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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

No Debutante - White Wedding

I spent ages yesterday evening trawling through websites to find a dress or at least some inspiration for a dress to wear to my sister-in-law Dawn's wedding. With less than three weeks until the big day, I have to admit, I am struggling! As much as I love buying new clothes and creating outfits, I am out of my comfort zone with formal wear and the etiquette that goes with it, a biggy for me is - Do not stand out (too much) in the wedding photographs, I always dress to the extreme and having to reign it in is a challenge!!
 I feel a little uninspired since I am not just purchasing an outfit because I really like it,I am now buying it in desperation!! There is lots of pressure to find this outfit within a couple of weeks, why didn't I look for it sooner?? Well, as you know, us fashionistas are a fickle bunch and I would probably have gone off the outfit by the time I had to wear it. Where's the logic here? There isn't any! 
I did consider another Vivien of Holloway dress but I already have two (one being my own wedding dress)and I can't wear my wedding dress to my sister-in-laws wedding! 
You can see I'm having a fashion dilemma here, so, I opted for good ol' Topshop to help me through this hard time, only to find that the one dress I liked, I already have and it isn't very wedding like, but then, neither am I! Perhaps I shall go with this dress then???? 
But, I want a new dress (stamps her feet like a spoilt child)!!! 
I have decided to go on a search for a dress during my lunch break from work, I am always up for shopping!! I shall keep you updated on my wedding outfit progress and shall hopefully have a new dress for the wedding!!

Here are today's personal style pics, they have received two likes from complete strangers on Instagram this morning, which pleases me. This techno-doofus is getting the hang of all this hash tag malarkey! Now to get that Instagram widget up on the blog! 

I have actually managed to wear my leopard print Dr Martens today, I've had them ages and only worn them once!! Still on the skinhead style inspiration, I've paired them with my American apparel sports socks, oversized denim cut offs and my Specials t-shirt. I went for a bit of backcombing in the hair today worn with a pink head scarf.

All images and styling by No Debutante

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