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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Crimson Punk

Vivienne Westwood never fails to adorn her collections with plaids and tartans which always manage to stay contemporary with a nod to heritage styling and punk, to me Vivienne is the queen of mash up British styling with tailoring to die for! I can only dream of having Vivienne Westwood's talents but she will always be a massive influence on me as an inspiring designer with boundary breaking antics. I have always had a soft spot for tartan and plaids  and thanks to Westwood, it never fails to feature in each fashion season in one guise or another. 

Today I am wearing two tartan items from my own wardrobe, this is how I am wearing mine at the moment, there is a cute, sporty element to these looks with only a suggestion of tartan. You can go all out in a tartan coat or dress or just add subtle tartan panels. Whether it's heritage styling, punk or grunge, anything goes. Get inspired by Tartan especially in crimson reds for the Autumn season.

All clothing from Topshop, Primark, 8ball, American Apparel and Converse.

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ND xx

Monday, 29 September 2014

Time Flies

Well, they say time flies when you're having fun (or in my case have too many distractions) I managed to totally miss my 300th blog post! Yes, it was two posts ago! I am pretty happy I have actually found the time for 300 blog posts....in three years! Not quite the one blog post a day that I orignally planned but the blog isn't my life, it's more like a diary....a fashion diary, which is exactly what I wanted it to be when I started it back in 2011. I am glad I have kept the blog going, it could have been easier to abandon it and just stick with Instagram and my Facebook page, which to be honest, are much more instant ways to show the world my daily outfits and current obsessions, with limited text and instant image uploads. I have decided to carry on with the No Debutante blog as it is now a diary and it is more honest than the instant one sentance comments that come with the other social networking sites. You get to know more about a person on their blog as it is usually more text heavy. What do you prefer in a blog? More text and information or more images?? I'll be honest I am an image lover but occassionally I like to know more about the post or generally have more time to read each blog post in full. Which begs the question....Is anybody actually reading these blogs at all? Are you reading my blog post right now? If yes, please leave a comment!

Moving on to today's personal style outfits and linking up with the previous post about my love for oversized t-shirts, here is another way I wear my oversized tees, tucked into little skater skirts and accessorised up!
I love bright coloured tights, it's such an easy way to add colour to an outfit. If you want to add even more colour to your outfit a Kuccia silky bomber is the only way to go! 
Which is your favourite outfit? Tokyo Grunge (as it was named on Instagram) or Bright Kuccia Mash Up? Never hear it be said that a No Debutante outfit lacks personality and sparkle!

 All clothing from 8ball.com, H&M, Primark, Kuccia, Topshop, Tatty Devine and Underground Shoes.

Thanks so much for reading, No Debutante will be back very soon with more fashionista fun.

ND xx

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


I love oversized t-shirts, it's no secret, I have been wearing them for years. You have to be confident when wearing your oversized tee, know that you are wearing it for style and comfort but not to hide-away any unwanted lumps and bumps on your body, it's not about that. My love for over sized tees comes from the 1980s trend for over sizing everything and the  early 1990s trend for general massive t-shirts worn by every teenager during this time! 

The t-shirts I am wearing in today's post are both 1990s inspired with skate and surf influences and a bit of day-glo rave culture is in there somewhere too. Over sized tees can be worn with pretty much anything, layered over skirts or dresses, under dungarees and pinafores or with the 90s favourite denim cut offs or faded denim jeans. It doesn't stop there, an oversized t-shirt can be worn tucked in and/ or with the sleeves turned up or if it's big enough, as a dress.

Here are two ways I have worn mine lately but check out future posts for more oversize tee wearing ideas. My t-shirts usually have a skate or band logo on them and come in bright colours but a plain over size tee also looks awesome. Go get yours today!

All clothing from Vision Streetwear, Topshop, Maui and Primark.

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ND xx

Monday, 22 September 2014

True Blue Baby

Not content with having blue hair, it looks like No Debutante is loving blue everything! Today's post is inspired by this recent blue obsession.

The first Double Denim outfit was late 80s early 90s inspired, a vintage Wrangler jacket found in my loft which I actually wore during the 1990s, worn with my favourite Topshop Mom jeans, a Breton tee which I've had forever and my trusty Converse and frilly ankle socks.

In the second outfit I am wearing a  laid back and slouchy, crop top and maxi skirt, pretty much the whole outfit came from Primark at one point or another. 

I am not a slave to labels, I wear vintage, thrifted, hoarded items, high street, I don't care, I know I can make it work without splashing out too much money! Sure, I get inspired by the latest catwalk and designer pieces but I usually prefer to recreate outfits that inspire me, this could be the latest looks from London Fashion Week, someone I saw on the street or a vintage style icon from a film, a music video or from a Pinterest image. I just like what I like and dress how I want and if you like it too, then that's cool! 

All clothing from Wrangler vintage, Converse, Vivien Of Holloway, Topshop, Asos and Primark. 

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ND xx

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Late Summer Grunge

It seems I only have time for a weekly blog post these days, I am trying my hardest to find more time to blog but I am no longer kidding myself that a daily blog post is possible. I also have no time to attend fashion weeks (as much as I would love too) like all the other bloggers seem to manage, but I am happy being a mother, an alternative looking mother I guess, but a mother with a massive fashion obsession, who loves to blog!
At the weekend I attended my friends Sarah and Paul's festival style wedding and met a lovely lady from my new favourite on line shop The White Pepper, who introduced herself to me after enquiring if my dress was from The White Pepper, which indeed it was! (The outfit post will follow in the next few weeks!) I had my photo taken for The White Pepper Instagram but amongst the wedding fun and chasing little Sylvie around the festival site, I didn't really get a chance to chat too much. I would really love to do a collaboration with them! Watch this space. 

 Today's personal style post features my new favourite jeans, the Mom jeans, from Topshop. I am really happy to have found a pair of jeans that I love and haven't had to be cut from 1950s patterns for me to even give them the time of day! Don't get me wrong, I love my modern vintage jeans too but sometimes a contemporary item is needed to keep things current. Since I have been running, I have managed to gain a flatter stomach too which just makes me even happier! Not bad after three kids....eh?

The grunge look is still working for me and looks to be hanging around for another season, as my hair colour gets brighter (check out Instagram / facebook to see it now!) and long hair for girls and boys, Dr Martens and plaid shirts have become even more popular rather than a seasonal fad. 

It was a hazy morning when I took these pics, which kinda adds to the mood, I think. I dressed my Mom jeans with a plaid shirt, crop tops, Converse and Dr Martens, with hair worn long and centre parted or up in a messy topknot. Which is your favourite look?

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ND xx

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Hey Babe, Your Hair's Alright.....

My hair had been transformed this summer following my decision to go for full on blue hair just before my holiday to Ibiza. Check out all of my summer hair styles before and after the Mermaid blue locks arrived. I do like my hair really blue but I actually prefer it when the colour fades to more of a turquoise blue, it's the hair colour that just keeps on giving and blue never seems to fade! It's a win win colour and lasts so much longer than other bright semi colours. I use Crazy Color products. 

It's not all about the colour though, this summer I have been experimenting with Rockabilly quiffs, waves,twists, victory rolls, 1950s cute pony tails, braids, buns and recently, now my hair is longer, have been wearing my hair down a lot more, centre parted with kirby grips. I have, of course been very grunge and 1990s influenced lately but the 1970s are coming back for me in a big way. Which probably makes sense since during the 1990s the 1970s were a big influence. These things have a habit of  repeat themselves in the fashion cycle. I can almost smell the late 1990s minimalism trend on the horizon! 

Thanks for joining me today and get hair inspired!

ND xx

Monday, 8 September 2014

Cruel Summer

Hey hey Fashionistas! As usual I've been mega busy with family and work commitments so I have to apologise for taking a week to write this post!
Let's get straight in there and have a chat about a couple of recent personal style outfits that I've been out and about in lately. The first, I described as a 'Autumn 2014 layering Try Out' on Instagram. The weather had taken an Autumnal turn here in the UK, the sun had literally disappeared! It seems mad now since our Great British Indian summer has turned up and the sun is indeed shining again! 

I am loving Smock dresses, I wear them alone (with shorts underneath, they are goddamn short) or layered over jeans and skirts. Layering is an easy way to keep those summer wardrobe items working for you in the colder months! On this occasion I have layered the smock dress over my Mom jeans both from Topshop. 
I have since bought two more smock dresses from my new favourite on line shop The White Pepper. One of which I shall hopefully be wearing to a festival inspired wedding I am attending on Saturday, watch this space for wedding outfits, antics and inspirations! 

The second look is more geek chic than  1950s inspired. I love mashing up styles so a rock tee worn with a 1950s circle skirt and plimsolls is a great geek chic mix. Real Modern Vintage! I wore my hair up in a cute and quirky off centre top knot to finish the look.
 Which look is your favourite? Autumn Layering or Modern Vintage Geek?

All clothing from Topshop, Urban Outfitters and Vivienne Of Holloway.

Thanks so much for reading and please feel free to leave comments! 

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See you soon Fashionistas

ND xx

Monday, 1 September 2014

The Face You Wore Was Cool, You Where A Photograph...

It has been over two weeks since my last blog post, Facebook entry and Instagram pic as No Debutante.....Some of you may have been wondering where I have been. Two weeks ago I received the saddest news that will change the life of myself and my family forever. I have been shocked and broken and have not felt like doing much at all. It seemed selfish to write a fashion blog and post photographs of myself and letting you know what I have been wearing has seemed irrelevant. I have longed for normality to come back but as I said, my world has now changed forever. Nobody likes change and the best thing to combat a big change and what it throws at you is to bring some normality back into my life. My kids definitely help with bringing me back to reality (whether I like it or not) but a good friend of mine (my gosh, I have had so many good, good friends lately!!) gave me some advice which I have to say is possibly the best advice I have ever been given. The advice is that you do not have to accept what has happened but to try and adapt to the change. This friend also advised me to bring some normality back into my life and I am so grateful she did. 
You can either fall into a pit of despair, which is not really my style, or start doing some of the things you did before. Things you like doing. Well, I'm not sure how normal it is to take personal style photographs of yourself and share this with the world, but it IS something I like to do. So, move out the way all you teeny fashion bloggers, No Debutante is back on the blogger map and ready to style you out of the room!! BOOM! 

Here are a couple of my recent outfits, today it's all about Jeans and how I wear 'em. Vintage Rock'n'Roller or Contemporary 90s style?

All clothing from Freddies Of Pinewood, Primark, Converse, Topshop and Urban Outfitters.

Thank you to all of my friends and family who have been so supportive to me and my blog. You all Rock!!

Over and Out. ND xx
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