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Friday, 13 September 2013

No Debutante - Fashion Magpie

I have seriously had one of the busiest weeks of my life this week, including one of the most brain frazzling days at work on Wednesday which I am still recovering from! I wanted to catch up with my personal style posts and thought I would attempt a short and sweet post for you today although it is already a bit image heavy! 

Today's outfits are quite different from one another. The first outfit was worn to work and to the leaving party of my friend and manager Becky ( I miss you Becs!) I also popped into meet up with the girls from G-Star who I may be doing a collaboration with in the near future. My next personal style post will feature my visit to G-Star and what happened whilst I was there! Watch this space!! 
I am wearing a bit of double denim the lace & denim sleeveless shirt which is from Primark and my tapered jeans from a shop in Harajuku, Japan worn with Converse and a headscarf. I have been really happy with the shirts that I bought from Primark for Spring Summer and I am looking forward to my Primark Sunday shop for Autumn Winter which is coming up very soon!! I already plan to find some new tartan / Grunge type long sleeve shirts but I am just looking forward to seeing the new ranges for the season!!

The second outfit was worn the day after Becky's leaving drinks, I had not had much sleep but still had to go to work, luckily I did not have a hangover!! My friend Rudi has bought a pair of leopard print leggings since she saw mine and I am currently trying to persuade her to by some dungarees!! Anyhoo, Rudi wore her leopard print leggings to Becky's leaving do which inspired me to wear mine again.
 I am a total fashion magpie and if I spot someone wearing something I like, it sits in my brain and usually influences my outfit a few days later. I take inspiration from the street, different images I see, films, the high street and filter it to suit my style and then add lots of accessories! That's how I roll and that's where the mish mash looks come from! 
I am wearing an XL Specials tee and my H&M leggings with flip flops. I haven't worn flip flops since I went camping a few weeks ago, I am hoping this weekend that I will get to wear them one last time before Autumn kicks in here in the UK. I have accessorised the look up with my H&M head scarf and Tatty Devine initial necklace and wore my hair in Bjork buns, a look I was very keen on back in 1993!

The next post will definitely be from one of my favourite designer shows from the Autumn Winter collections. I pretty much own versions of all the garments from the  collection so it will be real easy for me to covet and showing you how you can too without splashing out on designer labels!

Hello to my new followers and thanks to everyone for reading xx

ND xx

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