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Friday, 24 May 2013

No Debutante - MaxiMum

I'm very excited as it is only one sleep until my dear friend and fellow blogger Selena ( aka Dilly Foxtrot Investigates - find her fantastic childrenswear blog here http://dillyfoxtrot.blogspot.co.uk/) is coming to stay this weekend. Selena is a children's wear designer / blogger , Pinterest obsessive, sista fashionista and general inspirational lady (who also has three kids including twin girls - well done to her!!). I love to hang out with Selena chatting about all things fashion, kids and taking trips down memory lane back to our time spent together on alcohol fuelled nights in Leicester, before we managed to have six kids between us!! What????
I am looking forward to a bit of browsing around shops, taking photos, perhaps a visit to one of the four festival (yes, four festivals) to watch some bands and live art shows that are happening in Bristol this weekend, some good food, wine and fashion inspired chitty chat! Phil's band The Relay Rips are playing a gig at the Upfest Festival later on in the evening so Selena and I will end up back at my house, for more wine. food and babysitting - this was not supposed to happen but somehow Selena's visit had been double booked (Phil's / The Relay Rips fault) with one of Phil's gigs!! 

Today I wanted to wear my maxi skirt, it is freezing in Bristol with a cold wind, not the best day for no tights and crop tops. I love my boxy, vintage, denim jacket, god knows where it came from, I found it in our attic - we have many treasures like this in the attic as we are shocking bad hoarders which sometimes works out well for us!! The jacket probably came from a charity shop find during the 1990s but I'm not really sure if it is mine or Phil's. My adorable little Sylvie Belle has joined me in this photo shoot, she is too cute!!

 It was my last day at work today for a week, so I am looking forward to some holiday fun starting with Selena's visit! 

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading kids!

ND xx


  1. I adore maxi skirts! Lovely :)


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  2. Thanks Sanja. Lovin your blog too xx

  3. Aww, sweet outfit with that maxi :)

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