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Monday, 27 February 2017

February Fun Fashion

Oh February, how quickly you went! March is nearly here and perhaps it will bring a bit of spring with it? Which also means spring fashion!! 
Here's to another month of No Debutante chaos and fashion fun!

What has No Debutante been wearing during this busy month? Have I had the time to think about my outfits??? Of course I have, there is always time for fashion! Check out a few of my fave Feb outfits in todays post and expect culottes, Lazy Oaf oversized shirts, streetwear styling, kimonos, slip dresses, graphic monochromes. polka dots & lots of layering.

All clothing from Adidas,Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Lazy Oaf, Asos, Dr Martens, Vivien of Holloway, Fix Up Look Sharp, Reebok, The White Pepper, Miss 4ire, Kuccia, That Thing, H&M and Tezla

All photography and styling by No Debutante

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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Woof Woof

Since the No Debutante blog has been promoting all things Bristol Fashion, I have been introduced to so many new Bristol fashion designers, that I am overwhelmed by how much is going on in our beautiful city, The great thing about fashion is it changes & there is always a new collection to inspire, to love and promote, Bristol fashion has now become a full time passion of mine, I could talk about it all day there is so much talent....so let's get started...

I'd like to introduce you to Laa Woof
This sparkly fabric hoarding Bristol based fashion designer creates festival fashion & party wear under the name Laa Woof from her studio at The Island, which is such a creative space in Bristol with so many interesting things coming out of there including No Debutante favourites Neat Frontage and Tezla Designs. The designer Laura Wood creates limited edition and bespoke customised creations that will make you stand out form the crowd in a clash attack of matching patterns, sparkly custom made catsuits, leggings, crop tops, skirts,bombers, hot pants and kimonos making all your sparkly dreams come true. No Debutante has fallen in love with the supercute Mermaid Kimono, holographic mermaid bombers (there's a theme building here...) amazing shimmering catsuits and sequin embellished mesh tops, I just want to be a shimmering mermaid but you knew that already! With kawaii graphics, fun anime influences, Manga styling and a love all of all things sparkly Laa Woof has definitely caught No Debutante's attention.

I asked Laura at Laa Woof a few questions, here's what she said......

What inspired you to start Laa Woof?

I have always been a hoarder of shiny things and since working in a fabric shop it grew out of control . I started making outfits for fancy dress parties, whilst teaching myself how to sew by taking clothes apart and recreated them using sparkly fabrics. Over the past 4 years my brand started to emerge  and became Laa Woof.

Where did the Laa Woof name come from?

I first started making animal hoods to sell and had to create a name for a market stall. So I brain stormed with some friends and we came up with Laa Woof which is a wordplay on my name.

Whats your favourite thing about Bristol?

The music scene has always been the biggest pull for me, when I was living in Brighton I would travel up each month for a night. Its great for gigs and dirty raves! I don’t go out as much as I used too, but it’s great to know when you are going out there’s always something on!

Do you think Bristol gets much fashion media attention?

I think Bristol receives more media attention for its music and graffiti. I would hope that with the ever growing talent there is here in Bristol, the fashion scene will get more limelight! I think as a community we should organise fashion show events to draw  attention here!

You offer custom orders, how does that work with Laa Woof?

Clients usually send me a message wanting something special. I gather as much information from them about the outfit and start collecting samples. I usually send photos of the fabrics I’ve found and some drawings of the garment. Once the client is happy I take payment and start creating !

There are a few festival style Fashion brands in Bristol, what makes Laa Woof unique?

Its great to have a big scene of amazing diverse designers here in Bristol !! Many of us share a love of all things sparkly and shiny!!

My influences and inspiration come from everywhere and are always feeding into my new designs.

I come from a fine art background so I think that practise is always relevant in my work. I enjoy the process of how I source the fabrics and piecing them together to  the overall construction of the garment.  A lot of my most recent pieces have involved creating patches and more time consuming methods, which are usually one offs or very limited editions ! Making them super special and unique to treasure and feel fabulous in !! .

Whats with the Panda obsession?

Pandas have always brought me much joy they are just so silly and cartoon like !! When I’m blue nothing makes me smile more than watching a baby Panda go down a slide on youtube!!! One of the 1st garments I made was a Panda onesie which I still love and and am actually wearing now as I write this!!!

Did you collaborate with a local designer to create your panda print?

Whist living in Brighton I commissioned a local artist David Waterhouse to come up my Panda Logo! His artwork was spot on and represented the fun I wanted to unleash in my brand.

One of my models  from a previous fashion show worked on my latest fabric print. Ebun was great I shared my ideas and she came up with a few mock ups until we settled on the chosen one!! I’m so in love with it!!

Favourite designers / artists?

I’m in love with Independent designers such as Lady Gonzalez and Arteporvo really amazing styles and inspiring ladies!

There are so many amazing designers emerging from Australia at the moment my favourites are  Di$count Universe who create incredible sequin designs and NixiKillick whose work is so fresh and vibrant using modern, futuristic elements in her pieces.

Current favourite record?

I'm absolutely hooked on Bonobo ‘Black Sands’ Album! It’s pretty much my soundtrack to sewing and life! Makes for a zen head, even whilst I’m having a sewing meltdown...sometimes...

Whats your favourite festival?

Balter Festival is a small and growing festival in wales! I’ve had a stall there shared with friends for the past few years and it’s been a great success each year. It has the best crowd and the right amount of muntiness!!! Amazing ska, punk and balkan bands and an incredible amount of electronic music !!!! Totally recommend going!!!

Current obsession?

MERMAIDS!! I find it to be an ongoing source of inspiration and creativity for me!! I melt every time I find iridescent sequins and shiny spandex.

There is an event in Brighton called March of the Mermaids, where thousands of people dress up as all things sea related, to raise awareness for sea conservation. It a create excuse to cover yourself in as much glitter as possible, channel your inner mermaid and sashay along the seafront for the day!!

Whats next for Laa Woof?

I have a few projects going on at the moment! One that's secret that I’m very excited about !!!

I really enjoyed having my first fabric design printed, can’t wait to design more. I would love to work with local designers to create new exclusive prints each year!

Am currently planning my festival circuit, I should be appearing at Balter Festival , Secret Garden Party, Boomtown, Shambala and Illusive!!

Keep ya eyes peeled for my summer collections and my stock appearing in That Thing over the festival season!

Check out the Laa Woof etsy shop

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All clothing by Laa Woof

 MUA  Sophie Moore
Photographer & Direction Maka Iriek 

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