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Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Labour Behind the Labels - Six Items Challenge - Part 3

There are only a few more days left of the Labour Behind the Label - Six Items Challenge 2020! In today's post we will take a look at the different styling combos, that I have worn over the past five weeks, using just six items of clothing; with a few tips, challenges and interactions that I have come across along the way. 

I have certainly had ups and downs, from thriving to the challenge, to getting a bit bored of the same six items, to feeling amazing that I have managed to completely cut down on the amount of clothes I wear and need; to thinking 'what's the point?' as the Coronavirus lock-down kicked in. It's been an emotional roller-coaster for sure!

The jumpsuit....

I introduced my sixth item (a Lucy & Yak jumpsuit) to the challenge on Day 8. 
Tip 5 - A jumpsuit can be worn on its own, with a top under or over it or even with the sleeves tied round your waist. 

Dressing like a man...

A week into the challenge I realised, I'd started dressing like a man. I don’t mean my style, I mean the way I get dressed....

I started putting on my under garments and socks first before collecting my outfit together! I seriously couldn’t understand why men (ie my husband ) did this so fluidly, until now.

Since my wardrobe is limited to six items, I have less choice to get overwhelmed about. I tend to pre-plan each day to make my limited outfits more varied.

I already know what I am going to wear, rather than thinking “What top am I wearing? Which bra goes best under it? Do I need tights or socks? Which socks?...This looks awful…I have nothing to wear…..waaaa!!!”

I envied men for getting up in the morning and just getting dressed, and mostly still looking good, with no effort or stress! Now, I get it and it’s been quite liberating, to not give a shit!

The bomber jacket...

"Separates make things a little more limited, there are not as many options as with dungarees or dresses. 
I'm also really appreciating being able to wear different coats, this changes up your look, keeping things fresh!" Day 7 


Please support the Labour Behind the Label Trust to support garments workers around the world in the fight against fast fashion.

Donate to Labour Behind the Label

The dungarees....

Tip 6 - Dungarees can provide many combos - wear tops over the top or underneath or wear the dungaree bib
 (or a single strap) down to create different style options. 

Keep it clean...

Two weeks in I started to struggle to keep my clothes washed/ in circulation, with an aim to keep things fresh (in both senses of the word!).I overcame this by throwing on whatever was clean or available, whenever I needed to. Trying to keep as much pressure off myself as possible to make the challenge more bearable. 

I'd agree that having to wash things more often doesn't have the greatest impact on the planet but since I have certainly reduced the amount of items I have to wash, it balances out. 

The Trousers....

"The challenge has become a way of life for me now, I'm shocked to say I am not looking at the rest of my wardrobe dreaming about when I can wear the rest of my clothes.
 I'm over it"  Day 17.

The accessories......

Keeping things bright, fun and unique in Emotional Waterfall prints & accessories


I have had lots of amazing encouragement, often from strangers, throughout the challenge which has been heartfelt, alongside a handful of nonchalant comments from people not understanding the importance of the challenge or even why it is called a challenge... 

The one thing all of the latter had in common was that they were not interested in fashion, so I understood their doubt, fast fashion is simply not something that enters their world, which in one way, is a good thing; however these people are not the ones I am trying to engage with. 

I really DO follow fashion and I AM part of the problem and I want others who ARE interested in fashion to SLOW DOWN on their consumption and to look into their existing wardrobe – rather than buying yet another new top – to see what new fashion combos they can create, in a bid to help save the planet and support garment workers.

I am doing this challenge and supporting slow fashion to end the fast fashion mindset, not to end fashion, style or creativity. 

Spreading the love of slow fashion is a challenge in itself. It’s really hard to get people to listen and even if they are listening….is it really going in?

All I can do is keep at it….

Thank you so much for your support, it means a great deal! xx

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