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Monday, 22 October 2018

Typical Girls - Like Typical Freaks

The latest Typical Freaks anti-fashion, kawaii punk infused collection has dropped and No Debutante is loving it!

The SS19 collection features the signature scribbled, abstract screen prints, layered up on streetwear garms from denim jackets, short, boxy cotton skirts and embellished, high waisted mom style trousers to oversized long t-shirts, all styled up in textured layers of fun!

All images courtesy of Typical Freaks 

Typical Freaks SS19

Featuring azure and royal blues contrasted with white as the main colourways, with bright yellow and orange, mint green, rose pinks and reds joining them with an extra contrast of graphic black layered over the prints.

The No Debutante fave pieces from SS19 have to be the denim jackets, they come in all sorts of shapes from boxy and oversized to cute crops, all smothered with the random Typical Freaks scribbles and swirls with chevrons and checkboards joining the hand drawn Typical Freaks prints this summer.

Typical Freaks AW18

We can swoon over the spring summer pieces but in reality we are only just approaching AW18 and need a bit of autumnal inspo, I am not a dedicated trend follower and we can, of course, wear any of these garms all year round, but a little bit of AW style inspo is always welcome, especially when you are not, naturally, a winter type of person! The Typical Freaks AW18 collection does not disappoint!

Keeping that Typical Freaks style but with some new shapes added in for the colder months, this collection features, cute hand drawn grid prints (inspired by the grids on a cutting mat), ruffled hemmed oversized dresses, cuddly and bright printed scarves. 

(TIP ALERT- Make your scarf part of your outfit, not just an accessory you throw on to keep warm). 

Typical Freaks SS19 features colour blocked t-shirts and the bleached cotton skirts, jackets and trousers that are Typical Freaks staples, all emblazoned with the textured and abstract prints with layered up styling.

The main base colour for AW18 is black, contrasting with raspberry reds, lilac, mint green, azure blue, and white, with a subtle pop of yellow here and there. 

Typical Freaks create their own versions of prints, like a grid or checkerboard print, they sketch their prints by hand and then reproduce them as screen prints and often hand paint over the top of these, layering up those prints and creating theor own unique style! 

They have to be one of the only designers, whose sketchy and hand drawn fashion illustrations manage to look exactly like the finished garms! You know where you are with a Typical Freaks fashion illustration! It's a very inspiring process for a (wannabe/wish I had more time) designer. I love that everything right down to the long white printed socks (and sometimes even shoes) have had the Typical Freaks printed magic added to them. 

This collection features asymmetric panel tops, that that remind me of early Vivienne Westwood cuts from her punk and Pirate collections, not playing by the rules and creating their own shapes, using off centre cutting and DIY techniques. It's really rather clever, despite it's anti fashion/ ripping up the pattern cutting rule book ethos. Who doesn't love a fashion rebel?

The No Debutante fave from this collection and perhaps the most wearable (after the t-shirts) are the mom style high-waisted, colour block jeans. But of course everything is just fantastic and inspiring! 

With prices ranging from £150 for the denim skirts to a very reasonable £45 for a t-shirt, you need to be seen wearing Typical Freaks, with even more bargains to be found in their sale collections and on Depop (socks from £10 and tees for £20), every one can get a bit of Typical Freaks! 

No Debutante Loves Typical Freaks! 

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Magnificent Mermaids - A swimwear brand with a difference

I am very proud to be able to share the official Mermaid in England photos by Viktoria Kuti from a recent swimwear photo shoot I took part in.

It was so lovely to meet such an inspiring group of women, who all overcame their fears and stripped down to their swimwear to support body positivity and the REAL body image. What a brave and beautiful group of powerful and empowering mermaids we were! 

None of these images have been been digitally altered -  all lumps and bumps are the models own!

For those of you who haven't seen my previous posts and articles on the Bristol based Mermaid in England swimwear brand and the real women photo shoots please read My Naked Journey  and A little mermaid with big ideas

Love your body! Love yourself! 
Girl, you got it goin' on! 

Mermaid in England Real Women photo shoot no 4 - Sept 18- Photography by Viktoria Kuti

Photography by Viktoria Kuti

Photography by Viktoria Kuti

Photography by Viktoria Kuti
The No Debutante Signature Jump!
Photography by Viktoria Kuti

Behind the scenes....

Thanks to Antonia Furlong for the inspiration, Viktoria Kuti for the beautiful photographs, Wild Thing Designs for the natural body painting, English Rose Makeup and Shari Knowles Makeup

Read Mermaid in England real model Ali Muskett's blog post Making a splash...and find out her experiences from the day. A very inspiring read! 

Monday, 8 October 2018

Transitional Traumas!

As the seasons change and winter begins to loom over us like a bad dream (yeah, I hate the winter! ) it's time to take a look at what No Debutante has been wearing in these transitional months. 

There is nothing more exciting than the arrival of Spring and not having to wear a coat anymore, well for a few months anyway, and what about the freedom of being able to wear just shorts and a vest top every day? I really look forward to that time of year and that side of transitional fashion but the other end of transitional fashion just doesn't appeal to me at all!

I do not embrace the colder weather, I am, without a doubt, a summer person. I will admit to romanticising over the idea of being able to wear my faux furs and beanie hats again but this will be short lived, soon I will realise that I will have to wear overcoats and winter woollies every day, for half a year or more, (the weather in the UK honestly sucks) I think I am already over it! 

September started like this, I had a glowing tan and I was still refusing to even consider wearing extra layers. Realising I wasn't in Majorca anymore, I allowed a half cover up of a long sleeve hoodie or trousers but that was all, it was still crop tops a go-go for No Debutante. 

I subtly added a red beret - that I had spotted in Vogue magazine on my holidays and thought I could probably pull it off - into the mix late September , but, slowly, the cold crept in with October, which is where you find me now, wearing scarves, tights and cardigans! I am absolutely furious! 

From happily leaping about in summer layers to warm layers and bloody tights! (Still managing to sneak a crop top under those layers though!) 
Bringing in transitional styling with sporty shorts and popper pants

My super comfy striped Duvet Days co-ord is a perfect transitional outfit and can be worn layered up with jackets and boots as the cold kicks in.

Introducing the No Debutante new favourite Topshop Vinyl beret! Yeeeeessssss!

Bringing in the clashing prints this Autumn in Keith Haring style monochromes and my newly purchased vintage crop jacket (that makes me feel like a late 1980s pop star,)
both pair up a treat with that beret and some Tezla earrings! 

Happy Transitional October Fashionistas!

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Fashion Crush - Nico Panda

I am always attracted to anti-fashion brands and designers. Creatives who dress unique people with unique style. I have a few higher end designers, by higher end I mean designers who might get their  garms featured in Vogue, not couture, just those anti fashion designers that have somehow broken through the mould, It's not that I think Vogue is on a pedal-stool, I love it for what it is but it really doesn't support independent fashion brands until they have made it or at least have some of Daddy's money behind it...There is still a lot of elitism attached to Vogue but that's a whole different blog post! And...y'know, if Vogue, kinda asked me, to maybe, start writing for them, then, well yeah, I guess, I'd be up for it...

Over the years I have crushed on these high end anti fashion designers including Meadham Kirchhoff, Gosha Rubchinskiy and Ashish but on my current obsession list are Gypsy Sport, Typical Freaks and Nico Panda

Today, I am going to share my fave garms from the latest Nico Panda SS19 collection that was recently shown at New York Fashion Week and a few AW 2018 garms to get us set up ready for when the cold really kicks in! Remember to recreate your fave looks your way, this is for inspiration too! 

In brief, Nico Panda is the creation of Japanese/Italian, New Yorker Nicola Formichetti. A NYC streetwear brand that mixes print clashes and bright colours with gender neutral streetwear styling and kawaii-punk style graphics. The mash ups don't end there with influences from grunge to futuristic drag to super cute and fluffy 90s rave, Nico Panda is just amazing! I want it all! Enjoy the show!

Nico Panda SS19

Nico Panda AW18

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