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Monday, 15 June 2020

My Swap & Shop - How to create your own virtual & sustainable shop for free!

Put down your shopping bags and support slow fashion with an alternative to high street shopping, that you can get involved in using your own social media platforms.

My Swap & Shop is a lil' online shop idea I thought I would share with you, that you can simply recreate using your own Stories and Highlights on Instagram.

The concept behind My Swap & Shop is to create a free online shop where you can sell and swap your pre-loved garms with other fashion lovers, in support of sustainable and slow fashion.

There is already a big movement for clothes swapping parties like Becky Barnes Clothes Swap Til you drop events here in Bristol, who joins an army of pre-loved sellers and supporters on social media.

Since lockdown we have seen a massive change to the way we collaborate and shop through online events, makers markets and pre-loved seller group events like Bristol Markets and Bzzaar Jumble, both of which I have contributed to as a maker and a pre-loved jumbler during lockdown. 

These groups have selflessly arranged online events that are free to get involved with, supporting both independent makers and sustainable fashion.

Inspired by these concepts, The My Swap & Shop idea is a more permanent opportunity to create your own sustainable fashion online shop, that is simple to manage, creating a community of fashion lovers with the option to sell or swap your pre-loved clothes with others.

I am going to be sharing, swapping and buying pre-loved, upcycled, handmade and vintage gems and would love like minded sustainable fashionistas to get involved too. I will then share your shops on my platforms too!

All you need to do is tag @nodebutante & #myswap&shop in your stories & I will add you to my list of swap shoppers & promote you when I can, introducing you to our slow fashion, My Swap & Shop community! With an aim to create My Swap & Shop community events in the future! 

If we can get enough of us involved there could be new sustainable fashion drops happening every day, with the opportunity to update and refresh your wardrobe whilst supporting sustainable fashion.

Watching those videos of people queuing and cheering at the re-opening of Primark after lockdown honestly made me feel sick! Let's be the change! 

By changing our mindset and starting a fashion revolution, we can reduce the amount of new clothes being made by the fast fashion high street AND create a new circular economy using the millions of garments that are already in circulation.

What's not to like here?

Go set up your shop, take a look at my insta profile page for ideas and lets start swap shopping the sustainable way.

Happy Sustainable Swap Shopping!

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