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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

No Debutante - Bournemouth Rock

I am currently in the process of finding the best way to create blog posts on the go, using my smart phone. Since I have joined Instagram and the newly found (thanks to fellow blogger Sian from Style With Friends) WIWT (What I Wore Today) both of these Apps allow me to instantly crop and post my outfit pics moments after I have taken them. I am supposed to be able to do this on Blogger but, I am not having much success as the images appear to take forever to upload and also you cannot crop images on Blogger or choose where you want them to go. I probably need to check out some info sites to find out more tricks and shortcuts to do stuff using a Smart phone but everything seems so much more complicated using the Blogger App than using Instagram or WIWT. It just isn't instant enough! I need to get used to using my blog as an instant tool rather than a more planned out and designed written piece of work. Although I do prefer to spend more time on my posts there are two reasons to be able to create easy, instant blog posts.
1) I do not have enough time for the longer detailed posts every day
2) I get so much more positive recognition and interest from both Instagram and WIWT on my daily personal style outfits over my blog and Pinterest put together.
The conclusion is that I will continue to write the more detailed blog posts but when time is short or when I am out and about, an instant post is deffo the way to go!

The following outfits were worn over the Bank Holiday weekend in Bristol and Bournemouth here in the UK. There was a lot of travelling and rushing about involved so I went for casual looks with lots of denim!! I am showing you two of the looks today and two more tomorrow. I did attempt to post this yesterday evening (whilst staying with friends) on my Smart phone with not much success!! More practise is needed....and a more efficient App!! 

 Find out more of what I have been wearing and some exciting WIWT news tomorrow!! Don't forget to check out my Instagram and WIWT posts (links on my blog homepage) for instant daily looks from me, No Debutante!!

Thanks for reading and hello to my new followers xx

ND xx

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