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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

No Debutante - My Little Pony

I am very excited to show you the first images of my new pink hair colour! I have opted for the crazy colour candy floss pink all over on this occasion and I am rather happy with it! I wanted a bit more of the brighter pink colour and now have a bright pink section through the middle and another underneath at the back which will be more visable when I wear my hair up. I thought I would go for the grungy down look today to show off the new colour, which I am loving!!! Thank you Vikki Mac!!

Today's outfit was inspired by Bernhard Wilhelm's SS 2013 collection ( take a look here http://no-debutante.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/bernhard-willhelm-ss-13-hey-whats-up.html)
 I took elements from it including pleated maxi skirts, sports socks and high tops. I wore my Primark pleated Maxi skirt and a crop top with my Topshop hidden wedge boots and some American Apparel sports socks. Of course, I would have preferred not to wear the extra layers (tights. jackets and a long vest) but the weather is still shocking here in Bristol, it's cold and wet! Boo!!! So, I wasn't completely happy with the overall look but I still rocked it, pacing two miles an hour through Bristol in those (not very practical for walking in) hidden wedge boots!

Most of the comments about my new hair colour were positive ones, my friend Abbie referred to me as a Care Bear (which I took as a compliment) I did come to the conclusion I was, really, more of a My Little Pony, with my lovely pink mane. I think Abbie wanted to put plastic hair clips in it and brush it with a tiny plastic brush. Talking of animals with pink hair look what that crazy bitch Vikki Mac did to her dog with my hair colour! I would say it was cruel if that dog hadn't just sat there when she did it, like she has it done every week (She probably does! Ahem!).

All styling by No Debutante.
Hair by Vikki Mac 
Thanks to all who read my blog yesterday, my daily stats went through the roof, I am very, very happy!!

ND xx 

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