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Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Organic Basics: a sustainable alternative to activewear

As a big supporter of sustainable and ethical fashion I was happy to try out these activewear garms for Organic Basics.

Using carefully selected, environmentally friendly fabrics and factories that care about their impact on the planet, Organic Basics are so transparent at every step of production.  I like the way they have so much info on their website about the fabrics they use and the family-run factories they work with too. They really have put the effort and time in to be as sustainably conscious as they can. 

There are some great insights into the factories from using recycled nylon threads to create their SilverTech™ Activewear and one factory repurposing all of their fabric scraps as furniture upholstery, which is a rather good idea, isn't it? 

Organic Basics aim to create products that will last. Their range is minimal yet contemporary and graphic, with a softer more natural focus on activewear with less go-faster stripes and a more basic 90s Calvin Klein ad aesthetic, which isn't a bad thing.

Offering incredibly soft and comfortable fabrics (that are sustainably made remember!) on a range of underwear and activewear pieces in basic black, white and muted shades in taupe, burgundy and soft greys, there really is something for everyone, well adults!

From triangle shaped soft bras, seamless bodysuits, vest tops, sports crop tops (my fave) and pants...

Oh my gosh, I just cannot bear the word briefs, I know, I know that's what most retailers call them but I just can't do it or knickers! That's even worse...! If I say pants that's what I mean. If you are American then pants means a totally different thing again.....I digress.

There are also t-shirts, active leggings, cycle shorts and sports socks. The latter making frequent appearances here at No Debutante over the years and I still love them! They were a no-brainer for my selection of the Organic Basics range.

My chosen item after the sports socks was the SilverTech™ Active Workout Bra. 

The first reason is that I love crop top shaped vests and the second is I need a new sports bra to wear running and for yoga (and hopefully encourage me to do more of this active stuff!).  This super soft but durable work out bra, which it made from 89% recycled nylon, is also breathable and doesn't need washing as often either! It's proper comfy too! 

Thanks to Organic Basics for reaching out to a fellow sustainable fashion supporter and if you lovely lot want a piece of Organic Basics goodness add EMMAGOB to your order for a sweet 10% discount*

Together we can keep spreading the sustainable fashion word, to slow fashion right down and help save the planet. Right on sistas and bruvvas!

*the Organic Basics X No Debutante code is valid until 17 Dec 2019

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