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Monday, 6 May 2013

No Debutante - LDN

At the weekend I headed over to London to spend some time with my oldest friends from my hometown. It was so great to see them all and even though most of us are married now we all still refer to each other by our maiden names or old nick names, Wheelie, Shell, Meem, Zero and (don't call me) Nash -who was our host for the evening and not forgetting Shell's daughter, Little Mai, who is no longer little and is nearly my height at 13!! As promised there was lots of drinking(Little Mai not included and opted to watch 'The Voice' instead) and a bit of karaoke and an amazing homemade brunch the next day, it was almost, quite a grown up affair! There is, however, no denying that we were not feeling at or best the following day. I attempted to disguise my hangover with sunglasses and a very summery outfit -first wear of a vest and a skirt with no tights of the year!! Whoop!!
The first outfit was worn on the rainy journey to London but as you can see by the photographs, in the the end, the weather certainly brightened up. The second outfit is the hangover summer look, I am lovin' that black pleated Primark maxi skirt now, it was a new look for me that actually worked out!! I wore it with my new 'two for £10' Topshop crop tops and I am pretty happy with the look.

Check out these new 'share a Coke with friends' Coca-Cola bottles! We managed to find two of our names (or three counting Rachel and Rachael) I want my name!! My kids have already given up any idea that there will be a bottle with Lucian or Mika written on them, if you see one let me know! I had such a great time and miss my ladies already!! Girls you rock!
All photographs by No Debutante except for the group photographs courtesy of Rachel 'Zero' Burrows.
Hope you had a great weekend and thanks for reading!
ND xx

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