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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

My Current Obsession.....Wedges and Creepers

It is clear that I have become obsessed with wedges and creeper shoes. I have probably always been obsessed with them ( I certainly have enough pairs, my confused husband can confirm this) The obsession has since mutated from lovely wedge heel sandals, through to wedge ankle boots and then taken a turn into the more unconventional platform wedge trainer boots and brothel creepers. Since I noticed my obsession steadily getting out of control I have found out that Buffalo shoes are now available in Topshop. I didn't even wear Buffalo's the first time round but the 1990s revival is in full throttle and the tail end of the 1990s has arrived with Buffalo shoes. I would actually consider wearing them this time round, they'd have to be a bloody fantastic pair of Buffalo's for me to get them though, I had grown a hatred towards them quite quickly and by 1998 they were a no go area in my mind despite my love of all things Japanese. I came to the conclusion at the time that all the amazing street style images from my beloved Fruits bible were ten years old and in  my opinion Buffalo's were already out before they were in in the UK.
I think I love the platform wedge trainers for a more 1970s Glam Rock look and I have always loved Brothel Creepers inspired by teddy boys and punks. There is also a look towards 1990s ravers styling  in some of the images which I am liking a lot. I have selected most of the images from my ever faithful Pinterest Fashion board find it here http://pinterest.com/nodebutante/fashion/ I have also sourced some current wedges and creepers from Topshop and Asos to show you what I am liking from the high street.  I am considering some low wedge sandals to wear to work (see last image) that are not too high, are comfortable for my work and school runs and would also look good worn with ankle socks Japanese style. I do love socks and sandals!! I need my (comfortable) daily wedge fix since my beloved ridiculous rainbow wedges are far too impractical for lots of walking.

Which pairs are your Favourites??
All images courtesy of Topshop.com, Asos.com, underground-cybershop.co.uk, Tokyofashion.com, Ravn ss13 - Underground, Stylebubble.co.uk, I-donline.com, mademeclothing.com, Froufrou - via Miss Margaret Cruzemark blog and No Debutante.
Thanks for reading fashion lovers.
ND xx

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