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Thursday, 23 May 2013

No Debutante - Terminal Preppy

I have a dress for the wedding!! I found it in the first and only shop I went in, which was an unusual choice for me, the perfect dress is from.......Zara!?! I am not going to reveal the dress until the day of the wedding (that's just over two weeks) but I will reveal that the dress is floral, has an open back and has a flippy skater skirt, it is a very similar shape to the Topshop dress that I already own and it has pockets! Phil, thinks I am obsessed with pockets, I had to text him to tell him about the pockets whilst I was stood in the (very long) queue paying for the dress. It's all very exciting! I also got a pair of silky sportsluxe floral shorts for my hols, so I am feeling rather happy with my shopping successes.

Here's today's outfit, I wanted to wear my tapered jeans from Japan and the rest of the outfit followed. It's a bit of a 1950s preppy look dragged through the 1980s and into the present day, that's covering three decades in one outfit! Nice!

 Right, that's the dress sorted.......now there really is the problem of the accessories......Oh Jeez!!!

Thanks for reading my blog and watch this space to see what happens next.......Do I need new earrings?........Which shoes?......The wedding outfit saga continues........

ND xx

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