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Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Labour Behind the Labels - Six Items Challenge - Part 2

Things have changed so much since I started the Labour Behind the Label - Six Items challenge only four weeks ago. We are now living in a different world that is alien to us all.

It's hard to continue with daily life when so much has happened in such a small space of time, making other things you are doing seem so irrelevant!

Things that seemed like such a mammoth task a few weeks ago have really been put into perspective.

The six items challenge itself and what it stands for is still just as powerful and relevant as it was, and the importance of the message hasn't changed.

Covid-19 has made us all slow down whether we like it or not but the message to slow down on consumption hasn't been received. The panic buying and selfish hoarding of essential items has made this very clear. We have not learnt our lesson, we are not being kind to each other. Are you still consuming fashion the same way? Albeit, online...??

There is a plus side to all this...

Now that we (literally) have nowhere to go, we could all give the six items challenge a whirl...Find out how here...

I challenge you to get involved, share your six items and let us see how many outfits you can come up with! Let's do this together!

Find out the Top Six Items challenge Tips below...

No Debutante's Six items outfits

Soldiering on with the challenge, here's how I wore it and how I coped in the first week...

I started the challenge with my first items the (Lucy & Yak X Emotional Waterfall) dungarees -  I love these dungarees and everyone knows it - paired with the pink long sleeve top; a late comer to the six items party, replacing a t-shirt at the last minute when I realised I was gonna get cold and needed more warm layers. Outfit one complete!

Day two introduced the Kuccia bomber jacket, a stalwart in the No Debutante wardrobe, it was obviously in my six items, wore this sexy piece layered over the dungarees, long sleeve pink top worn underneath. One outfit three items...keep up!

Day three welcomed the cuddly pink hoodie and the polka-dot trousers to the game. Items four and five. I actually wore this outfit to the Greta Thunberg climate strike in Bristol. REPRESENT! The outfit was hidden away under waterproofs, so I wore the same outfit again the next day as nobody saw it! Boom!

.....Don't worry, I am not going to do a rundown of all the items every day like a charts countdown, from here on in there will be tips and new outfit combos only, plus we haven't even clapped eyes on Item Six yet....(unless you follow me on instagram that is!).

No Debutante's Six Items Tips

Tip 1  -  Get comfy and wear your PJ's in the evening, it gives your clothes a chance to air so you don't have to wash them so frequently.

Tip 2 - Hang your clothes up after wearing them for the same reasons as above and to keep the creases out of them.

Tip 3 - Accessories are your best friend during this challenge, they can continuously transform the same outfit! Get creative!

Tip 4 - Underwear as outerwear - only for the brave....I wore a sports bra top underneath my dungarees on a night out..Technically, it isn't cheating as underwear is not included as one of the six items! I was very pleased with myself and things seemed to be going well....until.....

Six Items Accident - Pink top one (right & centre) pink top two (right) 

The Six Items accident!

Just four days in and things start to go wrong...I seriously am one of the clumsiest people I know....Somehow I managed to get permanent marker splodged right in the middle of the pink top!? I have no idea how and when this happened! I tried to Vanish the stain away but that was an epic fail, just like my six items challenge was becoming...just four days in though???  Fuming!

I had worn the top for the rest of the day after getting the stain on it, thinking nobody would notice, but three people independently told me I had a stain on my top, that was the last straw!

I know I shouldn't care about such a small thing but I'm wearing just six items for six weeks (if I can manage not to ruin them all) for my sanity and my confidence I would rather not be wearing shabby, stained clothes for six weeks, so I 'fessed up and put the question out asking the insta community what I should do...

One suggestion was to applique something over the stain and another to dye the top, both good ideas but..I didn't want to ruin my top anymore with dodgy amendments  - which they would be - plus I will still wear this top, just not as a separate - so due to a lack of time and creativity at this point, and being so early on in the challenge, I decided to swap my pink top for another - very similar - pink top I found in my husbands wardrobe.

It looks pretty much identical (see photos above) just with slightly different print placements. This is not a new item and it will be the pink top that will be worn for the following six weeks of the challenge, I felt justified, I hadn't failed and, to be honest, I was over it pretty quickly....Item six to be revealed in the next post...

A little heartfelt request.....

Please, in these mad times, don't let boredom take hold of you and start carelessly buying fast fashion online to cheer yourself up, lets fight fast fashion (and coronavirus) together & get equal rights for those garment workers around the world too. Why not put your time to better use and try out the six items challenge??

Please support & get involved.

Donate to Labour Behind the Label


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