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Friday, 26 February 2021

Why slow and sustainable fashion is the new influencer on the block

Hello Sunshine! It's been a long time coming and I am sooo ready for Spring with its fresh starts, a new optimism for our future selves and the end of lockdown!

I cannot wait to ditch the coats and start wearing less, which brings me neatly onto todays topic....

A few months ago I saved a post that google decided I would be interested in, and for once, I actually was interested in it but the headline just made me feel a bit, well, uncomfortable...

"Woman wears same dress for 100 days"....

It was an article supposedly bigging up slow and sustainable fashion and it did, to some extent, but, as a person who whole heartedly embraces sustainable and slow fashion, my initial thought to that headline was simply...."Ewwww!!!!". 

This type of article for slow and sustainable fashion is not, in my view, helping to promote a realistic, sustainable lifestyle. It is actually scaring people off! 

"What? I have to wear the same dress, every day, for four months to be sustainable? No, it's not for me!" 

I can understand that mindset. Even as a big sustainable supporter I also DO NOT want to wear the same dress for 100 days! I will probably wear many of my clothes more than 100 times but not in daily succession thank you very much! 

Don't get me wrong, I congratulate the woman, for the sake of slow fashion in the fight against mass consumerism, her stamina to wear that dress for 100 days is to be commended...I'm just not going to do it and it isn't giving out the positive message that sustainable and slow fashion needs to right now.

The world is slowly being woken up to the nightmares of fast fashion so we need to keep that audience captive for as long as we can, not lose them to fast fashion as soon as all the corporate high street shops are open again. 

To make matters worse, a year ago, I read a similar article in The Guardian, I think, where there were lots of reasonably enthusiastic slow fashion supporters, like myself, lumped in with the likes of this bloke who confessed to be wearing his dead Dad's pants! NO!!! THAT'S JUST TOO FAR!! 

There needs to be a limit to how we encourage and champion sustainable lifestyles without bringing in the gutter trash journalism that terrifies the general public straight back to Primark and its fast fashion safety net. 

We need to gently ask people to stop buying fast fashion and to buy less.

Clothes do wear out so it is OK to replace them but buying just because you are bored, on a lunch break or out of habit is just not acceptable anymore! 

Shaking away that view that pre-loved clothing is unpleasant whilst changing the mindset that sustainable fashion is only for the middle classes who can afford it....I feel like I am repeating myself here but....supporting sustainable fashion doesn't mean buying ethically sourced organic clothing neither does it mean you have to stop buying clothes altogether. 

We have to make slow fashion fun, unique and the biggest new influencer on social media, that everyone wants to aspire to. This is where the independent designers, vintage stores, charity shops and your existing wardrobes come in, you know what to do! Get creative and look outside that box! 

The Six Items Challenge

A year ago I was up to my neck in Labour Behind the Labels - Six Items Challenge.

I wore six items of clothing for six weeks and it was HARDCORE! I would probably lose the plot if I wore the same dress for 100 days, but I did manage six items for six weeks.  

The Six items challenge asks you to create a capsule wardrobe and limit the amount of clothes you wear in support of garment workers who are suffering as a result of fast fashion AND change your mindset on over-buying!

The challenge is happening again RIGHT NOW. It only started a week ago so why not hop on board the slow fashion train and give it a go and see how long you can last???  

It's a challenge in itself to reduce down your beloved wardrobe to only six items that will also work together as a capsule wardrobe but it's totally doable. 

My biggest tip would be to include dungarees, jumpsuits and/or dresses that can be layered up, as this offers so many outfit variations, much more than separate pieces like trousers and tops. 

The other thing to consider is the season.... In the UK cold weather and grey days can be on the regular so your fave cardigan, hoodie or light jacket will need to be included. 

Accessories are also your friend with a capsule wardrobe, nothing changes an outfit more than an amazing headscarf, big earrings or a good ol' belt, so creativity is key! You have unlimited options with accessories and they will also help relieve the 'same outfit' boredom that creeps in around the end of Week 2! 

For those of you who are terrified of the idea of the Six Items Challenge, can I reassure you that underwear, sleepwear, sports gear, work uniforms, coats, shoes and accessories ARE NOT included in your six items. This was the game-changer for me. 

Find out how I got on in my blog posts from 2020's challenge in the links below and find out all you need to know about the Six items Challenge from Labour Behind The Label



After five weeks (and a lot of ridiculous and cheesy ideas) the IGTV series that accompanies this blog, finally has a name...Drumroll please.....EMTV  - You know like as in Emma, my name.....it was obvious really wasn't it? Plus, it was given the thumbs up from my, usually over-critical, 16 year old son Lucian so it must be good! 

In my next blog post I shall be sharing how a capsule wardrobe of six items of clothing from my wardrobe can be styled up to last the whole of the Six Items Challenge and perhaps I shall even challenge myself to see how long I can last! It would be really great if you also chose six items and joined me and Labour Behind the Label in supporting slow and sustainable fashion. Let me know if you want to take part! 

I'd really love to hear any feedback about this post and anything that is mentioned within it. It would be great to hear your views and experiences.

Please give the IGTV vlog that accompanies this blog post a watch alongside the other videos in the EMTV series. 

Thank you for supporting  - Big love XX

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