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Saturday, 11 May 2013

No Debutante - Early Bird

Oh my god! The baby got me up at 6.45am today, on a Saturday!!! I think she is trying to kill me......Where is my husband Phil to help you may ask? Well, he's off to Japfest (a Japanese car event -Phil has a Japanese vintage car) with his 240z and mate Mikee, leaving me here with all these children! It is his turn to escape since I went up to London last week to see my lovely ladies, so I guess it is only fair! I have spent the morning taking all three kids to Lucian's (my oldest son) swimming lesson. That boy is an amazing swimmer with great technique. I stay away from him when we are swimming, I don't want to show him up! I tell you what though I could bloody tread water for England. Have some of that!

So, the perfect attire for swimming lessons, wasn't lounge wear and crocs (yikes) like all the other parents, I went for a rockabilly look today with 1950s Vivien of Holloway jeans, Breton top, oversized cardigan and of course my frilly ankle socks and creepers, perfect for a trip to the swimming pool, I thought! What do you think?

All styling by No Debutante
Photographer of the day Lucian (8)

Hope you are enjoying your weekend and did actually get a lay-in this morning!!

Thanks for reading!

ND xx

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