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Monday, 26 January 2015

Smock Dress Obsessed Part 3 - Riot Grrrl

Firstly I must apologise for the lack of blog posts I am managing to turn out each week, my latest count is a sad and lonely one post and despite having a million things I wanna share with you guys, time is not on my side! I don't mean I am running out of time, I literally have less and less time to myself lately! During the week I would often blog whilst my daughter had a nap, well that little missy doesn't take an afternoon nap anymore, so no free time for me! So why not blog in the evenings? Well, my two sons have kindly taken up more after school activities which means we are out later, don't eat until later and so it goes on.....Frustrations aside, I just wish I could blog more!! Boo!

Today we enter Part 3 of the Smock Dress Obsessed a week of wearing smock dresses challenge. I have a double whammy for you today, both smock dresses are from The White Pepper and were my first ever White Pepper purchases. I wanted to toughen the look up a bit with these outfits so I chose to pair them up with my cherry red Dr Martens. I love these boots with their bright yellow laces, unfortunately they really hurt my feet. I can't seem to break them in! I have no idea why as my other Dr Martens are really comfy! I really want to wear them more often ( I have had them for two years!!!) so you will be seeing more from the cherry red docs with bright yellow laces over the next year, I will not be defeated by a pair of Dr Martens! 

The look is a mix of 1990s grunge and Indie kid, cute and tough, a proper Riot Grrrl! ROAR!!

All clothing from The White Pepper, Topshop and Dr Martens.

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ND xx

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Smock Dress Obsessed Part 2 - The One That Started The Fire

Part two of the Smock Dress Obsessed (nearly) one whole week of Smock Dresses challenge begins with the smock dress that started it all. Inspired by The White Pepper (and before I owned a single piece from TWP range) I found this Gingham Smock Dress beaut in the Topshop sale on a quick pop into town on my lunch break from work. I was rummaging with no interest in buying through the Spring Topshop sale with my work buddy Cath and low and behold I found a smock dress, and an oversized one at that! I hadn't tried a smock dress on for years so I had no idea whether I could wear them or not but at least now I had a chance to try one on (the obvious downside to buying online).....it was love at first site, a bloomin' lovely oversized gingham smock dress with pockets! Brilliant! I wore my Topshop gingham smock dress on a summery weekend visit to see my ladies in London and thinking about it now, I cannot wait until the weather warms up and I can wear my smock dresses with bare legs again this summer. Yeah, smocks are super short and if you are a little unladylike and fear showing off your underwear (like me..ahem...) then pop some shorts underneath to keep your dignity....or not....that's up to you! For those ladies who don't want to bare their legs, wear your smock layered over jeans, shorts, leggings or a skirt. Try it on with everything until you are comfortable and you look cool! Work that smock dress girls!!

Here's the gingham Topshop smock worn No Debutante style with Dr Martens, frilly ankle socks and centre parted blue hair. I named this look Vintage Dolly on Instagram which translates as 1960s dolly girl inspired, I guess, I make these titles up on the bus to work!

Righto fashionistas! There's smock dress number two all styled up No Debutante stylee. Outfit number three (and possibly four due to lack of decent images) to follow. Have a great day and see you again soon for more smock dress fun! Now go get yourself a smock dress or three....

ND xx

Monday, 19 January 2015

Smock Dress Obsession Part 1 - Grunge Kid

As any follower of No Debutante will know, I have a love and possible obsession for smock dresses. I have so many now I practically have one smock dress for every day of the week (I am currently at six smock dresses and counting....) so I challenged myself to wear all my smock dresses over a week and here is the first of the smock dresses rocked up No Debutante style! 

This plaid smock dress is not as voluminous as my other smock dresses and is more grunge than baby doll, it was purchased from my favourite throw-away fashion store Primark. I've dressed it up with creepers and a messy, sixties inspired bouffant bunches updo in my hair. Cute Grunge! Boom! What do you think?

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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Sheer Layers

Let's start by getting it out in the open straight away....Yes, this blog post might mention (my new favourite shop) The White Pepper, just in case you were wondering how far the obsession has gone. It is just a coincidence that I got a few TWP items for Christmas and I have also been buying in TWP January sales, so be prepared for more from my new favourite shop.....

I was mega excited when I a received my Organza embroidered Polka dot pink smock dress as a gift from my husband Phil and even more excited when I realised the under slip was a separate item which opened up many styling ideas and layering possibilities. 

Today I am going to show you my first experiment of layering with sheer fabrics and in particular oversized, billowing sheer layers. I have seen it done a few times, the first being, the Queen of layering, Susie Bubble, wearing a sheer, voluminous Molly Goddard smock dress over a printed dress with a layered oversized denim jacket worn over the top, which was then followed by another Style Bubble blog post featuring more Molly Goddard oversized sheer smocks worn over rock t-shirts in a pretty meets grunge style. This sort of anti-fashion styling caught my eye for a second time and I have been on the look out for oversized sheer smock dresses ever since, despite Molly Goddards wonderful dresses being available for a short time at Asos and now I can't seem to find them anywhere (more research needed me thinks)........So, a year passed and finally my new favourite shop came up with the goods, with the brilliant stylist and blogger Toni Caroline at the helm on the Style Me inspiration pages of  TWP online shop with more amazing ideas on how to wear your sheer smock dress! I am a massive fan of styling and inspirational shoots and TWP do not disappoint! So, here's me all inspired up by Susie Bubble, Molly Goddard and TWP and ready to give the oversize sheer layering a shot with my White Pepper sheer smock dress worn over a black long sleeve crop top, Vivien of Holloway 1950s jeans and platform ankle boots. A look that confused many but I am loving it! What do you think??

 Tops four images styling and photographs by No Debutante. Images 5-7 from Style Bubble blog and featuring Molly Goddard Dresses. Final image and styling by The White Pepper.

Thanks for reading Fashionistas.

ND xx

Sunday, 11 January 2015

How To Wear Oversized Jumpers No Debutante Style

Check out how I've been wearing my oversized jumper over these wintry months. This particular oversized knit was from Primark, a total bargain, I bought it in a size 18 although I am a size 12. The trick to finding your perfect oversized knit is to try one on at least two sizes bigger than your usual size and, for the brave, even bigger sizes until you find the right one for you. It is a personal choice as I am a lover of oversizing, but alot of people are not too keen on the idea, I can only encourage and perhaps inspire you to try them out, and join me in the wonderful cosy world of oversized jumpers! 
As I have said before the oversized jumper is the new oversized cardigan and looks to be hanging around for a couple more seasons (although this look never really leaves me and is mega comfy for lazy days and really warm too) and there are loads of oversized knits about in the ongoing January sales. I have just bagged myself an amazing cuddly blue oversized jumper from (my new favourite) The White Pepper sales and couldn't resist getting a cheap as chips amazeballs metallic smock dress too but unless you follow my social networking pages you won't have seen the dress yet......May I suggest you start following No Debutante on Facebook, Insta, Twitter and Tumblr for daily ND fashion updates??? Watch this space for the new TWP additions to the ND wardrobe! 

A final little tip about buying oversized jumpers is don't trust the sizing on a jumper claiming to be oversized already (meaning you buy your usual size) these oversized jumpers are seldom oversized enough and I can only recommend trying before buying. I know I am obsessed with The White Pepper but this is for good reason, the clothing is all so generous in size (purposely) as this is the silhouette that makes TWP stand out from the rest, with fantastic styling to boot. Basically, if TWP say it's oversized, then it is, end of!

Here are three ways I have worn my Primark oversized jumper over the past few weeks....

Comfy grunge cool and hanging out in the new loft at Christmas time and paired up with grid print leggings from The White Pepper and comfy socks.

Warm and Woolly layers and more prints, this time from the Meadham Kirchhoff X Topshop glittery striped tights and platform boots to brighten up a cold and rainy morning on the school run.

Casual with Mom Topshop jeans and a topknot in my hair and ready for an afternoon at the Outdoor Ice rink with the family.

I hope these three looks have inspired you, might I also recommend layering your oversized jumper over dresses or wearing your oversized jumper as a dress with denim shorts underneath?? Get your oversized knit today!!!

Thanks for checking in fashionistas.

ND xx

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Winter Layering In Denim & Plaid

Hey Fashionistas! I love to tomboy it up in denim and plaid, whether its a rockabilly inspired dungarees, skate tee, creepers and plaid shirt or a modern vintage crop top and 1950s jeans look. I can girl it up and down, depending how I am feeling........On this particular day, when I wore the rockabilly dungarees ensemble, I wasn't feeling too great, this was the first day I hadn't worn PJs for about a week after that damn Christmas flu bug attempted to finish me off the week before Christmas. My heart wasn't totally into choosing an outfit but this look is always a win win for me, so I didn't really have to think about it. After the week of PJs, dungarees and a plaid shirt seemed the next closest thing. So, I got all dressed up and braided my hair but couldn't face the make up (hence me hiding my face for the photographs) I still wasn't feeling one hundred percent but thought my outfit looked cool and should be documented for the blog. I am not a big beauty girl who perfects her make up or attempts to look beautiful, it's all about the clothes and hair for me, if my face looks OK then that's a bonus!

The modern vintage second outfit is one you have seen before here at the No Debutante blog but it is one of my go to outfits, I needed to wear a long sleeve as I was cold, a crop top if you're cold you may ask? My 1950s jeans are high on the waist and I had the plaid shirt layered over too so only a tiny bit of skin showing on my upper torso. The thing I will never understand in the cold, winter months are people with no socks on??? It makes me shiver even considering it. What is wrong with these people??? These second images were taken in my new loft bedroom, I am loving the amount of light in the loft and the white walls make it a perfect room for taking photographs. I have even shared a close up selfie of my face, a very rare thing for this blogger, I can tell you!

Which is your favourite look?

All clothings from Topshop, Vision Street Wear, Underground, Vivien of Holloway and Primark. 

Thanks for reading. See you soon with more fashion fun. Never conform!

ND xx

Friday, 2 January 2015

It's 2015! Happy New Year From No Debutante xxx

Happy New Year Fashionistas! Thanks for joining me aka No Debutante for my first blog post of 2015! Hope you had a great New Years Eve, we partied at home with kids and karaoke, a great combination for a NYE party at home, as you can imagine babysitters are pretty hard to come by on NYE! My last post saw me recovering from the standard Xmas bug that gets us all in the holidays and a last post of the year wishing you a Happy Christmas. Christmas was good fun for us with lots happening, those who follow my Instagram gallery will have seen what we were up to.

I thought it best to start the year with a fashion post on What I wore at Christmas. I was totally White Pepper spoilt and received an amazing organza embroidered polka-dot smock dress in pink from my new favourite shop (The White Pepper) from my brilliant husband Phil. I had given him a few clues as to things I might like for Christmas gifts and Phil totally came up with the goods. I was proper White Pepper spoilt! I love my new smock dress and had told Phil I liked both the Pink and the black version, so I left it to him to decide, (if indeed he was going to buy it for me) I wouldn't usually go for this pale pink colour but it looked great on the models on the website and as soon as I put it on, I fell inlove with it! Thank you Phil!!! Coincidentally my son Mika (8) had miraculously managed to buy me a pair of grid check print leggings from The White Pepper too which I totally love. Soooooo White Pepper spoilt! I will show you how No Debutante wears her Grid check White Pepper leggings very soon but you can get a sneak peek if you check out the No Debutante Instagram and Facebook pages, just search No Debutante!

Below are a few personal style pics of my new favourite dress. I'd like to say a little more about the dress first, I hadn't realised but the dress comes as a separate sheer organza smock with a slip dress to wear underneath which makes the dress so versatile as I can wear the smock layered over other coloured dresses and tops and even wear the slip dress on it's own or layered up too! Brilliant! Well done The White Pepper!!
The photos of the dress were taken on Christmas Day, the dress was a perfect party dress and got many lovely comments from family, friends and my social media friends and followers. The White Pepper even liked my photos on Instagram, let's say the dress is a hit! The handsome chap in the photograph with me is my husband Phil, the brilliant White Pepper gift giver, looking dapper in his Topman plaid flannel shirt that I coincidentally bought him for Christmas. Lucky boy!

All clothing from The White Pepper, Primark, Topman, Levis Skateboarding and Adidas.

Thanks for following and have a great 2015! I shall be back with more fashionista fun very soon.

ND xx
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