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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

No Debutante - Mish Mash

Have you ever had one of them days when you put on one of your most favourite items from your wardrobe only to discover it really isn't your favourite anymore? I had this discovery this morning about 20 minutes before the school run and went into a sheer panic about what I was going to wear ( I know this is not a big concern for many people but I do like to pre-plan an outfit).
 I had put on my big red oversized American Apparel batwing hoodie only to discover that it felt like I was wearing pyjamas. I guess over the years this old favourite has become a bit out of shape and I have probably just moved on style wise but in it's sportsluxe reign -  circa 2010/12 -  I bloody loved it! 
I remember a similar thing happening with a sixties style summer dress I had a few years back that I wore to death and then it got so threadbare that I had to stop wearing it. Thing is I (as is fashion) am a fickle thing and was so over it by the time I had made the decision not to wear it again.
 I guess, the old trusty American Apparel hoodie will live on as a bit of 'lounging around the house' wear,  poor old sweatshirt, it was an 80s fashion statement when I bought it! I am so over it already.....

Here's the outfit I chose to wear instead I shall not attempt to label the look, it's usual No Debutante mish mash up style, the other day somebody on Pinterest had repinned one of my Personal style pics onto a board called 'What?' with the caption underneath reading simply.....'there are no words....' which instead of taking personally, I had a little chuckle about it and only found myself even more encouraged to dress the way I do, as fitting in with the masses isn't really my style!

I'm off to see Vikki Mac tonight and get my hair all pink, platinum and lovely in time for my next club night 'Bang' which is on Saturday! Exciting times!! Expect some new hair shots tomorrow!

Styling by No Debutante. Todays Photographer is Mika (aged 6)

Thanks for reading my blog!

ND xx

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