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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Aztec on Camera

It's been trying to make a comeback for about 5 years but finally it has broken through and is here to stay for Autumn / Winter 2011. It's all over the High Street and on the catwalks. For anyone younger than 25 years old Aztec will not be an issue but for those of us kids from the 80s (and 90s for those of us whose homes / student accommodations wouldn't shake off those Aztec print curtains and duvets) Aztec is still raw and offensive!

It's been about 15 years, let it back into your life. Look at all these Aztec beauties!! All images from asos.com Topshop.com riverisland.com & americanapparel.co.uk

Here's my favourite Aztec Piece from this collection of images, It's from my beloved American Apparel, a red aztec bodycon dress, what more could you want?

Mix and match aztec here from Asos A/ W 11 Collection, The new grunge look for this season, grunge is always trying to make a comeback in my opinion, its a fine line between grunge and crusty which must be attacked carefully, you don't want to end up looking like a Trustafarian (Trust fund white rasta for those of you who havent heard that one before) Too much layering is crusty not grunge! Can I just point out the boots on this image and on some of the other Asos images here, THEY ARE HIDEOUS AND THEY UPSET ME! Doc Martins are the way to go for sure!

Blanket coats were all over the catwalks, I'm personally quite liking the size of this one, although I generally promote buying oversized coats and cardigans, you don't want to end up looking like a Peruvian pan pipe player, this one's cute and from Asos. I like the styling here worn with a jumper (oversized worn as a dress) with tights and high boots.

I like this River Island bodycon aztec dress but can I just point out the pocket? What would you use it for? It ruins the dress in my opinion.

I love these electric blue Asos Aztec leggings worn with the jumper dress and some ankle boots, would have been better with the Docs though.

Matching leggings for the River island bodycon dress with no wired pocket detail, much better!

This Topshop Aztec cardigan is great, I'd buy in size massive and although it has no fastenings, would just wrap it round me like a blanket.........all day.

Another Asos blanket coat, boarderlining on Peruvian pan pipe length but just cuts it I reckon. I hate winter but coats and blankets can't be bad. No tights in a UK Winter? I think not.

Asos blanket coat mixed with aztec top...ignore the hat.

Cute khaki parka and aztec trousers looks comfy,I'm all about the comfort at the moment, but a bare midriff.... in the winter? It's those awful boots again and OMG  is that a CND symbol necklace? I'm not 14 years old! 2  out of 5 for styling here Asos. I am being such a bitch today, I really rate Aztec honest!

Another Asos oversized cardigan which I love, cast your eyes away from the CND necklace and all is good!

My favourite Asos Aztec leggings, layered with aztec dress and a massive scarf, I still have a massive orange wide knit scarf from Topshop from about 5 years ago, its fantastic and still going strong, I'll pop it on my blog soon enough. You know what I'm going to ask you to ignore on this image, I don't need to mention it!

OK, so that about wraps up Aztec, I hope my bitching mood hasn't put you off it. I'm thinking I want the American apparel dress and a big aztec cardigan which will come in useful over the next final 8 weeks of my pregnancy when the weather turns real cold a I realise I cant do any of my jackets up! Next post will be my Pregnancy blog Whole Lotta Rosie, put it this way I'm having to write my blog on the sofa on my laptoip as I'm having trouble leaning forward! Over and out No Debutante xx

Monday, 19 September 2011

Punk, Rockabily and the Tartan Army

Leading nicely on from Poly Styrene's punk pop style to the reappearance of punk and tartan this year. Following a punk inspired issue of ID Magazine that I had picked up early on this year, I have been very excited to see the return of punk styling, not that it ever really left me in the first place. This time around tartan features heavily rather than the ripped, customised punk cliches of the last decade (I'm no innocent in this, I started my label Phlem in the early 2000's based upon this customised, do-it-yourself ethos.) alongside tartan, is the rockabily or  50s influence which was one of the original inspirations for punk from the lovely Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm Maclaren. They pioneered the punk style mixing tailored 50s items with bondage gear and customisation, the bondage look is also strong this season.

I have been inspired by the off the wall, playful punk style autumn / winter 2011 Ashish Collection (available at Asos) the A/W 2011 catwalks, and I have sourced a few images from the high street so you can see the type of thing that is out there to buy now, I have also added images from Vivien of Holloway (one of my favourite shops - even got my wedding dress there) who use original 1950s patterns to create their wonderful creations, the cut, shape and quality is fantastic and better than you would get on the high street for similar prices.

 The first of the Ashish pieces that I like (there were so may to chooses from!!!) They are a lot
 out of my budget at £900 for the trousers, but I can admire them, just the same. I love the styling, it's very similar to the styling from my earlier androgynous style post back in August with the denim shirt, 50s ribbon tie,  ankle grazer trousers and the gorgeous brothel creepers (which I now have a pair of and will be appearing on this blog very soon!).
 I always love a bit of Union Jack, there is always such a stigma to wearing it though, is it seen as patriotic? Brit Chic? Or just full on rascist? I always see it as brit chic, inspired by punk and mod styling, I love the skinhead look too always have, this does not make me (or skinheads for that matter) right wing! To be honest, you see the Union Jack (or Union Flag as they like to call it these days) everywhere now from the twee Cath Kidson inspired homewear shops to Asda, despite this there will always be someone who IS offended by the Union Jack. I say if you like it wear it! Politics aside, look at this Ashish jumper? Its so cuddly and warm, who could resist it?
 Loving this little sequin tartan skirt, waist is a bit small for me at the mo and it doesnt contain lycra, I shall admire it from afar, Oh, yes that's right, I couldnt afford it anyway it's £470.....
 It's those lovely sequin tartan trousers again complete with bondage zips and paired with the sequinned skeleton print top. This is the sort of top my son's would choose for me if they got to buy my clothes (I'd clearly be in fancy dress everyday) Well good luck boys this lovely Ashish number will set you back £440. I do love Ashish's tounge in cheek pieces though and can only dream of owning them, I think my favourites here are the Sequin tartan mini skirt and the cuddly right wing jumper!
 This tartan coat from Asos looks cute, I couldn't find a full length version of it but that doesn't matter look at the cute black shorts, black spotty tights and desert shoe boots combo? Love it!
 A bit of eye candy for the girls (who like boys)  here, once you look past the boy check out his Donkey jacket with tartan sleeves, also from Asos. I'd like to see my husband in this, I'm not sure he'd be too willing.....at first...
 This tartan jacket from Asos i like but I'm not too happy with the styling here, it's not how I'd do it, it's a bit twee, It needs roughing up at the edges ( I don't mean ripping up the jacket) I'd wear it undone with some kind of brooch attached, a punk tee underneath, with my ankle grazers (or jeans) and Brothel creepers......sorted!
 There are many versions of this Tartan print midi pencil skirt available on the high street but if you wanna look the part in the best cut skirts make sure you get your's from Vivien of Holloway (mine's gonna arrive in my Xmas stocking this year following the birth of my baby- I'm positive i'll get in it!) How cool is this Pinafore skirt? You can get it in plain colours too for those who can't bring themselves to go for tartan. It's only £49, I love you Vivienne!
 Here it again on the lovely Anna Fur Laxis, I want her tattoos too!
 Another version of the Vivienne of Holloway Pinafore skirt of the gorgeous, Burlesque star Missy Malone ( I had the pleasure of seeing Missy perform at Hoochie Coochie Kaberet, Bristol, where I have been resident DJ for a few years now). Missy rocks the skirt!
Here's Anna rocking a high waister pencil skirt also from Vivienne of Holloway. It's only £35 and has been replicated, in some cases, quite badly, on the high street for the same or even a more expensive price! Get Vivienne, I promise,  you'll feel great and won't regret it!

Monday, 12 September 2011

My Style Icons - Part 3 - Poly Styrene

I mentioned punk in my last post so I thought it linked nicely onto my next Style Icon, her name is Poly Styrene and she was the lead vocalist for punk band X-Ray Spex. I love punk but not in the obvious contrived Punk way, I do not have safety pins in my face, wear bondage trousers or sport a mohican. I love the music and play alot of punk at my club night Bang, especially X-Ray Spex. I would describe my punk style as Punk Pop, I am influenced by the 50s styling that also heavily influenced Punk but I wouldn't say I am into the bondage styling too much, I love mixing punk with colourful pieces, militaria and costume accessories, I think it was named the Supermarket of style during the 90s, but it allows you to follow the seasonal trends whilst adding your Pop Punk/toy like edge to it, the Japanese are great at it but the first woman of Punk Pop for me, is the late, great, day-glo punk toy Poly Styrene. Braces on the teeth and pure punk pop attitude with her pop culture political mixed lyrics........'oh bondage....up Yours!'

Poly Syrene wearing what looks like a Fried Breakfast print dress, white leggings and polo neck and some white pointy kitten heels, wish I had this picture in colour. I have added a few of Poly Styrene's lyrics that are pop/ fashion based just for fun, I like the childlike / teenage view of life mixed with tounge in cheek politics, it's all in the delivery, you need to listen to the music.

When I put on my make-up
The pretty little mask not me
That's the way a girl should be
In a consumer society

ART-I-FICIAL - Xray Spex

Perfect example of Poly Styrene wearing a pop punk version of militaria, check out the braces.

He's the rebel on the underground
She's the rebel of the modern town


There is nothing particularly glamourous about this one, I just like it for the girl next door look.


Pop punk vocalist for Xray Spex during the 1970s, looking like a mix between Johnny Rotten and Bootsy Collins.

I am a poseur and I don't care
I like to make people stare
I AM A POSEUR - Xray Spex

You don't get much more pop than Smash Hits do you? Loving the childlike earrings and militaria, oh and the braces!
Look at Poly Styrene's outfit, it's like a short leather granny dress, actually it reminds me of the outfit Alex's Mum weras in A Clockwork Orange, infact it's nearly identical!The rest of the band seem to be in futuristic bondage outfirs too, sex was never really an issue with Xray Spex, it was more of a playful punk look. I have clearly nicked this image from google images, it still has a proofing mark on it, nice! All images on this post are from Google images.

One more step over the line, a more extreme outfit here, a futuristic, pop, air-raid shelter safety officer look, the braces are off, I miss them!

I clambered over mounds and mounds
Of polystyrene foam
And fell into a swimming pool
Filled with fairy snow
And watched the world turn day-glo

Add caption

The cover of one of my favourite albums ever by my beloved X-ray Spex - Germfree Adolescents, you have to listen to it, it's a punk pop classic. I remember some journalist on TV saying ' who on earth sits at home listening to Xray Spex these days?' Well I shall tell you, old punk journalist.....ME! Look at this day glo cover, the boys are wearing those towelling neon socks that seemed to be everywhere in the late 70s and early 80s, you usually wore two different colours if you had any style sense about you.....

You may get to touch her
If your gloves are sterilised
Rinse your mouth with listerine
Blow disinfectant in her eyes

Where shall we have the next publicity shot taken? By the bin? Good idea.......i'll get in it....

Poly Styrene is not your typical Style Icon but then again, I am not a typical girl, always looking outside the box. It's not all about beauty and glamour in fashion. I like to mix and mix (not match) styles, dressed down one minute and dressed UP the next. I think about what I am going to wear each day, oh and combine this with whatever is clean or, in my current state, whatever still fits.....Punk pop all the way!


Monday, 5 September 2011

Whole Lotta Rosie Part 3

Here's the latest Whole Lotta Rosie Pregnancy Fashion update. It covers weeks 26 - 29 of my Pregnancy Fashion Diaries and see's me move into the third trimester of this, my third and final pregnancy. It has been a fairly hot Summer and I've been enjoying bare legs for months (except at work,my skirts and shorts are still a bit too short for office wear.) I am not looking forward to wearing more clothes during the colder months and I am refusing to buy any other Maternity clothes.

 Week 26
 This was the week that I really started to fill out sideways. Here I am in that ever faithful H&M bodycon dress, I was off out for a curry with work mates and had earlier on attempted to squeeze myself into my Madonna print Maxi dress (seen previously in Whole Lotta Rosie part 2) only to be disgusted to find Madonna's face was grotesquely smeared across my now bowling ball sized stomach as I stretched it over the bump. Gutted, I removed (or rather peeled off) the Maxi dress and popped this dress on. It was a hot night and I couldnt be restricted, as for the Madonna dress, I am still gonna attempt to wear it but perhaps with a top over it to hide the now unflattering print.

 Earrings and necklace from Accessorize.
 This is the sort of thing I can get away with at work, my job is split between Venue Magazine (no smart clothes please) to the Evening Post (office wear is required) I basically have no office wear so I pretty much blag my way through it with this sort of outfit. It's not denim so they can't really say anything. I go out of my way to not wear denim on jeans day too,(the fact that it's called Jeans Day is upsetting enough) I cannot stand to be told what to wear, I'm incapable of doing so.
 Blue knitted jumper from Topshop about three winters ago, found it in the sale, it was originally about £75, then went down to about £35 in the sale, I found the most ripped looking one (once a punk, always a punk) and got it knocked down to £15 as damaged goods. Nice! Under the punk top is the 'ever faithful' black bodycon dress and some Topshop non maternity leggings worn under the bump.

 Week 27 - I have just entered the Third Trimester of my Pregnancy, my baby is pretty much a mini version of what she (yes, the baby's suppossed to be a girl-but I already have 2 boys and can't quite trust it) will look like when she is born.

I was in a kind of festival style mood on this day, my husband was about to play(in his band The Relay Rips) at Shambala Festival that weekend and I was jealous not to be going! Holey knitted jumper from Topshop A/W 2010, random black vest, my favourite maternity buy the H&M denim shorts, American Apparel tube socks and Converse high tops (had these for years).

 Week 28 - Here's me and my husband Phil off to my cousins wedding. My lace bodycon dress is from Asos Maternity and is really comfortable, soft and stretchy, I can dress it up or down easily and it fits in with the A / W 2011 Fetish trend nicely. Phil wears Black Mod Shirt from Jump The Gun and grey suit from Topman.
 I was feeling so heavy and wide this week I thought I was going to explode!
Cropped black tailored jacket from Topshop 2010, with brooch, necklace and earrings from Accessorize, red sunglasses H&M, Red Wedges only £20 from my new favourite shoe shop Newlook S/S 2011.
 In between days. This has been such a  busy week, with a wedding on each weekend and had been doing overtime at work, I'm knackered and did not have time to blog which had annoyed me!
 Orange top from  Primark S/S 2011, Black vest from Topshop Maternity S/S 2011, Maternity jeans Topshop S/S 2011. These jeans look good when you first put them on but refuse to stay up, they don't have any adjusters on them so my boy hips and no ass combo can't keep them up. I was hoping as I got bigger this problem may subside but alas, it is not to be....

 Week 29 - My friends wedding, on one of the hottest days of the year, sleeves not needed! This photo is of me with one of my oldest friends Rachel who is 36 weeks and pretty much ready to pop! My bump looks rubbish in comparison, I should stop complaining... my dress same as before (you don't think I'd buy two maternity dresses did you?) from Asos Maternity. My hair looks a bit harsh in this photo, it was much softer and prettier on the other side, damn you assymmetric hair! Lovely one of Rachel though....

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