would call a psychedelic Deee-Lite style outfit, Lady Miss Kerr -my teen style icon- would rock this outfit and I would have traded my Nike Hightops  to own this dress when I was 14.  I'd wear it to a local rave...... yes I was a baby raver, my Dad used to pick me up in his car afterwards! Ha! Errr...remind me to never tell my kids that story.

 Rainbow coloured shaggy coats, bra tops and high waist skirts, ultra skinny bell bottom trousers ( a 90's favourite), My Pet Monster accessories, shiny platform peep toes and Alien Studio 54 hair! What's not to like here?

Menswear options - Rave style sweatshirts (I think it is actually knitwear) My husband Phil said he would wear the Bart Simpson jumper but I can't see me getting him in those shiny trousers, no matter how skinny a fit they are. (Phil was always rather partial to a pair of skinnies).

OK, it wouldn't be right to not show you the most outrageous pieces from the collection. For the men (above ) it's the stripey long johns with matching hat (My 3 month old Sylvie has a similar outfit) and for the women (below)  it's the Studio 54 dress with the oversized Rainbow Bright unicorn brooch!

As much as I love this collection I am usually looking at ways the collection inspires me and how I can make it a more wearable style for me (I clearly cannot afford designer originals) that Unicorn might get in the way a bit too, don't you think?  Firstly graphic prints can be worn on any sweatshirts, t-shirts and knitwear, the trend for bold hair colour will continue to get brighter ( pastel and bright coloured hair is trending big time on Pinterest at the moment). Maxi tube dresses are still available everywhere this Summer, psychedelic prints are too not forgetting your vintage options (get thrifting), shiny trousers are best from American Apparel and add a flowing Studio 54 style dress (yet to be sourced) and peeptoe glittery platforms and you're there. I will, of course be joining in with a bit of hair crimping and a smaller Unicorn brooch perhaps or similar kitsch style version from Tatty Devine, yes, that would finish off the look...........well, that's how I'd do it....if only I could afford the Jeremy Scott originals....ND xx

All images sourced from highsnobette.com, homotography.blogspot.co.uk, www.fashioncraz.com. Find these images and more on http://pinterest.com/nodebutante/fashion/

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Bang - Nearly 10 years of outfits - A DJ has to look good! Part 1

I was very excited to return to DJ at my new favourite club Bang last Friday. Bang is my club night that I put on with my husband Phil and my brother Mike and it's been going for a whopping nine years (yes, I have managed to have three kids in that time).
 I haven't been at Bang since last August for one reason or another, the main one being pregnant and feeling ill.
I wanted to show y'all what I wore on Friday but thought it might be fun to show you some older Bang fashion moments too, so you can see what I used to look like.
 This set are from the last 5 years I reckon but my husband is currently searching hard drives and Cd's for all our old Bang photos, good luck with that Phil!

I reckon this one is from 2007 when Bang was still upstairs at the old rock club The Hatchet in Bristol, great venue, ran by idiots....enough said....I am dancing in this photo and do look a bit mad but check out the orange eye shadow and nails? I'm wearing a 60s style shift dress that I made about 10 years ago out of Ikea curtain fabric. A friend on the night said I looked like an Alien Go-Go dancer, which I, of course, took as a compliment! The dress always got a lot of compliments actually.
I'm going to find it.

2009 - I know that because I wore this River Island jumpsuit on my honeymoon to Japan. Looks like this is where the pink rinses in my hair started, it's very subtle, but it's there, years before everyone else got pink hair! Check me out....ha!

The three photos above were taken on Bang's 8th Birthday party by a photographer from Bristol Magazine Nitelife, god, that boy got in everyone's way when they were dancing but he did manage to get some amazing shots! When I take photos at Bang I worry I'm annoying people too much and don't wanna interrupt them mid dancing! People tend to leap about alot at Bang, you see. This was our first night at Bang's new home The Big Chill Bar in Bristol and it was truly rammed!

Me and my friend Knitted Nicky (loves a bit of knitwear, actually she is made of wool) an example of people leaping about at Bang. Love Nicky's cute little outfit, I've gone for a harsher punk look here it seems.

Smartened myself up a bit here in a cropped jacket, no less! The leopard print jumpsuit is tiny though so that slutted the outfit up a bit. I became obsessed with curling my hair (with my babyliss curling wand) that year, as you will see. Look at the geisha girl blusher too, whooooaa!

Lovin this playsuit from Topshop, I wore it to death.

A more laid back look this time in my favourite Xray Spex XL t-shirt and probably bloomers ( not seen...unfortunately) Hair getting bigger.

2011 - I was 12 weeks pregnant with Sylvie here, wish my waist was that small now! Looks like I've just played a bit of The Fall.....Theme from Sparta FC...I love it!

Here's me back at Bang in a bit of animal print, of course! Slightly odd photos and still carrying some baby podge, but I had to complete this post! I'm playing B52s - Rock Lobster, I'm happy!

I will put up the first 5 years photos as soon as we find them, expect lots of handmade creations from my old fashion label Phlem, Why was it called Phlem? That's another story....ND xx

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Peplums - Work That Skirt!

Peplums.... Worn the wrong way can borderline middle aged mother of the bride Circa 1984 but get it right and you shall achieve retro cool. Getting it right? That's the problem.

Peplums were originally pretty big in the demure 1940s and then had a bad taste polyester suit return during the 1980s. Despite the amount of fashion crimes involving Peplums that I witnessed as a child during the 1980s there are some styles that are super cool.
Oh God, I'm having more Peplum flashbacks, I'm also visualising them on the older female characters on The Cosby Show and early Fresh Prince of Bel air...or were they old? Hilary Banks for example....now she worked her Peplum but still, for me, managed to look at least 10 years older than she was.....wanting to look more grown-up, power suits and that, can age a person......you get the idea.

So whether you are going for the 1940s style Peplum or revisiting the 1980s the idea is to let the Peplum flatter your shape - giving the illusion of a smaller waist or making boy hips (hello Me) look more curvy, the hourglass figure is what we are trying to achieve here, all nipped in and pushed out in the right places. You don't want to highlight areas on your body that you are not happy with, get it right and there is a peplum for everyone....probably....I'm not gonna take my research any further than this...What I am trying to say is don't age yourself by making the wrong peplum choice and end up mother of the bride rather than retro cool.
Here's some Peplums that I quite like, believe me this was hard, I didn't realise there were any peplums that I quite liked!

These Peplums above are two contrasting versions from the A/W 2011 shows, the (top) bright and exaggerated version from Giambattista Valli, I'm loving the colours on this one and the sheer size of the peplum! Above the skinny black and sheer polka dot style from Stella McCartney would definitely be more flattering in black but I think I'll go for the colour option, despite Stella's polka-dots beckoning me in. 

Now I am not inlove with all of these versions but I thought I'd put them all up to explain why.....I am loving the first black peplum in silk worn with the stripey top, it looks very chic and cool. The second is quite cute in pink, the third in blue, I am not really feeling the feathers - is that what they are? -  although I like the idea of using other materials for peplums or just wearing them in a different way. The Forth white dress is killing me...Hello Krystle Carrington, it couldn't be anymore Dynasty could it? I am usually a lover of 80s fashion but I don't want to look like a Middle-aged woman from the 1980s, I don't care how fabulous Alexis was!!

Above are two demure 1940s inspired versions from my fave Vivien of Holloway, they have more of a peplum detail rather than an actual peplum but it shows you other options if you're not going for the full on peplum.

This skirt ( I originally thought it was a dress) has been inspired by the 1980s with its bodycon mini style and satin look peplum, it's from Quontum at Asos and there are various versions including dresses available and currently all in the sale, which is a bonus. I have a bodycon dress from Quontum they use great quality fabrics for bodycon! I might have to buy myself this, it's growing on me and lycra is still my friend until my normal waist comes back.

How about this for a modern take on the peplum dress? It's a Louise Amstrup Printed Dress available at Asos, it isn't cheap but it's cool. It incorporates a peplum with digital prints, that's two trends in one. Yey! It also inspires me to perhaps try out a bit of layering with oversized t-shirts and floaty mini skirts currently in my wardrobe to create this silhouette for myself. You try it too! I'm full of confidence about this aren't I? If I don't ever blog an image of  my home styled peplum, you know it went wrong!

Here's another idea to create your own peplum, I have chosen this cute gypsy top from Vivien of Holloway but I reckon any top or t-shirt will do as long as it is long enough. Just whack a belt around your waist and ta-da! Instant Peplum!

All images are sourced from Vivienofholloway.com, Victoriawolf.com, thefashionspot.com, asos.com and are available with links on my Pinterest Boards http://pinterest.com/nodebutante/ 
Happy Peplums!

Monday, 5 March 2012

It's too early for that dress......Post Pregnancy Fashion Dilemmas - Part 2

The sun is shining and Spring is on the horizon and although I seem to miss my bump a little bit now, I am looking forward to spending the warmer months with my new little baby Sylvie (and all those boys - of course!). The other thing I am looking forward to is a Summer with no maternity clothes!! I can wear my Summer wardrobe - all being well, with me fitting into it, that is.

I have started to wear dresses again as the breast feeding starts to take a back seat (due to many issues that I won't go into now) I love dresses and I have missed wearing the ones I have, let alone buying more dresses. Dresses....aren't they great?

This is my brilliant Tatty Devine customised necklace. My husband Phil got it me for Christmas but I got to choose the font, colour, the word (obviously) and the type of chain and the wonderful Tatty Devine create your own bespoke necklace for you. You can get yours by following this link https://www.tattydevine.com/name-necklace-new.html

I chose 'bloody' font in black and a black chain....think I was having a dark day....there are loads of colours and styles to choose from and you can add charms too which is cute. The standard size comes to £27.50 (I think they only deliver these to the UK but please double-check that with Tatty  Devine). I have just had look at their website again and I want more already, I shall start hinting for Mothers Day, I think!

I do love a cardigan!  

DMs, long socks and turned up drainpipes....The UK TV series and film This Is England inspired me to buy some DMs a couple of years ago, they still look pretty new and need scuffing up a bit. I have been into the whole Skins look for years...Fred Perry's, braces, turn -up drainpipes, the whole look is so cool!!

Mix print shoes and socks to add contrast and texture to my otherwise (unusually for me) dark winter wardrobe. I still can't seem to shake the dark colours which I had taken to wearing when I was pregnant as they were more flattering by the end!

So I got an afternoon off from having the kids the other weekend and went to Primark...I spent a fortune....which is quite difficult to do in Primark as it's so damn cheap! I got this oversized cardigan and this cute sixties style mini dress with sailor style collar for about £22 (for both!!) I blew the rest of the money on kids clothes and even got Phil some stripey Breton style t-shirts....can't be bad!

I'm trying out something different with my hair, which is already getting out of control again! Damn I need a haircut every 3 weeks, my hair doesn't seem to grow it just gets out of control! Annoying! I'm going for the sixties style side sweep with a 1990s britpop girl hair grip.

I was wearing lots of layers and a maxi dress on this day but the photos came out blurred. Here's a good one of my footwear, you can just about see the maxi dress!

Here's Me and Sylvie, Im looking a bit more colourful here in my favourite old punk knit and digital print jersey trousers both from Topshop. Sylvie's wearing mostly Baby Gap and those expensive Boden tights (which I can't afford).

Look the sun came out today!!! I felt a fool taking this photo of myself in my garden, my neighbours are going to be wondering what on earth I'm doing. As i'm so pleased with my new dress I wore again, this time with jeans, I can still breast feed like this as my pants won't be on show when I lift up the dress! Winner!

 Phew! Doing this blog makes me realise I need to wear more of my clothes as I wouldn't want to bore my followers with the same old stuff..... . To be honest, although  I am a self confessed disposable fashion lover I do keep and wear alot of my clothes for years so I feel justified in my mass shopping!

I am back DJing at my club night Bang this Friday and I am having a fashion dilemma, as usual! I haven't DJ'd for months so I am very excited!!! My next post will possibly be a look back at previous Bang fashion moments so you can see what I look like when I have more than 10 minutes to get ready in the morning (yes this includes a shower)....I don't want to up your expectations too much though! ND xx

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