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Thursday, 2 May 2013

No Debutante - Go Wild

Today I realised that I really am totally over buying expensive magazines.
This weekend I am going on a long bus journey to London (trains are too expensive too) and thought I would treat myself to a magazine only to be shocked by the price and deciding that I can actually find most of the content digitally on their own website AND find just as inspiring fashion features online too via blogs that I follow, Pinterest, instagram, google +....the list goes on. Magazines just can't compete with the constant fashion updates and trends happening every second on social networking sites and this is a hard thing for me to admit as I work in magazine publishing, which is sadly a dying trade.
 I am also sad because I am a self confessed magazine lover, I love to pick up a magazine, turn the new pages and the smell of the print but I will not pay £6 plus for it unless it is the most awesome magazine in the whole world!
I have imported many issues of the Japanese street style fashion magazine Fruits, it is really inspiring and looks at fashion in totally different and playful way. For me personally it changed my sense of style alongside my other deceased favourite The Face.
How can these more expensive magazines compete, who is buying them these days? Even high street stores have got in on the magazine act, you can pick up reasonable instore mags at H&M and Topshop these days and they aren't half bad y'know AND they are free! I love many of these expensive magazines but I cannot justify the prices and compare them to other digital sources which are free.
In conclusion on whether to buy or not buy magazines anymore, I have decided to continue to purchase the more independent and quarterly magazines like Pigeons and Peacocks and TLG which are cheaper in comparison to the not to be named (because I still hold a torch for it) magazine I picked up today. I will continue to buy the seasonal catwalk trend issues of Vogue and may occasionally buy a £6 mag if I am loving it or if I simply need a magazine to take on my holidays.
 In short magazines, you are a dying trade and we can pretty much get what you're offering everyday for free, please don't whack your prices up so high, it's suicide!
Here's what I wore to work today.

I added my first Personal style photograph to my Instagram profile today which was very exciting, I have decided I'm not gonna promote my Instagram Profile publicly until I have a few more things for you all to look at but if you'd like to follow me anyway, I am, of course, nodebutante. Daily fashion updates promised!
Look at the sunshine in the photographs!!
All photographs taken by Lucian and Mika my sons on my new Samsung Galaxy phone.
Thanks for reading!
ND xx

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