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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Primark Sunday & How No Debutante wears it - Autumn Winter 2014

As any regular to the No Debutante blog will know, twice a year I take a visit to Primark to see what they have available for the new season. Today we are looking at what I purchased from the AW 2014 range. 
I usually have an idea of what I need or what I would like to find from the ridiculously low priced, high fashion items that Primark has to offer. I had collected alot of Pinterest images of oversized, grungy jumpers and since I already own loads of oversized cardigans, it was definitely time for a change. The jumper I found was a lovely mint green knit in the softest and most un-itchy wool ever, I say wool, without looking it is probably a polyester imitation wool, but I ain't caring, this jumper rocks it! It is so cosy and cuddly and big, it's perfect for winter, worn alone or layered over dresses, this jumper is great! Speaking of dresses, you are aware of my current obsession with smock dresses right? And of course my love affair with grunge?  Well, howsabout a plaid smock style dress? Yes, please! This dress came in two colourways (that I could find) and I even sent my husband Phil a photograph of the dresses together (see below) to ask him which one I should buy. (Phil is used to this sort of thing) I (we) decided on the red check dress since I already have a blue plaid smock dress from The White Pepper. The Primark smock dress is more grunge than baby doll, it kinda hangs like a shirt and lacks the volume of the White Pepper smock but that cool, it's different. Now? How to finish this look? Shoes....I have been crying over all the amazing but ridiculously high priced, platform style ankle boots that have been around for about a year on the high street but needed something not too high to wear during the day ( I walk alot!) then I stumble upon these platform Chelsea boot style beauties at Primark for £15. I tried them on, fell in love and chucked them in the wheelie trolley without a moments hesitation. Job done! Three great items for under £50 including shoes. Good Ol' Primark! 
I totally rate Primark, it never let's me down. I think the key to a successful Primark shop is to limit the amount of times you visit per year, have a plan, a budget and a time limit and most importantly try it all on! 

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Here are three ways I've worn it so far. Which is your favourite??

All clothing from Primark!

Thanks so much for joining me today here at the No Debutante blog, I shall be back very soon with more fashion fun. See ya later Fashionistas xx

ND xx

Monday, 27 October 2014

Sports Candy

I have always loved mixing sportswear with classic items and denims to create a fresh, street style look. It's a look that can always be updated by mixing new sports items with vintage and contemporary pieces. I do not mix these items when it's on trend, (despite it being all over the catwalks for SS 2015) It's something I have always done and I imagine I always will. I am not really into the label side of sports wear nor am I person who gets home and puts on their 'comfies' so you will never see me casually popping to the shops in my onesie ( I, of course, don't own one).  I seem to like sports wear inspired pieces like bomber jackets, crop tops and over sized tees. I love Americana style sports wear inspired by American football, baseball and basket ball and do own a few vintage Adidas items from the 1970s and who could forget my faithful Converse Allstar shoes, the 'go to' item for everyone who was a teenager during the 1990s, which technically, are a 'go to' item again due to the return of all things nineties! 

Just because an item is labelled sport wear it doesn't necessarily have to have the logo and lounge wear ( I am trying my best not to mention the word Chavvy here!) stigma that come with sports wear. Steer clear of the logos and obvious sportswear cliches and mix your oversized tees over your jeans and denim cut offs or tuck them into your midi skirts, tucked in or tucked out it doesn't matter as long as that t-shirt is oversized! Why not try a crop top with a high waisted skirt or a silky/ embroidered bomber jacket over a dress? It all sportsluxe inspired without a logo or a tracksuit in sight! I am wearing flat sports inspired pumps with today's outfits but you can mix it up with heels for a cool, street style, sportluxe glamour.

Here's three ways No Debutante wears hers!

All clothing from Primark, Vivien of Holloway, Topshop and Converse.

Thanks for joining me today fashionistas, it's the half term for my kids so I am limited for time but I will do my best to be back tomorrow with some more fashion fun! 

ND xx

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Hey Babe, Your Hair's Alright....

It has been over a month since the last No Debutante hair update and there are a lot of images and styles to show you from the past month. It seemed to be a time of experimentation with topknots and hair worn half up half down alongside the new mermaid blue hair colour ways, braids and the appearance of a victory roll here and there.

Where do I get my inspiration?? Mostly from Pinterest, taking ideas from pinned hair and fashion images that either I have added from blogs and websites or repinned from Pinners I follow.  I don't just pin images of contemporary hairstyles I have pins ranging from the  1920s flapper girl right through to the 1990s grunge styles up until the present day and then I mash them all together to create new looks. I love Pinterest! Check out No Debutante on Pinterest here.

Pinterest really is so current and contemporary as most fashion magazines and even some designers use Pinterest to showcase their latest images, it's a great way to keep on top of things and so much quicker and convenient than a bulky, glossy magazine and to be honest, quicker than trawling through a website! I am shooting myself in the foot with both of the statements as I am saying it's quicker than websites (blogs)and I also work in media publishing as my day job and have seen many great magazines fall by the way side to make way for the new digital era, but it is what it is and people want things quicker and as easy to find as possible, Pinterest serves this need for me personally.I could rant on about how I do not rate Twitter but that's a whole other kettle of fish!

Which look is your favourite??

Check out more No Debutante hair inspirations next month! All hairstyles created by No Debutante except for the 5th and 6th images, hair braids and colour by Vikki Mac.

Thanks for checking in today, over and out.

ND xx

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Modern Vintage Denim

I own a lot of vintage denim, mainly replicas from the 1940s and 1950s era. I buy my vintage denim from Vivien Of Holloway and Freddies of Pinewood and although I do like to wear the full vintage look, I am not dedicated to it, I'm too fickle to stick to one look. I like to experiment with mixing the contemporary and skate / sportsluxe looks with vintage styles just to keep thing fresh, but I will occasionally dive into the full vintage look.

Today I have four (yes, four!) looks to show you with a modern vintage vibe, expect rockabilly, skate wear, sports styling, double denim, grunge, 1940s land girl style and a bovver bomber jacket all worn with vintage cut denim jeans and dungarees.

All clothing from Vivien Of Holloway, Freddies Of Pinewood, Topshop, Vision Streetwear, Primark, H&M, Dr Martens, Converse and Thrift shops. 

Thanks for following. No Debutante shall be back with more fashionista fun very soon.

ND xx

Monday, 20 October 2014

Late Summer Weddings

At the end of the summer I attended a couple of friends weddings. The weather was still sunny and warm which turned out to be a very a good thing, especially for the wedding of Paul and Sarah who's festival inspired wedding included a stage for the bands (including my husbands band The Relay Rips-pictured), a campfire, hay bale seating and camping! It was a great day and I got to wear my White Pepper dress for the first time! I even met one of The White Pepper ladies at the wedding which was brilliant and I gushed about how I loved The White Pepper and I know I have mentioned this once or twice on the blog....ahem...but I really do love The White Pepper...so much so that I wore the beautiful pale blue polka dot smock dress to both weddings! The latter being the evening do for my other friends Knitted Nicky (named by me for her love (obsession) with knitwear) and her now husband, David. I had to show you Knitted Nicky's amazing and alternative 1950s style wedding dress made from floral curtain fabric! I loved it so much! You can see Knitted Nicky's beautiful alternative wedding dress in the bottom two images the rest of the images are from Paul and Sarah's wonderful festival wedding.

Weddings Rock!

See you again tomorrow for more No Debutante fun and fashionista frolics!


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