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Monday, 23 February 2015

How No Debutante Wears A 1950s Circle Skirt

After a very busy weekend which involved DJing at my quarterly club night Bang and hanging out with my lovely cousins who had come to stay, I have finally been beaten, again, by a sickness bug. Well, I am not sick, I just feel like there is an elephant sat on my chest and although I do not have a sore throat, I have managed to totally lose my voice, which is not a useful thing lose when you are the mother of three excitable children, who can't seem to hear what you are saying at the best of times... Anyhoo, I am hopefully now on the mend and ready for some fashion blogging action. I have been liking and pinning all over the place on all social networking sites I follow for my love of all things from London Fashion Week. It is my favourite of all the Fashion weeks and I always tend to go for the more avant guarde Vs street style collections and London never fails to inspire me. Check out my Pinterest fashion board here to see my favourites from the shows so far (and much more), why don't you follow me whilst you are there, eh? 

Today's personal style looks include my Vivien Of Holloway 'Day of the Dead' print 1950s circle skirt. Midi skirts and dresses are all over the place at the moment in one guise or another but today I am rocking another Modern Vintage Mash up...Oversized T-shirts tucked into a 1950s circle skirt and worn with either 90s inspired platform boots or preppy Converse low tops. Wear with cute little cardigans and tights for the colder months and then lose both for the summer. Pretty versatile I'd say. What's next for No Debutante? Well, I am seeing this skirt worn with the oversized t-shirts but, to show off the skirts true potential and fullness, with a big petticoat under the skirt and perhaps some platform heels?? What do you think? Now to find the occasion to wear it....

Thanks for following fashionistas, see you again soon for some more fashion fun. 
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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Modern Vintage Belle

I knew I had worn a few Modern Vintage items lately so when I started to compile the collection of images for this post I found all but one of my recent Modern Vintage outfits included vintage cut jeans. There are two pairs of jeans in question today the first being my Freddies Of Pinewood 1940s jeans and the second are the old faithful Vivien of Holloway 1950s lovelies. 

You must always wear your vintage jeans turned up at the hem and the higher the turn up the better for a true vintage look. I always like to mix my vintage styling with contemporary items and generally any other era inspiration I can get my modern vintage hands on. I love to mix and match styles and I am general happy with the results of my little fashion experiments. Plus Freddies Of Pinewood liked my modern vintage pics on Instagram which will always brighten my day!

Today I have mixed skate and surf style t-shirts and grunge styling with vintage cut jeans for a fresh take on modern vintage. I am loving the half mast trouser look at the moment so these Freddies 1940s jeans are right up my street and bang on trend for this spring summer where wide legged, cropped trousers and culottes are going to be massive! They are already all over the catwalks and appearing in street style social networking images and have started filtering into the high street too. I reckon every shop must have at least one pair of culottes in at the moment. I will be interested to see if, like dungarees and tapered jeans, it takes a few seasons for the general mass consumer to accept a pair of culottes or wide leg trousers into their wardrobes or if this look really will be the big thing this summer?? What do you think? Will you be buying a pair of culottes this season or are you just a happy bystander of the trend??

All clothing from Freddies of Pinewood, Vivien of Holloway, Topshop, H&M, Primark and Office shoes.

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Monday, 16 February 2015

Another Girl Another Planet

As my obsession for all things oversized continues, today I'm going to show you two ways I wear my oversized t-shirts. These two oversized Primark tees were bought back in the summer, when I wore them as dresses with bare legs and flat pumps, these oversized sportluxe lovelies also work in the colder months too, paired with 100 denier tights, platform boots and fur coat. 
Buy your t-shirts in the biggest size you can and for those of you who can't bring yourself to go oversized, look out for the longer length t-shirts that will continue to be in the shops for the next season or two.

All clothing from Primark and Topshop.

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Monday, 9 February 2015

Pretty Vacant

I wore my new favourite Organza embroidered Polka dot pink smock dress to work the other day and my fashionista work buddy and No Debutante blog admirer Carly remarked 'ooh, your new favourite dress!' Happy that my new favourite dress had been noted, I added that I just couldn't save my new favourite dress for best as (being a mother of three) I barely go out! Since it is my new favourite dress it needs to be worn....as many times as possible and in as many different ways as possible giving the illusion that my new favourite dress was actually a different dress every time I wore it. 
Here are two ways I have worn this White Pepper smock dress of loveliness lately. Inspired by Molly Goddard's styling skills of a t-shirt worn underneath a pretty sheer dress, I wore my Peach Maui T-shirt underneath the White Pepper slip dress and organza dress (comes as a set when you buy the dress) as you can see the t-shirt matched perfectly with the smock dress! I paired this with red ankle socks and creepers finished with a topknot in my hair. I am loving this outfit! I want to wear it again now!
The second outfit shows the Organza smock dress worn over a black bodycon dress, with platform boots and an oversized grunge cardigan, this time I did not use the slip dress. There are so many possibilities with this dress and that's why it is my new favourite!
 Please don't keep things for best, make the most of your wardrobe, it is more versatile than you think! Keep trying out different items together, try something new that you wouldn't normally do, layer things up and mostly don't worry what other people think. It's actually none of their business....

All clothing from The White Pepper, Primark, Underground at Office Shoes and Maui. 

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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Oversized Jumper Obsession

The weather is cold and this calls for big, cosy oversized jumpers! I used to be an oversized cardigan obsessive but that drafty, open fronted oversized cardigan needs to step aside for the full coverage warmth and coolness of the oversized jumper. A great purchase for the winter months but a fashion item that will continue on through the summer worn on those cooler summer nights and a festival must have this year. Get yours and make it an extra large, if you cant wear it as a mini dress then its not big enough! 

Here's a few ways No Debutante wears her oversized jumpers over these cold, winter months and expect to see more personal style outfits featuring these oversized knitted beauties over the next year! Remember an oversized jumper is not just for the Winter!

All clothing from The White Pepper, Converse and Primark

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ND xx

Monday, 2 February 2015

Smock Dress Obsessed Part 4 - The Metallic Blue One

As I struggle to find time to write a blog post these days, I have equally found more time to take my OOTD personal style pics, the quick fix photo op seems to work for me better than blogging with much more feedback and less time to try and find! I still love to write for my blog as it is a personal fashion diary and I get to say so much more and show more images than the quick fix social networking posts so there will be no sign of the No Debutante blog ending anytime soon! I just wish I had the time for more frequent posts!! 

I had a great weekend where I managed to ship the family off (including Phil)  to spend some time with my lovely ladies and oldest besties from my hometown. None of us live at home anymore and we are spread over various English Cities, so these meet ups are usually big ones which require the whole weekend to catch up and party! I am happy to report that our besties meet up was a massive success and coincidentally I wore the dress from today's Smock Dress Obsessed post! 

This metallic blue smock dress marvel is from (you guessed it) The White Pepper. I love this dress, I love the fit, the way the fabric hangs, the bright metallic blue shade, an unusual choice for me but it is all shimmery and a party dress essential! The dress also has a cute peephole at the back which conveniently shows off my vintage tattoo, it also has pockets, I do love a dress with pockets! You can dress it up with heels or dressed down and grunged up with Dr Martens and an oversized knit.  Sparkly dresses are not just for the party season!! I look forward to being able to wear my smock dresses with no tights over the summer months....Only a few more months to go!!! Here's three ways I have worn the metallic blue one!

All clothing from The White Pepper, Topshop and Dr Martens.

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