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Sunday, 19 May 2013

No Debutante - Art Rock

Last night I DJ'd and danced (a lot) at my club night Bang. There was a great atmosphere and I love it when the crowd are really up for dancing and cheer when you put a certain record on and cheer again when the record ends, it was one of those nights last night and certainly makes all the efforts (and stresses) that go into putting an event on worthwhile!!! 

Luckily for me, my good friend and hairstylist Vikki Mac was our babysitter for the evening so I got a fabulous new look before I got to the club, I totally recommend using hair stylists as babysitters!! Vikki Mac is used to me asking her for a new look when she babysits and always has a thousand ideas, which I love! Thanks Vikki Mac!! You Rock!

The look for the evening is a mish mash of  a rockabilly, skinhead and cartoon character which pretty much sums me up for the evening retro tough and day-glo cute!

The second outfit is from today, my hangover outfit I should say, surprisingly I did not have a hangover which I am still a bit smug about! We managed to pop over to the Arts Trail that my good friends Jodie and David (aka Peskimo) were taking part in, they turn their front room into a small art gallery/ shop and anyone can come and view the art and hopefully buy it too! I love Peskimo's style, very Japanese influenced and cute, we already own a few Peskimo prints and purchased more today ( I feel a Peskimo post coming on) and the boys got some cute character keyrings, which they love. Thanks for the art Peskimo!!

Let's get on with the images, I have lots to show you. 

These last images are from the Peskimo pop up shop and art gallery, the last two images are displays of Peskimo toy and character collections, I think you can see why I love Peskimo!! Check out Peskimo here http://www.peskimo.com/ and get collecting! 

Styling by No Debutante
Hair by Vikki Mac

Thanks for reading xx

ND xx

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