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Thursday, 30 May 2013

No Debutante - Get Lucky

Here's today's personal style post featuring two more outfits from the past week worn whilst I was in Bournemouth. The first outfit features a bit of double denim and the photo was taken in the coolest Retro kitchen display in Poole Museum and I wanted most of it's contents for my new kitchen!! It was pouring with rain outside so the museum seemed the best choice of activities and we had already visited Bournemouth pier and seafront the day before in the glorious sunshine. The lighting was a bit poor in the museum so we only managed to get one un-blurred usable photograph of the double denim outfit!

The second outfit was worn on the day we were coming home but detoured through Moors Valley Country Park and ended up staying there for hours, I was not really dressed for the occasion and ended up piling on the layers and changing my shoes as a pretty dress and studded pumps didn't really suit a walk in the muddy woods! The kids loved it there and it was great to spend all day outside. If I get time I will try and do a lifestyle post on our time in Bournemouth as we have lots of great images of the kids climbing trees and having fun on fair rides whilst I carried the coats....When did I become that person??
After the personal style images I will let you know about the cool news that I received from the WIWT site.

So, after joining less than a week ago, on Tuesday I received an email from WIWT.
Basically, I have won an Editors choice award and my winning outfit is currently appearing on their home page, with a selected few other personal style pics, as one of the Favourite outfits of the day!! Check out the site here http://wiwt.com/outfits/ and check out my outfits and follow me here http://wiwt.com/user/NoDebutante/ Now go get yourself signed up to WIWT so I can see your outfits too!!
 I Love WIWT!!! Here's the winning outfit below. I am right happy!!.....and clearly now addicted to WIWT!

I shall hopefully catch up with my personal style pics by tomorrow so have a good evening and I'll see you then.
 Thanks for reading, following and generally being there and Thanks WIWT for making me so happy!!xx
ND xx

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