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Friday, 3 May 2013

No Debutante - Jeepers Creepers

I am off to London tomorrow to meet up with my oldest friends from my hometown. I am very excited about seeing them with good food, good wine and Lucky Voice Karaoke on the cards.......things will, as always, get messy! I am having a packing dilemma for my over night stay as this mid season weather is so unpredictable, I shall attempt to pack light but will inevitably take everything, I change my mind too much and find it very difficult to pre plan outfits, even for one day!! Rubbish!
Before I head off to London Town I am gonna attempt to write a double post tonight as there isn't a chance in hell that I'll be blogging tomorrow night but I shall attempt to get some personal style images and perhaps get some shots of my friends too so I shall have loads of blogging material! I can then publish the second post in the morning from my phone, I am loving the new phone!!
The first post is today's Personal Style post , I rocked up to work wearing a shirt dress, with a denim waistcoat and frilly ankle socks and creeper shoes. I got a few comments and few double takes....The outfit was a success....

Look at the morning light in these pics, who needs Instagrams special effects?
 Check out my Instagram to see what I wore this weekend under the name nodebutante. Blog posts to follow on Sunday......probably Monday if I know my friends visits and the hangover that follows.....
Have a great weekend!
ND xx

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