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Friday, 31 May 2013

Bloggers I love! - Haru in Wonderland - The Agent of Anarchy

Enough about me and what I've been wearing, here's a post about another one  of my favourite fashion bloggers. I first found this blogger when I joined Asos Fashion Finder over a year ago, she was a regular personal style poster at the time and I loved her look, although like me, she has not used Asos Fashion Finder for a while, I personally do not use it as much as the process is very long winded with minimal results. Perhaps this is the same for Haru.
As her name suggests Haru in Wonderland is (even more) obsessed with Japanese street style and Harajuku girls than me, she is originally from Prague and currently studies Japanese at Oxford University. Like Susie Bubble, she has a quirky, personal look all of her own, Haru mixes Harajuku girl Kawaii, goth punk, 1960s retro and street style into a cute but dark melting pot of style. She is tiny and looks like a doll, very Twiggyesque. I am like a big giant next to her (I would imagine) but I love this girls style. Here are some of my favourite looks from Haru's blog 'The Agent of Anarchy'. There were so many to choose from!!
Check it out here for more looks http://wonderlandharu.blogspot.co.uk 

Oh! Did I forget to mention Haru is obsessed with the fashion label BOY, you may have noticed! If she isn't getting sponsored by BOY she really should be, she wears it well!! I just went on the BOY website, very image heavy, I feel some Pinterest pins and a new post coming on! 

All images courtesy of  http://wonderlandharu.blogspot.co.uk/ The Agent of Anarchy blog. Thanks  for the inspiration Haru in Wonderland. I love your blog!!! xx

Thanks for reading.

ND xx

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