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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

No Debutante - Put on that dress

Today I started my 'find a dress' mission, there was nothing to be found in the Topshop store, as the website research predicted, I have found myself browsing high street shops that I never really go in, I am getting desperate! I know I have two fall back options at home so this dress obsession isn't totally necessary, but I will never turn down the chance to buy a new dress......and shoes.......maybe a bag??

Today, I have gone a little bit girlie and cute in pink and florals for the office. I have chosen to wear a crop jumper, on a day that actually ended up being pretty warm, you can't pre-plan your outfit here, of course, I was wearing my usual layers so I could shed them if I got too warm, good ol' layers!! I wore my floral Topshop playsuit as shorts with the crop pink jumper and accessorised with a top knot and my studded Topshop pumps. Not an outfit I have put together before but the end result was quite pleasing. See what you think.

 Now back to designing my new 1950s Caravan Diner Kitchen.....Me....No Debutante....sat at home in the evening with nothin' much to do but watch TV??.........Never!!!!! Always have  a project or 50, that's my motto!!

I hope I have more success finding the perfect dress tomorrow!

Thanks for reading my blog! Let me know what you think!

ND xx

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