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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

No Debutante - Live Fast

Well, I am back from yet another short break away from the hustle and bustle of city life, on this occasion I have just returned from a long weekend away camping in Devon with my family, which doesn't come without it's own hassles but it's great to be outdoors with Phil and the kids on a rather unexpected sunny camping trip! What I haven't told you is that we had to put the tent up in the dark, my Mum did her back in, plus other mishaps but that would ruin the romantic illusion of my perfect family camping holiday, wouldn't it? 

Let's take a look at today's outfits. I had been influenced to bring out my very British punk and skinhead style by some images I had collected on Pinterest, even though Punk and skinhead style seems to be all over the place this Autumn Winter, judging by Topshop and of course Dr Martens campaigns and the AW catwalks trends. Punk and Skinhead style never really goes away for me, I have been into these 1970s British scenes since I was a kid, I was born in 1976 the year of Punk, so it's my duty to love it! Only a punk girl would have an Xray Spex record as the backdrop of her blog, wouldn't she? 

The first outfit I wore the day after DJing at my club night Bang, I was happy that I woke up without a shocking hangover and felt in the mood to wear my ridiculous shoes! The outfit is pretty contemporary with my rainbow platform wedges (ridiculous shoes), American Apparel tube socks (1970s skate style) and denim cut offs with a new wave Gang of Four tee tucked in, this isn't sounding that contemporary, as it's pretty 1970s based again with new wave, retro skatewear and platform boots and to top it off my new skinhead inspired Topshop khaki bomber jacket. The only thing that makes this outfit contemporary is that I have chosen to wear it all together! What do you think?

The second outfit is a little punk inspired but it's also about the attitude with punk and skinhead style. I am giving a bit of attitude in these photos, I really don't have to try hard my face seems to sit comfortably in a frown! I have quiffed my hair up at the front and have tied the back up, I'm quite liking this style at the moment, it's a little edgy and a little bit girlie. I rolled up the skull tee to make it a crop top and let my cut offs hang down a bit, I opted to wear my Topshop leopard print sandals instead of Dr Martens boots since the weather is still good here in the UK, I cannot waste the sunshine and the sandals helped to soften the look down a bit.

 So, do I have a punk inspired lifestyle to Live Fast and Die Young? I did have when I was much younger, things change when you have kids and get older, I am more of a Live Fast (providing you do go on holiday lots, have a few spa treatments and drink lots of red wine) and Die old ( but until then continue to act like you are living fast and dress like you are still young).
Get Punk and skinhead inspired now!!

Thanks for reading and hello to my new followers, I am always very excited to get new followers!! Please leave comments and let me know what you all think.

The next post shall hopefully include some new product reviews. Watch this space!

ND xx

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