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Monday, 20 May 2013

No Debutante - Hot in the city

Today is a school run day and my eldest son, Lucian, had a fashion faux pas this morning, he was all dressed up in his basketball kit for sports week but to his horror, no other kids were, poor chap! He took it on the chin though and his Dad did run some spare school uniform in for him, just in case he wanted it. Lucian’s friend Max had also done the same thing but they were the only ones! It can be devastating for a kid to not be the same as everyone else, even though I seem to go out of my way to not ‘fit in’, I remember it well. On this occasion I blame the school for not giving out definite info on how they should dress. 

Today’s look is pretty tough, I’m still getting influences from skinhead style wearing Dr Martens with white sports socks, rolled up leopard print leggings and my denim waistcoat, It was actually raining when we took the photos so I am still wearing a coat everywhere I go! It’s no wonder I don’t know how to dress when I am in a hot country, I’m simply not used to not having to wear loads of layers!! I will try and put some research into what to wear this year as most of my outfits are not really for the beach and I stand out, but not in a good way – who’s conforming now??! I guess I have to be honest with myself, my look is very much edgy, street style, I belong in the city, bohemian, I am not. I look wierd in the countryside for god sakes let alone fitting in on a beach!! Please come soon Ibiza holiday, I need the beach.......and some holiday fashion inspiration fast!

 Can you imagine this look on the beach?? I didn't think so!

Thanks for reading!

ND xx


  1. love the combination


  2. Thanks Bianca. Lovin your style too xx


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