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Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Taking on Labour Behind the Labels - Six Items Challenge

Seriously?? How long can this fashionista cope with only six items of clothing for six weeks?

Well, it turns out nearly three weeks and counting...I know, I'm as shocked as you are!

What is The Six Items Challenge? 

For those of you who haven't been following my story on Instagram and Facebook, here's the lowdown...

The Six Items Challenge was started by Labour Behind the Label a campaign organisation working to improve working conditions for garment workers around the globe.

The six items challenge asks you to pledge to wear just six items of clothing for six weeks. 

The six items includes tops, jumpers, dresses, skirts, trousers, jumpsuits - basically any item that constructs your main outfit. 

There is however, a little piece of happiness included in the challenge that makes it a bit more bearable for any fashion lover to achieve....the challenge doesn't include underwear (the most frequently asked question and rightly so) sleepwear, gym clothes, uniforms, coats, shoes or accessories - and lucky for me, I love accessories, so that's a plus point! 

Why take part in the Six Items Challenge? 

Apart from helping to raise awareness and money for garment workers, the challenge makes you stop and look at your own wardrobe and your consuming habits. 

It limits the amount of clothing you can wear down to a small capsule wardrobe to hopefully help you see that you don't need to buy new clothes all the time, and that you can create lots of new and fresh looks using items already in your wardrobe. It could save you some money too! 

This challenge is aimed at fast fashion consumers and fashion lovers, if you already have a basic capsule wardrobe, good for you, please try and encourage others to get involved in the challenge! 

How did I get involved? 

I have been promoting sustainable fashion for a few years and in the past year I have slowed right down with my own shopping habits and tried to live more sustainably. 

However, I have so many clothes to choose from (I am also a hoarder) that this really is a big challenge for me personally, to limit my wardrobe down to just six items for six whole weeks seems completely impossible!!

Labour Behind the Label's director of fundraising Caroline Lewis suggested I give the challenge a go....

I pondered over it for a couple of weeks and came to the decision that I could, at least, try. 

What did I have to lose?  At the very least I could raise awareness for Labour Behind the Label and the work that they do and challenge myself to see how long I could last. I'll be honest, my hopes weren't high....

On the positive side, I am hoping to share styling tips, problems that I have overcome and info on how to cope with a capsule wardrobe for six weeks; to encourage others to slow down on their mass consuming and look at their existing wardrobe in a new way.

All photos are little snippets of the six items challenge garms & outfits I have worn. Find out more in the next blog post!  

The Challenge...

On the eve of the challenge, which started on Wednesday, February 26, I still had no idea what my six items would be (this isn't going too well so far, is it?) but last minute, I had the brainwave to look at my Instagram photo wall for inspirational purposes and see which items I wore the most....

I had also been given a few of pieces of advice from others who had tried (and some failed - which filled me with terror) to take part in the challenge....

Tip 1 - It's still the winter, you need warm clothes - check!
Tip 2 - Do not choose just separates (tops and bottoms) you will get bored very quickly - check!
Tip 3 - Choose items you can layer up in different combos - check!
Tip 4 - Dresses and jumpsuits are a single outfit in one - check!

Taking all this into consideration, and the fact that I was desperately running out of time, I choose my six items...all smothered in prints and fun colours, of course! 

My Six Items 

1. Bomber jacket 
2. Long sleeve t-shirt
3. Jumpsuit 
4. Dungarees
5. Oversized hoodie
6. Trousers 

Take a good look at these clothes...you're going to be seeing a lot of them....

And...I'm locked in to the challenge.....

Follow my daily updates on how to style up your six items with tips and problems I come across on Instagram, Facebook and here on the blog. 

Oh, one more thing....


It's not just a challenge for me, you can help too!

When I started the challenge I donated some money to the Labour Behind the Label Trust to help garment workers and have been asking others to donate too.

Here's that link again in case you missed it Donate to Labour Behind the Labour Trust

You can donate as little as a £1 or whatever you can afford, a one off payment! There's no sign up, you just pay and go! Instead of buying that new top why not donate? 

Just bought something new? If you donate some money to Labour Behind the Label too perhaps that money will go to help the right people that made the item in the first place rather than the fashion corporate's pockets.....It's something to think about.....


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