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Thursday, 29 August 2013

No Debutante - I love my Kuccia Bomber Jacket

I have a lot going on this weekend so I know there will not be much blogging going on! I thought I would attempt a quick post using my smart phone so here goes!! I apologise for any ramdomness on the post I have no idea how to preview it! A quick edit later on can sort any problems, I'm sure!"
I wore todays outfit to my club night Bang a few weeks ago. It is another mash up style outfit mixing 1950s with the late 1980s.
I am wearing my favourite Vivien of Holloway jeans, with my coca cola crop top and my amazing Fresh Prince of Bel- air style aztec oversized bomber jacket by Kuccia at Topshop. Remember the one I tried on in the Topshop changing rooms?? Can I just say, I just browsed their website and I am loving it!! So bright with loads of clashing prints, it's right up my street!! Www.kuccia.com check it out!! My jackets currently on the home page!
It is funny that I didn't seem to get too many compliments or Instagram likes for the jacket which only encourages me to wear it more! I think it is one of those garments that confuses people, is it really cool or is it a fashion error?? I am confident that it is really cool, it rocks!! My husband Phil however, still needs convincing.....in a polite way Phil described the jacket as being 'a bit bright, mad and shiny' which to me sounds like he is describing a shell suit jacket!! He then went on to say 'it's very You though' with a confused look on his face. Ha!
I like the mixing of styles in this outfit, the whole thing is very late eighies, since 1950s style was also a big thing next to the aztec influenced prints. I am also wearing lipstick in the last pic which is virtually unknown, thought I'd try it out. What do you think of the outfit as a whole? Do you like the aztec bomber jacket? Answers on a postcard to No Debutante. I love my bomber jacket.com xxx

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